AZAALA EKIBI! M7 Apologizes For Son’s Reckless Tweets as new General confirms Muhoozi Project Existence

President YOWERI Museveni has carried the cross of a responsible father by apologizing for his son’s wayward behavior.

The old man with a hat displayed the unwavering love of a father to his child in an apology letter he wrote to Kenyans and Ugandans who were gravely offended by his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba whom he recently assigned as his avenger. In the statement issued Wednesday afternoon, Gen. Museveni also explained why he chose to promote his son to his own rank of a full General despite his (son’s) apparent error of judgment. The explanation comes on the heels of heated debate which clearly showed that many Ugandans and Kenyans found it ‘weird’ that the president ‘rewarded’ his son for his mistakes as opposed to simply reprimanding him.

Below is the verbatim version of the president’s apology:

Dear Ugandans, the brotherly People of Kenya and all East Africans. I greet all of you. Again, I hail the peaceful elections that took place in Kenya recently where H.E. William Ruto emerged winner. I, again, congratulate him on that victory. I ask our Kenyan brothers and sisters to forgive us for tweets sent by General Muhoozi, former Commander of Land Forces here, regarding the election matters in that great country. It is not correct for Public officers, be they civilian or military, to comment or interfere in any way, in the internal affairs of brother countries. The only available legitimate forum is the Peer Review Mechanism of the African Union or confidential interactions among us or EAC and AU fora –not public comments. Why, then, promote him to full General after these comments? This is because this mistake is one aspect where he has acted negatively as a Public officer. There are, however, many other positive contributions the General has made and can still make. This is a time-tested formula –discourage the negative and encourage the positive. Very sorry, ndugu zetu Wakenya. Also sorry to the Ugandans who could have been annoyed by one of their officials meddling in the affairs of brother Kenya. I know for a fact that General Muhoozi is a passionate Pan-Africanist. However, the correct method for Pan-Africanists is confidential interactions or using the available fora (EAC and AU), especially if you are a Public officer. I have conveyed all those views confidentially to H.E. Ruto, the President of Kenya.

Signed:YK Museveni (Gen. Rtd.)The old man with a hat

Muhoozi confirms project

Meanwhile, president’s son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has for the first time confirmed existence of the hitherto elusive and ‘sacred’ Muhoozi Project! Either intentionally or inadvertently, Muhoozi made the reference to the project in tweets which he let out in celebration of his elevation to full general. The first of such tweets came shortly after his apology to Kenyans and announcement of his elevation.

“Let me see how many east Africans still love me? Retweet and like for our project” Muhoozi tweeted on Tuesday. And as if to confirm that the first reference to the project was not accidental, he added in another tweet, “we are now free to talk about political issues that’s what it means we are coming and getting closer to the project.”

To many Ugandans and political enthusiasts, Muhoozi’s reference to the ‘project’ will come as a very shocking development, especially given the fact that the same has remained a coy and almost sacred topic that’s to be avoided.

It should be noted that the issue of the Muhoozi Project was first brought to the public domain by politically estranged Gen. David Sejusa.

Back then, Sejusa alleged that there was a covert operation known as the Muhoozi project, whose aim was to prop up the president’s son until he succeeded his father. According to Sejusa, the project was characterized by purging individuals who were seen to stand in the way of the project.

It should be noted that President Museveni came out to rebuke Sejusa and deny the existence of such a project, saying he doesn’t have to prepare his son for the presidency.

According to Museveni, Muhoozi’s political fate was to be decided by Ugandans. In fact, to show how baseless the Sejusa claims were, Government sieged all media houses which published the said Sejusa letter including Daily Monitor And red Pepper, closing them for some time for publishing information which potentially breached national security and divided the army.

And now with Muhoozi himself alluding to the project almost a decade later, it remains to be seen whether Sejusa or the media houses which were distressed will be vindicated.

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GO TWEET IN PEACE! M7 knifes son after twitter backlash

Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Commander –in-Chief has sacked his twitter-happy son lt. Muhoozi Kainerugaba from the position of Commander Land Forces and replaced him with Operation Shujaa commander, Maj. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga.

In the two major changes which were ironically leaked on twitter by Muhoozi himself, Museveni who is also President of the republic of Uganda promoted his son to full General and also promoted Muhanga to Lt. General.

Muhoozi’s knifing follows his now infamous controversial tweets which he made about Kenyan politics; most prominently castigating former President Uhuru Kenyatta for not going against the Kenyan constitution to seek a third term in office and also saying that his army can overrun Nairobi within less than two weeks, allowing him to either base at Westlands or Riverside.

The tweets elicited fury from Kenyan authorities and citizens, with speaker of the Kenya national assembly Moses Wateng’ula saying they “undermine the spirit of unity of the EAC”. Kenyan citizens equally ganged up against Muhoozi calling his tweets careless and nonsensical, among others.

As expected, Muhoozi later revealed, his father summoned him and expressed his displeasure at his reckless tweets. It is during this dress-down that he revealed to his son plans to replace him.

“Had a good discussion with my great father this morning. Apparently, my tweets scared Kenyans too much? He will announce the changes. There is a special prayer shall make for our army” Muhoozi tweeted Tuesday.

But later on, Muhoozi tweeted what seemed to be a spate of make-good tweets, this time alluding to the unity of East Africa. In one particular tweet, he retracted his statement on attacking Kenya, saying,

“I would never beat up the Kenyan army because my father told me never to attempt it! So our people in Kenya should relax!”

And as if to admit having felt the heat of the Kenyan insults, he said “KOT, I forgive you all for the insults you have hurled against me. Please let’s work together to make east Africa great!”


However, in another tweet which borders on controversy, Muhoozi went on to reveal his father’s presidential ambitions for the EAC.

After we create our east African federation, President Museveni will be president, Afande Ruto will be vice president, my brother Uhuru will be foreign affairs minister. I just want to be the first CDF of the EAC.” And although Muhoozi didn’t include any Tanzanian or other east African country dignitary in the mini-cabinet, he tagged a picture of the original map of east African on his tweet.

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DOUBLE STANDARDS? NUP University Students arrested over anti-EACOP demo

A group of university students have been arrested in Kampala city for staging a demonstration in support of the European Union’s halting of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.

Led by Makerere University student David Musiri, who is the head of tertiary institutions mobilization in the National Unity Platform (NUP), the students were marching to the European Union (EU) Mission offices in Kampala to hand in their petition under their new STOP EACOP/TAJJA GASIMA campaign.

However, the students were intercepted and dispersed at Kingdom Kampala building along Nile Avenue, Kampala City, where police also arrested the ringleaders led by Musiri.

Police were yet to issue a statement by press time but the arrest comes barely a week after the same police allowed and guided a group of secondary students who handed a petition protesting the EU’s attempt to stop the EACOP project which will run from Uganda to Tanzania. The demo drew heated public debate, with many commenters pointing out the government’s double-standards in allowing the right to demonstration. This was in light of recent repression of peaceful demos against various government positions, some of which have ended in the death of demonstrators at the hands of security forces.

Matters got even funnier after several schools and students who participated in the protests came out to disclose that they had been duped into the demonstration after the organizing Uganda national students association (UNSA) claimed that the students were being taken to meet Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja at Kololo Independence Grounds.


While addressing the Seventh Uganda International Oil and Gas Summit at Serena Hotel in Kampala last week, an angry President Museveni lambasted the EU Parliament for vouching to halt the multi-trillion EACOP project over claims of human rights violations and environmental degradation.

Terming some of these activist MPs as young girls, Museveni castigated them for being shallow-minded and bent on perpetuating poverty and underdevelopment on the African continent.

“Now for the European Union, some of these people are insufferable, you need to control yourselves not to explode. So shallow, so egocentric, so wrong but they think they know everything and broadcast their ignorance all over the place. This is the wrong battleground for them. We don’t take kindly to arrogance” he said

Museveni was joined in the anti-EU resolution crusade by the Tanzanian government, which issued a statement terming as falsehoods the EU’s position on human rights and environmental concerns.

In a statement to local media outlet The Citizen, Tanzanian Energy Minister January Makamba revealed that “Tanzania being one of the shareholders top the EACOP is gravely concerned by the gross factual representations in the resolutions issued by the EU parliament.”

Makamba then echoed the Ugandan president’s commitment to move forward with the EACOP plan and to finish it within scheduled time despite the EU noise.

The above reactions came after a section of EU MPs accused the Ugandan government of ignoring the plight of the Project Affected Persons mainly in the Albertine region, many of whom have reported dissatisfaction and inconsistencies in compensation valuation which they say will leave them landless.

There were also concerns of human rights violations including arrests and torture of those perceived to derail the project with incessant complaints. The legislators also raised environmental concerns, particularly the fact that the mega project will likely escalate the global warming challenge since the pipeline is supposed to be heated to facilitate the smooth flow of Uganda’s waxy oil.

It should be noted that the EU MPs’ resolution was majorly emboldened by local NGOs in Bunyoro region, who have persistently reported cases of human rights violations in the oil-rich Albertine Graben.

In fact, in the recent past President Museveni has come out strongly to warn such activists, describing them as economic saboteurs.

And following the EU resolution, local opinion has been divided, with government sympathizers criticizing the Western forces while opposition leaders led by NUP’s Bobi Wine have supported the EU.

Bobi Wine argued that it is right for the EU to stop the pipeline because the oil money will solely benefit Museveni and his henchmen thus helping them to increasingly torture Ugandans and further their hold onto power.

Besigye, meanwhile, supported the EU on the premise that President Museveni and his inner circle personalized the oil and so it is likely to benefit them alone, with the oil sharing agreements kept secret to date.

It is worth noting that such secrecy has ignited a barrage of rumors, with the latest claims indicating that Uganda’s oil is owned by a company registered in the USA but owned and run by President Museveni’s close allies and their children respectively.

Following the rumors which went viral last week, the government announced that it was going to make public the hitherto ‘hidden’ oil sharing agreements.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project (EACOP) is a 14-trillion shilling pipeline that will transport oil produced from Uganda’s Lake Albert oilfields to the port of Tanga in Tanzania where the oil will then be sold onwards to world markets. The shareholders of what will be the world’s largest heated pipeline are: Uganda with 15%; the Joint Venture Partners (Total Holdings International B.V. with 62% and CNOOC Uganda Limited with 8%) and the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC). The EU resolution called for an end to the extractive activities in protected and sensitive ecosystems, including the shores of Lake Albert, referring to the 132 wells that Total plans to dig into the Murchison Falls National Park.

According to worldometer, Uganda holds 6bn barrels of proven oil reserves as of 2016, with 40% (2.5bn) of these deemed commercially viable. This puts Uganda in the 31st position among the world’s leading oil producers, accounting for about 0.2% of the world’s total oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels. Uganda’s 2.5bn barrels are equivalent to 214.0 times its annual oil consumption.

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Wangadya Hailed as Top Human rights boss exits Uganda

A top African human rights defender has hailed Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) Chairperson Mariam Wangadya for her unwavering dedication to defending rights of the underprivileged.

The compliment was sounded by Mr. Robert Ayeda Kotchani, the Country representative of the UN Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Kotchani was at the UHRC headquarters at Twed Plaza last Thursday to say his goodbyes to Wangadya following his promotion and transfer which will see him exit his duty station in Uganda.

According to official reports gathered by our Inspectors, Kotchani who has been working closely with the UHRC was elevated to in-charge of the West African region and will subsequently be based in Senegal.

While bidding farewell to Wangadya, Kotchani revealed that he will remember his time in Uganda with great fondness, hailing Ugandans for being such good people.

Talking human rights, he thanked Ms. Wangadya for being a great listener and sociable person, which has enabled her to work with human rights defenders from all walks of life.

He revealed that because of Wangadya, the UN human rights office has found it very easy to work with UHRC, a partnership he said will continue even as he moves to West Africa.

About kotchani

Robert Ayeda Kotchani has been working with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for the past twelve years. In 1999, he started his international career as Legal Officer with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights in Banjul, The Gambia, where he worked for eight years. From 2006 to 2009, he worked for OHCHR in Uganda, where he opened the Karamoja regional office in Moroto (Northern Uganda).

He has subsequently worked in several country and regional offices of OHCHR, as Deputy Representative in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Yaounde, Cameroon, as well as in Bujumbura, Burundi, where in 2014/15, he led as Acting Representative of the High Commissioner the transition from the United Nations for Burundi (BNUB) to the OHCHR country office in Burundi. Mr. Kotchani’s most recent position was Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA) in Libreville, Gabon.

Mr. Kotchani holds an LLM in International Law and an LLB in English, both obtained from the University of Abomey-Calavi in Benin.

UHRC commissioner hails Wangadya

Meanwhile, a top Ugandan human rights commissioner has hailed UHRC boss Mariam Wangadya for turning the human rights agency into a model entity in the country.

Crispin Kaheru paid tribute to his boss in an exclusive interview with The Inspector last week. Kaheru made the kind remarks about Wangadya while reacting to a story which was published by the Inspector in honour of Wangadya’s first year in office.

In the groveling tribute, Kaheru wrote: “Ms. Mariam Wangadya has put the UHRC on the path of a highly regarded convener institution, bringing together local and international stakeholders to promote and protect universal human rights. She is for instance the go to interlocutor for bodies such as the African Union, the United Nations etc. when it comes to human rights matters. She has ably championed outreach – taking the Commission closer to the people of Uganda. She maintains a strong presence in bilateral and multilateral partnerships within Africa and beyond. Over the past one year, Ms. Wangadya has built a solid network of local authorities, actors and international community partners who continue to pursue human rights from strategic global and local perspectives.”

He added, “Administratively, her excellent managerial prowess has nurtured a vibrant institution that is fully functional in all the regions of the country.”

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MUHOOZI TWEETS: Kenyan Speaker, Bobi blast Muhoozi for ‘clout-chasing’

Kenyan Speaker of parliament, Moses Francis Masika Wetang’ula, has joined the long list of Kenyans who have taken issue with the bizarre tweets of Uganda’s First Son and Commander Land Forces, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Taking to his twitter account last night, Wetang’ula who is also the leader of the FORD-Kenya party, described Muhoozi’s tweets as ‘nonsense’ whose aim is ‘clout-chasing’.

“A whole commander of land forces @mkainerugaba tweeting nonsense in the name of chasing clout. what a shame! Uganda is just a meme country!” Wetang’ula tweeted at 8:18pm last evening.

Wateng’ula’s concern followed earlier concerns by high-ranking Kenyans who felt offended by Muhoozi’s tweets. Earlier, Uasin Gishu county senator Samson Kiprotich Cherargei had urged the Foreign Affairs Minister to summon the Ugandan Ambassador to Kenya to explain Muhoozi’s tweets.

Arguing that the careless tweets undermine the spirit of the EAC, Kiprotich tweeted at 8:29pm thus: “I expect the Ministry of foreign affairs to summon the Ugandan ambassador to shed light on Gen. Muhoozi social media outbursts and subsequent apology. This is undermining the spirit of unity of EAC.”


Kainerugaba, a high-ranking Ugandan Army General, touched off a diplomatic storm following a series of tweets in which he commented on the political affairs of Kenya. As reported by Star newspaper, Muhoozi first tweeted that he had held talks with former President Uhuru Kenyatta and that the former Kenyan leader was going to visit Uganda soon.

“Just spoke to my big brother, Afande Uhuru. An incredible man! I love him for his courage, honesty and intelligence! He will visit Uganda soon.” he tweeted, accompanied by two photos of Kenyatta.

After a short while, Kainerugaba lamented Uhuru’s departure from power, tweeting,” My only problem with my beloved big brother is that he didn’t stand for a third term. We would have won easily!”

That tweet was later followed by a storm of unprovoked tweets that saw him mock Kenyans’ strict observance of the rule of law and obedience to the Constitution.

“Haha! I love my Kenyan relatives. Constitution? Rule of law? You must be joking! For us there is only the Revolution and you will soon learn about it!” he tweeted.

The tweet attracted anger and dismay from most of his Kenyan followers as they flocked to the comment section to rail at him.

A few moments later, he tweeted,” It wouldn’t take us, my army and me, 2 weeks to capture Nairobi” further confusing many and shattering Twitter.

Muhoozi went a little deeper, shockingly referring to Kenya as ‘our district’ and claiming that, in two weeks, he will have captured Nairobi.

“I’m happy that members of our district in Kenya have responded enthusiastically to my tweet. Its still 2 weeks to Nairobi!”

The General kept the taunts coming asking, “After our army captures Nairobi, where should i live? Westlands? Riverside?”

And the backlash

However, Muhoozi’s tweets have elicited furious reactions from Kenya, with many terming them as having the potential to cause a diplomatic row between Uganda and Kenya. Nevertheless, many Kenyans took to twitter to bash Muhoozi, ‘leaving him for dead’.

Later, National Unity Platform (NUP) supremo Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine joined the Muhoozi jibe party, also stinging him as a monster.

“dear Kenyans, you now understand what it means to live in Uganda under Gen. Museveni and his son, whom he gifted the highest military ranks and put him in charge of our land forces! Sadly, beneath the senseless tweets lies a monster who brutalizes our people for fun!” Bobi Wine tweeted.

Bobi Wine’s response came a few days after Muhoozi tweeted about him, assuring him how they will never allow him to be president and how he can ably win him in an election.

Below are some of the most stinging tweets, as captured by Kenya’s Star newspaper:

“Ugandans are in trouble.. This is a spoiled brat who wants to succeed his father as the President of Uganda… Ugandans should just turn the country into a Monarch and accept to be ruled by the “House of Museveni” and Queen Janet… When he dies, the son, King Muhoozi takes over,” tweeted a one Juma G.

“If Kenya goes into war with Uganda, Western Countries are likely to back Kenya while Russia and allies are likely to back Uganda. This may be the end of Museveni’s reign in Uganda. Someone tell Museveni’s son that @MikeSonko’s rescue team is enough to deal with them mercilessly,” Daima Mimi Mkenya tweeted.

“Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba Museveni, Uganda Army Commander & next President of Uganda says it will take his army only two weeks to take over Kenya! I am yet to hear our Army Commander denying or admitting our Army’s ability to defend our borders from the threatened invasion,” Lawyer Donald Kipkorir said.

“HE @KagutaMuseveni is your soldier ok ?” Transport and road CS nominee Kipchumba Murkomen asked.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina tweeted, “A man’s worth is not determined by what he revealed to the world but what he hides from the world… Kenya Army stay out! Shhhhhh….”

“The whole of Inspekta Mwala squad would capture Uganda…in 3hrs,” a tweep said.

“The only thing Ugandans can capture from Nairobi is the fake certificate they gave our Governor,” Gabriel Oguda said.

“Museveni’s Son who is seen partying with Uhuru Kenyatta and thinks Uhuru should have run for the 3rd time is Hallucinating on Capturing Nairobi. Nonsense on Steroids. Keep your Nonsense within your borders,” KeeruH@Keerulanah·32m tweeted.

“Museveni’s son shouldn’t tweet while drunk.. he wants to capture Nairobi in two weeks? He must be high on something. He should try and see if he can capture Busia alone,” David Mutai tweeted.

“Leave alone our army, Pokots can overthrow your government in less than 24hrs and force Museveni to exile,” Austin Tunoi said.

“I think Uganda’s President’s- H E Museveni’s- soldier is hallucinating,” @KongelukMaxwell tweeted.

“It’s scary this is the guy who is going to lead Uganda. He has been pro Tigray (and Meles was particularly close to Museveni) but man..this guy is unstable.”

“The son of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni now threatens Kenya. According to him, Nairobi is only two weeks, away from his palms. Is Kenya that weak not to defend herself longer than two weeks from Uganda’s aggression?” @tjmokello asked.

“Museveni’s son is trying to use capture-recapture on us, jamani. Someone tell him Nairobi is hotter than faya. He should ask UK,”@JaneFKyalo said.

Dan Nyagah tweeted, “What is that Museveni son talking about? Uganda cannot beat KENYA in anything. They are just NOTHING compared to KENYA.”

“I think Museveni’s son is bored and lonely and he’s just craving for attention to feel relevant so he decided to provoke KOT in order to get attention. Pathetic. A whole military general of a neighbouring country shouldn’t make such reckless statements,” @STonkei commented”

“Kenyan Army can’t engage in useless fights with a poor and suffering nation. Our professional stone throwers from Luo Nyanza and the Pokot bandits are capable of killing all Ugandans including UPDF if given chance. Museveni,” a tweet read.

“East Africa should be united. Forget that mad boy of Museveni. I guess he is looking for popularity,” a tweep said.

“Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the Ugandan military commander and son of President Museveni tweeting about capturing Kenya. Imagine this coming from Kenya’s military commander. It’s worrying!”

“Soon, Museveni will be retracting his son’s sentiments, classifying them as hot air and that he tweeted under the influence of the bottle because he is fully aware kanjo can ruthlessly deal with pearl of Africa leave alone Kenya’s military.”

“Before Muhoozi Kainerugaba, son of President Yoweri Museveni thinks of waging a war with Kenya, let him and his father fight Ebola and Joseph Kony,” Carrington Mwendwa commented.

“Museveni’s son will later say that his account was hacked but in the real sense we know that hackers do not exist in Uganda,” read another tweet.

Muhoozi deletes tweets

Meanwhile, the tempers which Muhoozi flared may soon calm down after he deleted his controversial tweets. The deletion was reported by celebrated Kenyan lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi. Taking to his twitter handle at 9:25pm, Abdullahi posted: Uganda’s top army General and H.E. President Museveni’s son deletes tweets in which he threatened to topple president William Ruto, capture Nairobi an base his occupying government in Westlands or riverside estates”.

Will M7 React?

Just like many Kenyans, Ugandans are also waiting to see how president Museveni will react to the tweets by Muhoozi and the subsequent diplomatic standoff they have caused. It should be noted that president Museveni has in the past come out so strongly on individuals who touch the sensitive topic of regional security; especially those who are seen as intending to foment tensions between Uganda and any of her EAC neighbours.

Recent examples of institutions and individuals that have faced the state’s wrath include Hussein Musa Njuki , the late former editor in chief of the Assalam and Shariat Muslim newspapers who was arrested in 1995 and detained for referring to Rwanda as Uganda’s 40th ‘DISTRICT’ (just like Muhooozi has done this time) then, at a time when Uganda officially had 39 districts. Njuki would later soon die of what was said to be hypertension. And in November 2017, local tabloid Red Pepper directors and editors were also arrested and jailed for one month following the publication of a story that was deemed to have the potential of causing diplomatic tensions between Rwanda and Uganda.

Also earlier in June this year, the daily monitor reported that president Museveni ordered his son to stop commenting about matters of national security and foreign policies on his Twitter account.

The report said that Museveni’s directive followed a top-level security meeting with high-ranking army chiefs in Southwestern Ntungamo district.

The same publication reported that the President expressed utter dissatisfaction with the reckless behaviour of some individuals within the army and warned them to desist from such promiscuity and ‘drunkenness’.

He then asked Muhoozi and other commanders to stop discussing or commenting on international relations issues on social media but instead use the platforms to discuss sports, youth issues, political ideology, and education.

Gen Museveni’s directive then came on the heels of Muhoozi’s tweets which included: declaring support for Tigray rebels fighting Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy’s government, offering to back Rwanda in any conflict, praising himself for managing to restore ties between Uganda and Rwanda where diplomats had failed and also supporting Russia’s onslaught on Ukraine. The tweets also attracted comment from Rwanda president Paul Kagame who offered to edit Muhoozi’s tweets.

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How ‘Broke’ EALA MP Rose Akol Swept Majority Votes In The Hotly Contested Race!

This week, parliament elected Uganda’s new representatives to the regional Assembly-EALA.
About 28 people were nominated for the nine seats but by the close the elections, the lucky ones were Rose Akol Okullu, Mary Mugyenyi, James Kakooza, Paul Musamali, Denis Namara, James Odong, Siranda Gerald, Amongin Jaclyn and Veronica Kadogo Babirye.

However, even as they won, not all went through a bed of roses. It was a real hell according to our Inspectors especially for Rose Akol who by the way, got the highest number of votes compared to her colleagues. But how did this lady from Bukedea manage to win MPs’hearts?


Inspectors said her return to EAC was twice a miracle. She received massive votes compared to the rest of the incumbent and new candidates. We’re actually told Akol up to now still thinks the votes were like manna from heaven given the fact that she was reported to have been the only MP who faced stiff resistance.

To begin with, in 2020, a dark skinned Akol wanted to return to Bukedea trenches and stand for woman MP. That means she wanted to face off with now speaker Anita Among who’s been the district woman MP since 2016.
As she planned this political ambush on Anita, Gen. Museveni was thinking otherwise!
He wanted Akol to go back to EALA and in effect was telling her to back off his gal Anita. Inspectors suggested that Museveni picked his mapesa phone and dialed Akol’s digits summoning her to meet him. Akol obliged and on her way to meet the general from Rwakitura, she went thinking Museveni was going to back her.

When she reached there, this is how it went according to Inspectors.
Gen. Museveni: “Akol, they have told me you want to stand for Bukedea again. Is that true?”
Akol: “Yes Sir because I have the support of the people and I am seeking the same from Your Excellency”

Museveni according to Inspectors, spent about 10 seconds rolling his eyes in the socket as he stared at a determined Akol.
He then roared that: “Hon. Akol, I appreciate your desire to represent the people of Bukedea. However, I also want to ask you not to stand” he said to which Akol responded saying ‘But sir, I…..’ even before she finished her statement, Museveni allegedly chipped in saying “I don’t want you to stand against Anita. Don’t stand again. I want you back to EALA. That Anita you see, I have a special assignment she’s going to do for me in parliament. So, don’t antagonize her. You will go back to EALA”

Indeed, when she came unopposed, Anita stood for deputy speakership and won massively. She even got more votes than her boss speaker Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah (RIP).
We are told, Akol was left speechless but at the same time, thought that maybe her rival Anita was going to be in a top position to help her win the EALA election. This is how she obliged and gave Anita a chance to sail through unopposed.

Inspectors said for Museveni to have dictated that the status quo remains on EALA NRM incumbents, it was because of this unwritten promise to return Akol to EALA which saved even the rest of the members.
Unfortunately, when time for EALA campaigns came up, another candidate from her home region of Teso (Amongin Jaclyn) emerged and came with alleged full backing by some senior members from Teso with a view of defeating Akol.

“We can’t have to Itesots in EALA. One of them must really fall” an inspector quoted one of the anti-Akol member as telling voters/MPs.
Indeed, according to Inspectors, Amongin was the most loaded of all contestants in this EALA and this scared Akol thinking her seat was on the verge of collapse. However, Amongin’s bag of cash could have come from PAn African Parliament where she had been also as an MP and was earning in dollars besides her salary as Ngora woman MP (then).

“Hon. Members, I am a broke lady as you see me. I can’t afford what my colleagues can offer. Just take me as I am. Kindly vote for me” Akol would plead with members as Amongin kept all over the place attending almost every function in MPs’ constituencies where she was able to mobilize votes.
Now, we’re told a close analysis of the votes, showed that Akol secured the highest number of votes.

“Those votes she got were sympathy votes. She was really under pressure. The MPs just made a protest vote to those who fought Akol. They viewed her as a humble lady and accepted her as such. But she was extremely broke compared to Amongin who was seen as her direct rival even as she stood as independent. Really, how would one sub-region have two formidable candidates in the race?” explained an inspector.
Interestingly, even her hitherto political rival Rt. Hon. Anita got more votes as deputy speaker and later speaker, implying that Bukedea ladies seem to be good at mobilization the reason Museveni is keeping them around in various political arena. Akol before heading to EALA in 2016 with the backing of Anita Among as woman MP, served a stint as minister for internal affairs and chairperson of the budget Committee of Parliament. Her time in that ministry is no doubt the briefest in Africa; that she was fired almost as soon as she arrived in the office. She however, left a clean lady the reason she’s still favored by Jjajja Mwami.

Enter James Odongo

The dark-skinned man from Lango is not a stranger in NRM politics. We’re told in 2010 when the politics of the north was hot, many NRM leaders feared associating with Museveni in Lango sub-region. It took the intervention of the likes of (now Ambassador) Rebecca Otengo who worked with Odongo to have something for Museveni in the ballot box. Otengo would later be named a minister for Northern Uganda as Odongo also joined the lucrative EALA in later days. He was one of the young men who helped Museveni there.

No wonder shortly after elections, he was posted as an RDC before he was called to the NRM secretariat under Justine Kasule Lumumba as secretary general.
In fact, we’re told Odongo who’s wife works in one of the financial institutions was brought forward to contest for EALA by the then SG Lumumba who saw seriousness in him. And because Lumumba is now dining as a minister, it was easier for him to secure his seat again since she had ready access to members and fellow ministers.
Watch out for why UPC’s Ebil Fred was rejected by MPs!

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MP Musila Blames Expelled CAO Olabaro’s Woes On Councilors

By Weswa Ronnie

Bubulo East-Namisindwa Member of Parliament John Musila has no kind words for area councilors, saying they are the ones who orchestrated the knifing of the district CAO Olabaro.
He says the councilors are the ones who petitioned local government minister seeking for transfer of Franco Olabore the outgoing CAO.

Last week councilors and LCIII of the newly created administrative units at Namisindwa district petitioned the Ministry of local government demanding for the transfer of their CAO accusing him of misappropriating road fund money, having poor working relationship with political side, illegal recruitment of staff among other allegations.

Based on the allegations, this very week permanent secretary at ministry of local government Ben Kumumanya asked Olabore to hand over the office to John Patrick Nuwabigaba former acting CAO of Katakwi district to pave way for investigations.

While speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview at Chebukubi super market located in Mbale city, Musila says that even though CAO had mistakes, they would have ironed their matters internally than petitioning.

He adds that the issue of over recruiting workers as councillors allege has no problem and it benefits the young children of Namisindwa.

Musila described councilors who wrote a petition as leaders who have selfish interests and aim to pull the district down in terms of services delivery or development.

Meanwhile, Mwelu Noah the Bukhabusi LC. V councilor advised Musila to mind his business as an MP and not interfere with the work of councilors doing their oversight role.
“It’s true that our children were recruited and no one refutes that but they paid heavily to be recruited and yet most of them have not accessed payroll which is a problem especially when most of them got loans from money lenders which have accumulated alot of interest” he noted.

Bwayo Emma the Namisindwa Male Youth Councilor says Musila’s opinions on the matter are diversionary and shouldnt be given any attention. Bwayo says the recruitment was not the only issue which CAO mishandled.

“Musila should bother to find out the merits in the petition especially what the road fund did in the district during Olaboro’s tenure. I also want to remind Musila that the District Council is the Supreme body of the where CAO reports” he said.

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Nandala, Kadaga, Ogwal Under Siege As Plot On Long Serving MPs Leaks!

By John Okello Lapok

The list of members of Parliament who should watch their backs ahead of the 2026 elections has leaked to us.
The MPs include minister Rebecca Kadaga, Cecilia Ogwal, Nandala Mafabi, Musa Ecweru, Abdu Katuntu among others. The said plan targets mainly MPs who have been there for four terms uninterrupted. However, some of them have been in parliament for as long as Gen. Museveni has been president also meaning that they have served for over 30years. In this expose, we reveal what you didn’t know!


He’s the MP for Budadiri West in Sironko District, a position he has occupied since 2001.
Inspectors said his constituency is covered by two major sub tribes or clans. The Bayobo and Bawalasi. Nandala is a Muwalasi although he grew up in Buyobo on maternal side. It’s claimed that during the CA, there was a mutual understanding between the Bayobo and Bawalasi on the issue of representation in parliament. This position was supposed to be rotational.

This is why when Prof. Dan Nabudere a Muyobo won the CA seat, he served that term and quit giving chance to Giruli Isaac (Muwalasi) to serve up to 2001 from 1996.
Naturally, the Bayobo would then take their turn, but this was never the case. Nandala a Muwalasi hit the floor and won the seat until now. Efforts to uproot him have always been unsuccessful especially by NRM.

In 2011 however, he nearly lost the seat to former minister Beatrice Mukaye Wabudeya who herself is a Musiita but married in Buwalasi.
“It was more of a Bawalasi game. The Bayobo simply left them to tear themselves apart after all, the Bayobo were bitter with Wabudeya having mistreated their daughter Irene Muloni” says an Inspector.

Apparently, Muloni is a Muyobo and had always tried to dislodge Wabudeya from Sironko woman MP seat but with little success. She only breathed after Bulambuli district was curved off Sironko and Muloni finally came to parliament. Muloni is married in Bulambuli even as she’s a Muyobo! In 2016, an attempt to dislodge Nandala still by NRM came up through a one Kosea Wambaka (Muyobo) but it seems this too, was a Nandala proxy since they had a business relationship.

“So, as you can see, the Bayobo remain unhappy in these circumstances and are searching for a formidable son or daughter of Bayobo to be presented to Gen. Muhoozi for support” says an Inspector.
To prove how things have become tight for Nandala, the NRM began by capturing all LC1 elections from him that now puts him and his FDC party in total jeopardy!

Rebecca Kadaga

She’s the woman MP for Kamuli District. Actually, among some Basoga, the district should now be renamed Kamuli Limited as it now seems to belong to our dear former speaker.
She’s been the woman MP for this District right from the days of CA and she’s still counting. Not only has she been the MP, but has tasted all the freebies that come with being a VIP in this banana republic. She started as a minister for parliamentary affairs, deputy speaker, speaker of Parliament and now a minister. In other words, Kadaga has only failed to become a president or vice president. She has been the country’s No. 3, (Speaker) 5 (deputy speaker) and has now started riding in reverse gear. She’s now both No. 9 and 10 (deputy premier and minister),

meaning her political curve is beginning to deminish. Back in the constituency, Kadaga still commands the district and it will only take a strong person to challenge her in 2026. Many NRM bigwigs fear antagonizing her due to her power prowess. Now fallen speaker Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah, is the only bigwig who tried going to her constituency and met with the Basoga in the aftermath of his battle for speakership with Kadaga. It’s not clear if Oulanyah would have managed to plant a perfect person to uproot her. Unfortunately, he fell sick and was burried eventually.

We are told the only plan to dislodge her can only be implemented by positioning formidable constituency candidates who will each decompaign her in his or her constituency to deny her support just like it was done to former powerful minister and woman MP for Kabale Hope Mwesigye.

She however, remains strong on the ground and we are told she has made up with several of her hitherto adversaries in Busoga begining with former SG Justine Kasule Lumumba.

Cecilia Ogwal

She had finally fallen in 2011 after losing her Lira municipality MP seat to Obote’s son James Akena. However, Museveni hurried to rescue her from the grassing crew and created Dokolo District. This is how she stoold for woman MP and returned to the eating table in parliament up to now. Cecilia is actually said to be in good books with Museveni even as she professes opposition politics.

It should be recalled that Museveni had wanted to appoint Cecilia as VP in 1996 but she turned down the offer due to pressure from her hitherto president general Obote and his man here Dr. James Rwanyarare who headed the UPC presidential policy Commission and he hated Museveni like nothing.

“Rwanyarare was opposed to any suggestions of association with Museveni/NRM which Ogwal couldn’t avoid since she was dining in parliament. That’s why they always conflicted leading to her (Ogwal) numerous defections to other parties” an inspector says.
None the less, Museveni kept a good heart towards this former Miss Uganda to the extent of giving her chance to do business with the UPDF. She also had to stay around because of the fact that she had a working relationship with former Kenyan president Arap Moi and in the spirit of integration, this made Uganda-Kenya ties strong.

When she rejected the VP position which Museveni wanted to go to a woman, this is how he fished Dr. Spe Wandira Kazibwe from DP and she became the vice president.
Now, we’re told Cecilia even as she is favored, things aren’t the same back in Dokolo and she might have to think about her next course of action in case the MP seat falls!

Felix Okot Ogong

He’s the MP for Dokolo county a position he has held since 2001.
We’re told this one’s troubles are actually many. Even when he tries to position himself for cabinet appointment, Museveni is not willing to change his opinion about him.
Apparently, not only is the president bitter with Okot’s outbursts against him, but also that in 2006, he allegedly stopped him from campaigning in his constituency. We’re told Museveni went to Lango to campaign and the political tempo was hot. He decided to try Dokolo county represented by Okot.

“Please, don’t go to Dokolo, those people don’t want you. You will even spoil my vote” an inspector quoted Okot as telling a politically terrified Museveni (then). Indeed, at the end of the day, he managed to get only 7% votes there but inside him, he kept a grudge with Okot. Matters worsened when the former youth state minister Okot decided to try to dislodge Museveni as Chairman NRM in 2010! In the ensuing episode, Okot was lured by one of the Museveni strategists into a ‘fake’ sugar deal where he lost close to Shs15bn. He has however, tried to survive in radio and transport business with struggles here and there.

“That man Okot as long as I am still alive, will never become a minister (again). He dumped me at the last hour. He campaigned for himself and not me” an inspector quoted the man from Rwakitura as vowing to one of his pals. In fact, that’s why the likes of Sam Engola were appointed to cabinet and Hamson Obua even as Okot continued to expect a position unknowing that Museveni’s heart is politically bleeding every time he looks at Okot! Now, we’re told, his MP seat is also on the verge of going come rain or shine in 2026!


The minister for disaster preparedness has been MP for Lamwo county for countless terms. This former managing director at National Water, is the first man to stand with Museveni in Acholi sub-region even when the rest of Acholis decided to support the LRA. He would go and sleep in camps with IDPs and this made Museveni start making inroads in Acholi through him. The likes of Beatrice Anywar, Okumu Reagan, Odonga Otto, Ogenga Latigo, Santa Okot, Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah among others were all playing opposition politics and Onek remained steadfast in supporting the movement until many of these have finally joined Museveni. He’s the wealthiest creature in northern Uganda running a line of businesses mainly hotels. However, even as he has worked for Museveni, his time seems to be waning as he will have to struggle to retain his MP seat in 2026 according to the alleged plan.

Anifa Kawooya

For this one, no politician in greater Masaka doesn’t know her or hasn’t worked under her. She started as woman MP Masaka, but the district has since been chopped into almost 10 pieces in form of districts. She was there as woman MP when Masaka was chopped to create Kalangala district, again there when Sembabule went, Lwengo, Kalungu, Masaka City, Masaka District,

Bukomansimbi and now, she stood as Mawogola south MP. The former member of Yellow Galz in parliament which dished out the Shs5m Kisanja cash to MPs, is now a state minister for primary health care. We are told Kawooya seems to have sensed danger ahead that she decided to stand as Mawogola south MP leaving Sembabule woman MP seat where she had served for countless terms. Now, 2026 is on the way and she’s said to be under siege.

Theodore Ssekikubo

The MP for Lwemiyaga may need to find an alternative place for himself if everything goes as per the plan. Actually, some suggest he may look around Makindye areas to have somewhere to raid as things in Lwemiyaga seem to be turning difficult for him. Whereas he has served, voter fatigue is plaguing his chances. Watch out for Part II.

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Why Gen. Museveni Has Appointed Col. Basaliza, Simeo Nsubuga New UHRC Bosses

President Yoweri Museveni has made fresh appointments for the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).
Among the new appointees includes Col. Steven Basaliza a.k.a Omuduumizi, former police spokesperson Simeo Nsubuga and Omara Apita who is said to be a former commissioner of sports in the ministry for education and sports. The trio are now part of the commissioners in the human rights watchdog headed by Mariam Wangadya.

This News site can authoritatively report that the appointment letter has already been forwarded to the speaker of parliament Anita Among in which the head of state wants parliament to approve them.
“The Rt. Hon. Anita Among, I have appointed the following persons to serve as commissioners in the UHRC. I hereby submit their names to you for approval” Gen. Museveni says in a letter seen by our Inspectors.

He copied the letter to premier Robinah Nabbanja, Justice minister Norbert Mao, Head of service Lucy Nakyobe and Mariam Wangadya who’s the chairperson of the Commission.
The appointment of these three makes the commission now constituted after years of limping and attracting case backlog due to lack of commissioners.


To begin with, he’s one of the bush war comrades and also a member of Uganda Patriotic Movement which was Museveni’s party before going to the bush and founded the NRA/M. Besides his major roles in the UPDF, he’s a former MP in the 7th parliament who worked tirelessly to have presidential term limits scrapped to allow Gen. Museveni ruled.

He’s also a former member of this very Commission where he served for one term and he now bounces back with a bang.
According to our Inspectors, Basaliza’s appointment was expected as his appointment was favored by almost the entire cabinet. We are told several ministers recommended that he’s fit for the job citing his record. He’s also an accomplished Human Rights lawyer with a Masters in this field and Degree in Law and attended LDC . He therefore, was viewed as having vast experience in this field of human rights, political maturity and team player to be reappointed.


Inspectors said if there’s anyone who has been grassing terribly, then it’s this former police officer! Also a former MP for Kassanda South, Simeo was among the so many Ugandans whose eyes and ears always kept glued on news from state house to hear anything in form of a job placement. In fact, inspectors revealed in the last presidential address of this week, Simeo was among the first people to sit on television to hear what the man from Rwakitura was going to say.

We are told Simeo has been frequenting every possible place of worship for divine intervention into his issues especially after his man former speaker Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah died. We are told Simeo who rooted for Oulanyah to become speaker in 2016 but with little success had hoped for a cabinet job which unfortunately never materialized for the time he spent in parliament. We are told whereas his colleague Judith Nabakooba who campaigned for Rebecca Kadaga in 2016 managed to make it to cabinet immediately, it is him who kept in the corridors. However, God has now responded to his cries and Gen. Museveni has appointed him as a commissioner. He’s now ripe to ride in a Red number plate!


This one is not known much but inspectors revealed that he’s a former commissioner in education ministry in charge of sports. He comes in however, to balance the boat for the northerners in the Commission. These new appointees now join the likes of Shifra Lukwago and Chrispin Kaheru who were recently appointed. They are now waiting for approval from speaker Anita Among’s appointments Committee to start their duty.

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BUKASA DRONE SHOOTINGS: 2 netted as Bobi Blasts NRM Hired Guns  

Two police officers have been arrested in connection with the Drone shooting which left two people severely injured at Temanagalo, Bukasa in Wakiso District.
Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire identified the two officers as Erisa Muhumuza and Evelyne Akello, both attached to the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) enforcement team.

Reports indicate that on Wednesday evening, while on the UNRA operations, the said officers pursued a Canter truck belonging to one Eria Twase who allegedly tried to overtake them while they were on an operation in the areas of Bukasa.

It is said that the officers got enraged and went trigger-happy after Twase, who was in the car with his wife identified as Violet Nansereko, parked the vehicle and fled. Unfortunately, according to onlookers, the bullets hit Nansereko who was rushed to Mulago Hospital in critical condition. An eyewitness said that at the time of shooting Nansereko, she was carrying her baby.

The shooting incident enraged locals, who mobbed the heartless cops intending to lynch them. However, the police officers were rescued by Wakiso District commander, Tai Ramathan who reinforced personnel who took their own to safety.  It has since emerged that it is Muhumuza who pulled the trigger on the innocent citizens.


Meanwhile, the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine decried the impunity exhibited by the arrested officers, saying it is part of a new wave of abductions of their supporters across the country.

Taking to his social media pages, Bobi Wine used the incident to also take swipe at NRM defenders who are paid to twist acts of torture and cover up for the regime.
“Yesterday in Bukasa, Temanagalo security operatives moving in the notorious drones shot two citizens! The crime of the driver was trying to overtake the drone. Incidentally, there is a section of paid NRM apologists who continue to defend this lawlessness and madness. WE SHALL OVERCOME!” Bobi lamented.

The incident also comes at a time NUP has amplified calls for government to stop the renewed persecution of its supporters and other Ugandans who are now being arrested afresh in drones, which became a symbol of abductions, kidnaps and disappearances courtesy of security forces in the wake of the last 2021 general elections.
According to Bobi Wine, 15 of his supporters, picked up between this month and the last one, were being held incommunicado. 

Six of these were arrested in the past three weeks alone, according to NUP.  These include Bashir Kasagga, whom armed men wearing what looked like UPDF uniform picked on September 6, Jakaana Nadduli, a son of former minister Abdul Nadduli, Teddy Nalubowa, a businesswoman, and journalist Kenneth Kavulu of Buganda Broadcasting Service (BBS) Terefayina.  

However, the government has severally maintained that it is unaware of missing opposition supporters.

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