Women Demand Shs300m Fines from Lovers who widened their vaginas

They say too much of anything bad — and yes, even too much of a penis can be bad, as two ‘unfortunately lucky’ men have found out!

According to reports, the first man is Burundian national John Gahugu, 37, who has been dragged to court by his estranged lover for widening her vagina beyond the reach of any other living man!

For this act of ironic heroism, the victim, Keza Nicole, 29, of Bwiza area wants compensation of up to US$75000 (about UGX 278M) . According to Keza, part of this money is meant to facilitate reconstruction surgery of her ‘Southern Donetsk’ which Gahugu bombarded mercilessly like a Putin enraged by NATO’s stubbornness.

Keza through her lawyers told court that Gahugu wooed her into a love relationship in 2016. Shortly after, however, she wanted to opt out after realizing that Gahugu was endowed with a very huge ‘thermal missile’ in his pants. However, she stayed on after Gahugu managed to convince her that he would introduce the same in small bits until she got used to it. And indeed, Gahugu was true to his promise, gnawing his way slowly into her honey pot like an elderly rodent.

Sooner than later, Keza managed to accommodate and navigate the huge missile like a super trained anti-missile combatant. However, the missile’s enormous length and girth left an indelible tunnel in her Donetsk, making it impossible for her to ever feel any other living male again.

Sadly for her, Gahugu dumped her in 2018 but since then all other men have dumped her like a hot potato each time she drowns them in her now endless tunnel whose ‘excavation’ was ‘sponsored’ by Gahugu. She now wants Gahugu to be compelled to pay that money for the surgery or take her back since he is the only man who can correct the mess he made out of her!

Gahugu’s story echoes a similar one which happened in Zimbabwe when Silindile Mangena, 29, sued her lover Mugove Kurima, 37 demanding that he pays £8,000 (about UGX 38M) for vagina restoration suregery. Silindile, of Harare, Zimbabwe, told the Zimbabwe Mail that her private parts were “tight” before she met her ex-lover in 2016.

She said she fell in love even though he was allegedly married at the time but had to end the affair after some time after realizing Kurima had stretched her vagina beyond repair.

Silindile was to undergo reconstructive surgery in South Africa.

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NRM DIASPORA LEAGUE WAR PART II: ‘Hajji Abbey Walusimbi Is A Distinguished Conman’-Patrick Asiimwe

The NRM Diaspora League leadership squabbles have reached a worrying trend with rival factions hitting each other with rotten eggs.
This follows accusations by Hajji Abbey Kigozi Walusimbi against one of the NRM UK chapter members Patrick Asiimwe whom he blasted for bringing confusion in the league. The Inspector reached out to Asiimwe and hereunder are excerpts.

Qn. Your chairman Hajji. Walusimbi says you’re bringing a lot of confusion in the NRM Diaspora League.

PA: Who is Hajji Walusimbi and whose interests does he represent in the party? He was thrown out of as chairman and I was elected.

Qn. You’re talking about someone who out of his service as NRM Diaspora League Chairperson, the president recently appointed him as a Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs.

PA: No way. Actually, I can say even Catherine Kusasira, Butcher man of Full Figure are better than him because at least for them they were appointed but for him, he’s just masquarading. He has never shown us his letter of appointment. We have asked for it but he has none. Every member of the league has disowned him. He thought by calling himself that title he can con some ignorant people. Walusimbi is a terrible guy. Everyone should be careful of him.

Asiimwe being welcomed in Turkey

Qn. How do you justify your claims? Do you have evidence?

PA: If you want to know him well-I believe you’re a Muganda. Go to Mengo and ask them about him. He was disowned by Mengo because of his misdeeds. They don’t want him to step anywhere there. Imagine Mengo a well established institution! They threw him out. The same thing with NRM chapter in the US. Thats why he’s ever in Uganda. That position of advisor I can tell you, some people simply exploit Museveni’s generosity. Walusimbi saw that since Hajji Abdu Nadduli had lost clout, he saw a vaccum and rode on the Muslim ticket.

Qn. You mean he’s even disliked in the US chapter where he stays?

PA: Oooooh, he was thrown out badly. He’s out completely. That man is a proper conman.

Qn. Hajji told us that you’re the one causing problems in the UK chapter.

PA: I am the one who started this chapter. How can I be the same person to disorganize my own kid? He’s the one disorganizing chapters. He disorganized that of Turkey until I went there to put things right. He did the same to that of Egypt. The members rejected him. He went to South Africa and created three factions. One in Darban, another in Johannesburg and another in Capetown. He destroyed the one in Rome, Netherlands and Holland. All these, it’s me trying to put things together. And by the way, I am using my own resources.

Qn. What is it between you and Hajji Walusimbi?

PA: I don’t have any personal problem with Walusimbi. I was elected in 2016 as NRM Diaspora League Chairperson. He just needs to contend with the changes. I know he has no job and he was using this position to con people. Me I am a barrister. I practice law here. So, he saw this as a source of income. But some of us see this as a contribution to the party and the country. We see leadership as something extracurricular.

Qn. But why are seeing squabbles particularly in the UK chapter? The other day, someone went and registered it as a limited company and you didn’t say a thing.

PA: You know COVID-19 created some challenges. The lockdown created a vaccum. People like Walusimbi exploited it to claim that we’re not working. Secondly, at some point, I also fell sick and went into comma for about six weeks. I was actually about to die. God was simply on my side and I managed to recover and I am doing my professional work here. But around that same period, people tried to do all sorts of things but I can say that, the one who had registered the company has dissolved it. They deregistered it.

Qn. In just one word, how would you describe Hajji Walusimbi?

PA: He’s a distinguished conman and everyone knows him for that. Everyone has disowned him including Mengo. He’s a kind of a guy who can take you to a bus park and he leaves you there after taking your fares.
Walusimbi sees me as a major threat that’s why he fights me. He thinks if he fights me at UK chapter, I will not be able to topple him. He didn’t know that I am already loved by everyone and that’s why most of the diaspora members contributed towards my treatment just like the president did also. I spent the whole of 2019 in Uganda getting treatment. This is the time Walusimbi and that woman exploited it to do their own things. Actually, some NRM people thought I would never speak again or I would become a kasiru. But thank God, I am back to normal and going about my proffesion.

Qn. What’s the way forward in light of what is going on?

PA: We’re already okay. The squabbles were being brought by Walusimbi and his group. He sent many people here to disorganize us. We’re now already cleaning up. All those factions he created are now behind me because there’s no good in being divided. We have to be united for the benefit of our party and country. It’s only Walusimbi who benefits from our disunity.

Qn. Are you saying if Walusimbi ever comes to UK for NRM meetings you won’t allow him?

PA: He comes as who? No way. He can never. He’s already unwanted by US chapter. He can never call any meeting here.

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HE’S UNDER IMMENSE PRESSURE: Bobi reveals secrets behind M7’s ‘Repentance’ security briefing 

National Unity Platform (NUP) principal, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, has revealed that mounting pressure from both internal and foreign forces forced President Yoweri Museveni to issue his shockingly empathetic security briefing last Saturday night.

The singer turned musician made the remarks during an appearance at local Television channel, NTV. The remarks came barely a day after the president made a speech that was a complete turnaround from the hardline stance he had lately adopted just before and after the January 14th general elections that saw him win a sixth term in office.

It is worth noting that in the vey recent past, the President had adopted a tough demeanor which saw him severally praise his security men for clobbering mainly opposition politicians and their supporters for attempting to destabilize the peace ushered in by the national resistance army fighters. Branding such people as terrorists who are trying to overthrow his government through violence and intimidation, the president has always vowed to unleash the brutal force of the country’s robust security apparatus led by the “Original National Resistance Army” to subdue any such elements.

Precisely, the president was non-apologetic last August when he praised his men for decisively dealing with Bobi Wine during the Arua fracas of 2017.

Museeveni noted that he had received reports that Bobi Wine had been thumped badly by security people in a manner that violated his rights. However, the president revealed that after watching the footage, he observed that the (then) MP had been beaten properly. He thus ordered for the release of the pinned officer who had been put up for prosecution over the said beatings.

“And then they said ooohhh!! Member of parliament was beaten! Well, I said let me study how he was beaten. Noow, when I studied, I found out the man had been beaten properly in the right way; so it was in order.  They had actually tried to punish the boys but I said no no this is rubbish, it was the other people who were in the wrong,” Museveni who was clad in military fatigue said.

The president would repeat the tough call while delivering his victory speech immediately after he was declared winner of the 2021 general elections. 

The president’s remarks followed that issued by then security minister Elly Tumwine who had justified the violent November 18/19 security crackdown of riots that followed the arrest of NUP presidential candidate Bobi Wine. In fact Tumwine had gone on to proclaim that the police has the right to kill you!”

Tumwine’s support of the brutal force by security was galvanized by his commander-in-chief who branded the rioters terrorists whose intrinsic mission had been burning kampala so as to make the city ungovernable so as to take power by violence. He however promised that people who had been killed innocently as collateral damage would be compensated.


On Saturday however, the president was completely a different communicator, taking the entire duration of his address to caution security personnel against beating up or torturing the citizens.

“Don’t beat people, don’t beat members of the public, don’t even beat criminals. You’re not allowed to beat anybody; not even the children… nobody should beat any Ugandan,” the president said. Clad in his now trademark white shirt, Museveni actually directed his men not to even bark at Ugandans but handle them with respect and professionalism.

The president also emphasized the need to uphold human rights and it is not surprising that the address comes at a time when the Ugandan security forces including the police and army have been named at the forefront of perpetuating human rights abuses in the country.


Following the change in approach, many people took to various media platforms to express their shock, with many opposition politicians reminding the president of his earlier tough stance. Among these was NUP supremo Robert Kyagulanyi who claimed that the president was acting On pressure from the citizens as well as outside forces.

 “He is shaking because of the pressure coming from the citizens and the international community,” Bobi Wine said.

Bobi then went on to react to other comments including that of the president branding NUP a terrorist-like organization trying to resurrect Kabaka Yekka (KY) party whose agenda was advancing the interests of the Kabaka and Buganda as a tribe. To this, Bobi wine denied being tribal, saying he unfortunately cannot apologise for being proud of his heritage.

“They want to make me feel sorry for being a Muganda. I’ll never apologise for who I am,” he said.

Social media puzzled

The President’s address also created a buzz on social media, with many notable people making sense of it in varied ways.

On his part, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago of the opposition FDC party echoed Bobi Wine’s sentiments, guessing that there could be a force that forced the present to be repentant. He posted: “The Igbo of Nigeria have a saying that a frog will never be seen hopping in the middle of the road in broad daylight save for situations where it is being chased. General Museveni talking about the country’s appalling human rights record sounds strange!!…one wonders whether it has just dawned on him that the nation is bleeding.”

Meanwhile, NUP’s spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi posted: “Chief, you have previously supported the killing and beating of people in Arua, Kasese and Nov 18/19 and on several other occasions. Now that you say you’re concerned about such acts, can we see you taking action against the perpetrators?? Or is this the usual talk to just play to the gallery without intending to take any action!”

And NUp MP Abadallah Kiwanuka said, “Short of arresting Gen. Elwelu, your address to the nation regarding human rights violations is empty.”

Other Ugandans reacted to the speech as follows:

Dani: “There must be something the Mzee is trying to distance himself from, just keep tuned in the near future and see.”

Golden Markshine: “Isn’t this the same man who came out to praise his men for a good job done after the November 2020 killings?”

James: “Really he promoted Elwelu who murdered people in Kasese now he is against it?

Rachael: “Mzee it’s better you stay silent because that way people think that maybe you’re not aware of what’s transpiring in the nation and therefore stay hopeful but the moment you speak moreover portraying that you’re aware of the atrocities most of us become hopeless because Ugandans have endured them for decades.

Others however, were happy that his earlier stance notwithstanding, the president deserves praise for coming to the rescue of Ugandans.

Responding to Ssenyonyi’s thread, a one Genero posted: “So if he comes out to condemn human rights abuses, where do you find a problem with that? Would you feel happy if he said he’s going to do nothing about it? Given the fact that he is ready to rectify the mistake, then u should welcome the idea, not just criticizing for the sake of it.”

Kobusinge: “The president has talked. If you don’t want to believe his words you wouldn’t have followed even. You can go and listen to your own president.

Brian: Senyonyi this is not eating money, this is security issues, just sit in your Office and wait for your salary.

Not first time

It should however be noted that this is not the first time the president is lambasting the security for mishandling Ugandans. Recently, the president apologized for tactical mistakes that the suppressors of the November 2020 riots committed, promising to give a better deal to Ugandans including compensating all those that lost their loved ones. This happened shortly after the BBC released their damning documentary titled ‘The three killings in Kampala’. In the documentary, the BBC sought to shed light on who exactly shot the people who lost their lives that day. Indeed, the shooters turned out to be security personnel who were patrolling the streets on police patrol truck NO. 17, Reg no. UP 5567

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How House Staff Are On Tenterhooks Over Speaker Oulanyah ‘Poison’ Saga!

Massive job loss among the staff of Parliament is looming; this news site’s Field Inspectors (FIP) have learnt. The planned screening targets recruitment procedure, academic qualifications and performance appraisals among existing parliament staff. The staff are supposed to reapply for their jobs and most of them are on firing line.

Our Inspectors have revealed that this matter has been heightened by fears that some crooks among the house staff could have had a hand in a botched assassination of speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah by way of alleged poisoning. Oulanyah is fresh from hospital after two months battling a strange illness that according to our Inspectors, had finished some of his internal organs in the tummy.

No wonder, our Inspectors revealed; Oulanyah as he was being evacuated to hospital abroad, he kept shouting (complaining) on top of his voice that ‘stomach, stomach’
His handlers we are told kept comforting him but the situation was getting out of hand.
“He was first taken to Nairobi but we feared that mafia could follow him or might have agents there. The president quickly ordered that he’s taken further abroad possibly UK” our Inspectors revealed.

On reaching there, the doctors allegedly performed a quick but scientific operation on the speaker only to discover that some of his internal organs in the stomach (names withheld for privacy purposes) had been badly affected by the ‘chemical attack’
“Some of them had turned pale and others had started dysfunctioning. Some special operation (withheld) had to be performed. It was a terrible situation which I think the president seemed to be the savior at the time. His quick decision for further management of the situation helped a lot” our Inspectors revealed.

In fact, reports suggest that Museveni is not resting until he gets to know the forces behind this alleged chemical attack on Oulanyah. He has since directed his men to comb all possible avenues to establish if this was poisoning or something else. Initially, it was suspected that the speaker had been attacked by the deadly Covid which at the time was ravaging top officials in government and society.

We are told, Museveni thinks there could have been foul play though his man was saved.
Oulanyah on Sunday went to All Saints cathedral for a thanksgiving prayer in company of minister Ruth Nankabirwa and former premier John Patrick Amama Mbabazi for special prayers. Workholic Oulanyah was favored by president Museveni for this position and he defeated his rival Rebecca Kadaga on a margin of over 113 votes but he fell sick shortly after assuming office.

Now inspectors suggest that all efforts are being made to leave no stone unturned. The first causalities are the house staffs.
The first of all, have been banned from accessing Parliamentary canteen and bar. They are not supposed to dine from there anymore.

Instead, the staff have been asked to either look for food from vendors outside or dine from the open space that exists on Eastern Wing and overlooking National Theatre.
The same staff are not supposed to park in Parliamentary parking. They should find parking elsewhere.
“The Police has been directed to implement these directives. None MPs are not supposed to dine with MPs in the canteen or bar anymore” an inspector revealed.

However, the parking issue we are told is sparking a revolt of sorts as former commissioners during speaker Edward Ssekandi’s last reign insist that the decision to construct new house parking was premised on the fact that staff also get parking. This has been the norm on grounds that the staff are the ones who carry sensitive gadgets where MPs’ work is kept and therefore must have a secure parking. The commission (then) had members including Kasule Lumumba, Guma Gumisiriza, Hamson Obua, Ibi Florence Ekwau and Ogenga Latigo LoP.

“What these MPs are not telling us is that most of them are indebted. They therefore hide their cars in the parking to dupe money lenders. You find someone has three cars parked here. Why? Others use the parking to sell their vehicles. The staff are the engine of this parliament, but why mistreat them?” An inspector quoted the mood.
On top of this, those who got jobs under favoritism by way of relations with the former administration of Parliament are sweating plasma.

For now, a proposal is being mooted to have all house staff reapply for their jobs.
“The proposal is to ditch all pro-Kadaga remnants and these are many. Secondly, they want all staff to start getting contracts yet the practice has been that their jobs are permanent and pensionable” inspectors explained.
We are informed that the Ssekandi commission made restructuring in the house departments and put staff on permanent and pensionable basis in order to help them on retirement.

“The pensions scheme was created to cater for those who will be retiring. If you put them on contract, what’s the fate of the pensions scheme? It is going to crash. Is the plan meant to erase efforts of former speakers Ssekandi and Kadaga or it’s for helping strength the departments in parliament?” An inspector added.

  1. Ekirapa Ruth Byoona. She has been in the Directorate of Leader of Opposition but now, she’s been taken to the pool.
  2. Ngolobe: He has been the Director transport. He has since been taken to office of the clerk with no job description.
  3. Walube: He has been the head of Hansard department. However, details from inspectors suggest he has been suffering from an ailment that nearly paralyzed his body. He’s therefore on and off. Inspectors revealed that Walube is allegedly under fire to explain his irregularity at workstation and also why there’s heavy backlog. Inspectors however, claim that his health troubles started way back in 2012 and has been on and off. He was only kept around on compassionate grounds to help him survive. Secondly, the ministry for gender, labor and social affairs through its occupational safety directorate allegedly closed the house’s printery on grounds of not meeting required health standards. This closure reportedly occured two years back hence affecting the timely outting of the Hansard. We are told, for the last two weeks, Walube has allegedly been summoned to explain his misdeeds and why he shouldn’t be shown the exit.
    Another Directorate facing intense screening soon is that of communication and public affairs. This explains why both speaker, deputy speaker and LoP have since recruited their personal media persons to manage their media and publicity affairs.
    “There’s total fire and panic among staff. Most of them are now hanging. They are in the pool/corridor” says our Inspectors.
    Watch out for more details about staff and their nature of recruitment. Inspectors are on the ground!
    Quick Total Recovery Rt. Hon. Speaker
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How siblings turned family’s Covid-19 curse into community blessing

The Coronavirus has ravaged the globe to unimaginable proportions, with the brunt of the disease being borne in varying ways across different societies. In Uganda, businesses have crumbled, families decimated and social ties broken by the disease and its consequences like death and the much-loathed lockdowns — two so far, since 2020. This is a dark cloud indeed!

But like goes the old adage; every dark cloud has a silver lining. Even as the Covid-19 menace has cast a dark cloud across Uganda, a team of Bugisu-based influential brothers has teamed up to turn their own affliction by the disease into an opportunity to empower and help the Bugisu Community fight the disease.

The siblings; Cosmas Busima Mafabi and Gregory Gidagui Mafabi, took the bold step after the dreaded pandemic threatened to take nine of their family members following the outbreak of the second wave of covid-19.

Precisely, their turning point dawned when Gidagui was struck by the disease together with his entire family including his wife and six children. After his battle with Covid-19 which nearly claimed his life, the family formed the Francisco Giboni Mafabi Foundation in memory of their late father who died in 1994.

Through this foundation, the Mafabis have embarked on enhancing government’s Covid-19 fight with the hope that using their own ugly experience, they can touch as many souls suffering with the disease as possible.

The Foundation’s CEO Busima told The Inspector that to achieve their dream, they co-opted other friends and experts to help in the community Covid-19 fight. The other members of the foundation include Warrant Officer II (WO2) Jackson Wosukira who is a Coordinator and Dr. Dominic Wabuloko who is the Foundation’s frontline person/technical advisor. Gidagui serves as the foundation’s Chairman in charge of fundraising as well as Legal Secretary.

Busima (2nd R) donates to the Covid beneficiaries

The Family Misfortune

Foundation coordinator Wosukira narrates that at the dawn of the second wave of the Coronavirus, he together with his family members looked on and were waiting for the wave to pass since they had gone through the first wave of the disease without any issues. However, they would get a scare when their brother Gregory Gidagui together with his wife and six children all got struck by the virus.

“It was a devastating blow to us because at the time there were so many deaths. We were therefore very scared because being in the age bracket that is most affected by Covid-19,” Wosukira says.

Gidagui’s Close Shave With death

Gidagui says he is not certain on the actual dates when he contracted the disease or how he contracted it. He however says that for about one month, he suffered bouts of fever and had low body energy. However, results for malaria tests always came out negative yet the feeling of sickness persisted.

He however inadvertently learnt that he was carrying Covid-19 when he finally tested for the disease. His testing, however, was more of casual because he did it the day he took his daughter Pauline Wanyenze to test after she returned from school with clear signs of Covid.

“My daughter was in boarding at St. Anthony Kajjansi but returned home with a very bad flu and cough. At the same time she complained of constant headaches. I put her on flu and cough medication but there was no change. I therefore suspected that she had Covid so I took her for testing at Mulago national referral hospital,” Gidagui narrates.

He says the daughter’s test came out positive and this is when he also tested on June 7, 2021 and his own results came out positive the following day.

Having ascertained that the deadly enemy had invaded his family, he decided to test his entire family (which includes relatives). Out of the over 30 family members whose testing he funded, at least 7 more turned out to be positive including Gidagui’s wife and his five other children.

“At that time there were very many announcements of victims claimed by covid-19 so the fear was immense. I must admit I was so scared but because I’m a firm believer in the divine mercy of God I decided to put the fears away and battle the disease,” he says.

During the first wave of the pandemic, Gidagui had closely worked with the Mbale Regional Taskforce to which he donated relief food worth Shs7m that was distributed to needy people across the six districts of Bugisu. He therefore contacted one Dr. Dominic Wabuloko with whom he had collaborated that time.

After explaining to him his condition, Dr. Wabuloko deduced that because Gidagui had been largely asymptomatic, his Covid-19 was mild. He thus prescribed for him home isolation coupled with treatment and exercise to keep his lungs active and oxygen levels high.

Beating the disease

“To ensure that we adhere to treatment, I mooted the idea of a collective fight. I therefore put all my positive children on treatment. We would steam everyday with dragon and axle balms and then take the tablets followed by daily exercise,” he says. For the tablets, they took daily doses of Ivermectine, Dexamethasone, Azithromycin, Zinc, Aspirin and Vitamin C. luckily for Gidagui, he managed to beat the disease within 4 days although he took the full dose of 10 days.

But while he and his daughter were cured of the disease quickly, the challenge was on his wife who remained bedridden and was even hospitalized for weeks.

“For her the disease had progressed to the lungs and they had started losing functionality,” he explains.

He is however thankful to Mother Mary because he sought her intercession and his prayers were heard. “My children’s mother is still sickly but she is past the scary stages; at least most of the water and mucus in her lungs have cleared and now we are on treatment to heal the wounds and infection she got in the lungs; but I’m optimistic for her full recovery,” he says.

And then the foundation

A staunch Catholic, Gidagui says that being struck by Corona but healing quickly despite the many deaths showed him that God still loved him and was showing him that he has a purpose to fulfill for him. To answer God’s call, he contacted his elder brother Busima and mooted the idea of starting a foundation in memory of their father. Through it, they would then be able to help other Bagisu to overcome the virus just like he did.

He copted his brother well aware that being a politician, he had the necessary contacts to mobilize beneficiaries since is a former Budadiri East MP and former NRM Deputy Chief Whip in the 7th Parliament.

The works

Already, the foundation has hit the ground and the impact is being felt across Bugisu. Busima says that they mobilized late Francisco Giboni Mafabi children and grandchildren who pooled Shs50m into the fund. This money will all be dedicated to fund Covid-19 prevention and treatment.

After getting the funds, Busima and Wosukira did a needs assessment to find out how best the Mafabis would enhance government’s fight against covid-19. “Being lay people, we did not want to antagonize government but instead our intention was to enhance its programme,” Busima says. From the survey, they realized that across Bugisu there was so much distortion of government’s message especially as regards the lockdown and observance of the SOPs.

“We for instance realized that some people believe the lockdown is meant to impoverish common people; there were also claims that the disease only affected the rich and so was not in the villages. As such, people were going about drinking normally while even sharing tubes at the ‘buusera’ (malwa/ajon) joints. Matters were worsened by the enforcement practices of punishing and penalising those found in breach of the SOPs and curfew,” he adds. This called for a mindset change campaign on local radios in Bugisu and on social media. During such programs, the Mafabis have reached out to the locals deep in the villages explaining to them the danger in sharing tubes and hiding in banana plantations so as to drink away from the prying eyes of the enforcement agencies.

And on a daily basis, they each record and share message relating to covid-19 prevention, treatment and policy releases/new research from the Ministry of Health.

To entrench the foundation’s activities better, they have created linkages with government structures including the resident district commissioners (RDC), District Health Officer (DHO), Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) and LC5 Chairpersons. “These link us to the Covid-19 district taskforces through which we are channeling donations meant to help our people in the fight against Covid-19,” Wosukira revealed. Under this arrangement, they have so far purchased and donated equipment including 40 doses of Covidex as well as other assorted drugs used to treat the disease. These, on top of masks and sanitizers, have been extended to the 12 health centre IV’s across the Bugisu districts of Manafwa, Sironko, Mbale, Namisindwa, Bulambuli and Bududa. Wosukira says that as well as helping the patients, they also extend aid to the medics at the health centres and so far they have given masks and sanitizers to medics at Buwasa, Muyembe and Bukigayi Health Centre IV’s on top of Bududa Hospital. Other centres include Magale and Busiu among others. The brothers revealed that once the pandemic is overcome, they intend to continue supporting the community through promoting environmental security to mitigate landslides, safe circumcision initiatives among others.

“Once God commands you to fulfill a certain mission you cannot have limits; he gave me a second chance and I must use it to help others,” says a now renewed Gidagui.

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The Incredible Effect Of Caffeine, How Coffee Rewrite Your Brain

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