VP Alupo Installs Former Speaker Rugumayo As Inaugural Chancellor Of Mountains Of The Moon University


Former speaker of National Consultative Council (NCC) otherwise called the 4th parliament of Uganda has been installed as the first Chancellor of Tooro-based Mountains of the Moon University.

Prof. Edward Rugumayo, who was also a long serving minister in Gen. Museveni’s government has taken over as the head of this university which has since reverted to government after 13years running as a private institution.

The installation of Rugumayo has been done by workholic Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo who represented Gen. Yoweri Museveni at the 15th graduation ceremony held at Lake Saaka Campus-Fortportal Tourism City.

VP Alupo assisted by minister Kaducu enthrone Prof. Rugumayo at the function

Alupo congratulated Rugumayo upon his installation as the first Chancellor, noting that he embodies qualities that would drive the university to the desired level.

“The role of the Chancellor is one of great importance, serving as a symbol of leadership, wisdom and commitment to the ideals and values that define the university education agenda. Today, therefore, I am confident that we have installed an individual who embodies these qualities and who will guide our University on a path of continued excellence” she noted.

VP Alupo addressing the ceremony


The country’s No.2  informed the graduands that as they leave school, the encouraging part of facing the new chapter, is that they are leaving the University space, already equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained during their studies. “Education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and I hope that you will contribute to the development of a knowledge-based economy, driving advancements in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI)” she said.

Alupo said the NRM embraced the  notion that Education plays a pivotal role in the transformation of nations, serving as a cornerstone for socioeconomic and cultural development. 

The students who graduated today

The VP said higher education sub-sector of Uganda requires a deliberate effort to not only leverage, but reposition all the required inputs; staff, curriculum review and development and infrastructure, in order to optimize the Human Capital Development role to stimulate Uganda’s Vision 2040,and technological advancements.

“By advancing in education, Uganda has a chance to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to contribute effectively to the workforce” she noted.

She said that the NRM Government is committed to providing more scholarships and supporting students enrolling on Science, 

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)courses and other courses that are marketable in the current local job market. 

Alupo who is also Katakwi district woman MP added that government’s strategy also includes the exploration of introduction of new sponsorships for Scientific,Technical Engineering and Innovations (STEI) programs that foster entrepreneurship, technological advancements and a culture of innovation. She said all these are critical for sustained economic growth.


The VP challenged the university’s leadership to prioritize the promotion of research and innovation, saying Uganda’s development aspirations require active engagement of scientific and technological research to make an effective contribution to the Country’s growth.

“Mountains of the Moon as a publicly funded institution, has the potential to play a role in strengthening our national innovation performance which is a pillar required to improve the competitiveness of Uganda’s industrial development.

Prof. Rugumayo signs acceptance documents as VP Alupo and Minister Kaducu look on

As Government, we strongly believe that universities should be drivers of technological progress” she advised. 

Alupo said Uganda’s technology hubs should essentially adopt and develop cutting-edge technologies, leading to increased efficiency and competitiveness.

She pledged government’s commitment to the university to enable it complete its ongoing infrastructure some of which will among other things provide access to business incubation and to scientific equipment. 

She encourage people to think of education not only as an investment in their children, but also as a promoter for national transformation. 

“The Government is committed to investing in all primary, secondary, tertiary, and higher education systems, as a premise for laying the foundation for a prosperous, innovative and socially cohesive future” she said.


The 2iC from Katakwi however, had to brave the bad road from Kampala-Mubende and then Mubende-Fortportal. She brought smiles on the faces of the Batooro when she said already a program is underway to make the road as smooth a stable lake.

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“In Pursuit Of Your Dreams, Never Let Fear Or Doubt Hold You Back” VP Alupo Tells Graduands

Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo has advised university graduands to remain steadfast in pursuit of their desires and dreams, obstacles notwithstanding.


She noted that in the pursuit of success, graduands undoubtedly face obstacles and setbacks. 

The Vice President who is also the Chancellor of St. Lawrence University however, says it is during these challenging times that one’s resilience and determination would be truly tested. fsu football jersey ASU Jerseys college football jerseys eastpak padded rucksack blundstone uomo jordan proto max 720 custom youth hockey jerseys johnny manziel jersey brock bowers jersey sac à dos eastpak College Football Jerseys sac eastpak custom sublimated hockey jerseys nike air max 90 futura sac eastpak

“Embrace these moments as opportunities for growth and development, and never let fear or doubt hold you back” she said while presiding over the 14th graduation ceremony for St. Lawrence University where graduands walked away with academic accolades in various fields.

She cautioned the graduands against being unpatriotic in pursuit of their desires and dreams, and also reminded them to be mindful of their health as HIV/AIDS is still a threat.

Alupo who is also Katakwi district woman legislator, advised the graduands that as they go out to face the world, they need to remember the importance of building and maintaining a strong network of professional connections. 

“The relationships you forge today will not only provide you with valuable insights and advice but also serve as a source of support and guidance throughout your careers. I encourage you to carry with you the lessons, experiences and connections you have gained throughout your time at our institution. Cherish the memories and friendships you have forged, and use the knowledge and skills you have acquired to make a positive impact in the world” she counseled in a motherly tone.

Former VP Edward Ssekandi greets his successor VP Alupo at the function

Alupo informed the graduands that the valuable lessons and experiences they have gained at the University have not only shaped their academic knowledge but also cultivated essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication among them.

It is these skills, she said; that will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for their future successes as they enter the world of work.

She challenged them to recognize the fact that learning has no boundaries given the ever evolving world.

“So you must update your knowledge and skills. Embrace opportunities to learn and grow throughout your careers and never be afraid to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone” she counseled.

VP Alupo in a group photo with the University Council and management

The country’s Second-In-Command didn’t forget to remind the granduands of the support system that has helped them to reach this level in their lives. 

“Your parents’ families, friends, guardians and mentors have played a significant role in your journey, offering all material needs, guidance, encouragement and love. Take a moment to express your gratitude for their unwavering support and know that you are forever indebted to them” she said .

VP Alupo addressing the ceremony


Alupo who is the first ever, female Chancellor for this university, attributed toady’s colorful ceremony to the NRM government policy on Liberalizing Education which she said has opened its doors to the private sector to invest in Education at all levels to complement the government. 

She saluted late Prof. Mubiibi who founded this university and also commended the Board of Directors and the University Council and management for exhibiting teamwork spirit which has enabled the university to keep on track.

“This harmonious relationship is key to the steady growth of the University. Over the past fourteen years, the University has produced distinguished God-fearing men and women who have made a good contribution to resolving society’s challenges” Alupo who made one year today as Chancellor noted.

The granduands expressing their happiness upon completion of their studies

She congratulated graduands for accomplishment of their efforts, hard work, dedication and resilience that each of them has demonstrated throughout their academic journey.

“May you all find success, happiness and fulfillment in your chosen paths, and may your lives be filled with endless opportunities for growth and learning. Congratulations, graduates and may you forever be proud of your accomplishments” she said.

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Dr. Wambaka named Bugisu Chief Thinker as Umukhukha Launches Chiefdom’s Think-tank, Cabinet

Uganda and Bugisu’s most educated man, Dr. Kosea Wambaka’s star continues to shine brighter following his appointment as Bugisu’s chief thinker! NFL College Jerseys sac à dos eastpak custom stitched nfl jersey smith and soul bauchtasche eastpak custom stitched nfl jersey casquette femme von dutch kansas city chiefs crocs oregon football jerseys sac à dos eastpak nike air max 90 futura black friday wig sale LSU Football Jersey College Rugby Jersey 8 ft kayak

According to reports gathered by The Inspector from the Land of the Circumcised, Dr. Wambaka is the chairperson of the newly formed Bugisu think-tank also known as the Commission for Planning & Sustainable Development.

Wambaka’s new role was announced recently in a new 36-man strong cabinet announced by the Bugisu cultural leader, HRH Mike Jude Mudoma the Umukhukha III.

In his new role, Dr. Wambaka, an internationally acclaimed consultant through his strategic friends international (a global consultancy firm), will have to dip into his overflowing pot of knowledge for ideas that will lead Bugisu to socioeconomic prosperity.


On January 29, 2024, the Umukhukha III, HRH Mike Jude Mudoma, announced a 36-member cabinet ensemble drawn from both Bugisu lands of Uganda and Kenya to help him preside over the land of the Imbalu. Reports from Bugisu indicate that the new cabinet was highly welcomed, with many subjects amazed by its oozing potential since it is dominated by the land’s crème de la crème.

Particularly, many Bagisu expressed great optimism upon realizing that unlike previous cabinets, this particular one has a modern outlook, with much emphasis put on research, innovation and ICT.

Dr. Wambaka, the Ideas’ Brewmaster

An old saying in basketball states that “Always feed the ‘hot hand’”. It precisely means that players must always repeatedly pass the ball to the team’s most prolific shooter so as to guarantee success. It is therefore safe to say that in Dr. Kosea Wambaka, Bugisu has a ‘hot hand’ due to his proven track record of delivering on critical projects of any magnitude.

This general consensus clearly manifested recently when the Kingdom reached out to its illustrious son, Dr. Wambaka, to help it organise the Umukhukha’s coronation which came off a backdrop of protracted legal and physical battles between the new Umukhukha and his then rival, Amran Wegabyalire.

Amb. Walimbwa Peke is on the new cabinet

In Wambaka’s appointment letter, the Inzu ya Masaba spokesperson Stephen Masiga clearly revealed that Wambaka was sought out due to his prior experience in helping the kingdom/Umukhukha solve several contentious matters, on top of executing critical projects within Bugisu and on the national and international stages.

“Dr. Kosea Wambaka has worked closely with the government of Uganda on many signature projects like paying PAPs in Bunyoro under the oil pipeline and the Jinja Nile Bridge. Dr. Wambaka has been very supportive on issues of Bukuuka right from the time when we were still in the trenches. We find him a trusted cultural asset …,” Masiga stated.

This explains why he was identified as the right man to think for the entire Bugisu.

Umukhukha Mike Jude Mudoma

Wambaka Upbeat

Commenting on his new appointment, the unbelievably humble Wambaka thanked the Umukhukha for giving him another opportunity to contribute to the development of Bugisu. He however revealed that he is banking on all the other 29 appointees to join hands and take Bugisu to the next level.

“This appointment is not a chance to display who is more knowledgeable and who’s not. Issues of development have teamwork as their basic requirement, which is why I’m banking on the entire cabinet, with God as our ultimate guide,” Wambaka said. Notable among the other appointees include: Ritah Namuwenge aka Mama Emyooga, Amb. Charles Walimbwa Peke, Dr. Robinah Namome, Rtd. Bishop Gidudu Patrick, among others.

Wambaka at a brief glance

For the record, Dr. Wambaka is globally pitted amongst the world’s top ten educated men, with 7 degrees to his credit; including two PhDs, 4 Master’s degrees and one Bachelor’s degree — all buttressed with 28 professional certificates from various fields.

But unlike many PhD holders who end up in lecture rooms as dons, Dr. Wambaka is famed for being a functional academic, with his footprint heavily imprinted in the fields of entrepreneurship, international consultancy and philanthropy. Specifically, he has executed very many projects in Bugisu, on the national and international levels in the areas of tourism, oil & gas and events management, among others. It is therefore not surprising that the Umukhukha seeks to tap into his talents and experience to Bugisu’s pure advantage.

About Think-tanks

For purposes of clarity, Think tanks act as brokers of policy knowledge, centers of research, and incubators of new ideas. They hence: Provide a place where ideas can be developed freely & independently; Raise awareness of important issues; Provide alternative policy solutions, supported by evidence; Inform and educate policymakers, the public, business, & civil society; Encourage public debate and facilitate exchanges of ideas; and Monitor and evaluate effects of policies and government programs.

We have learnt that as per the new lineup, Wambaka’s commission will be in charge of generation ideas, which will then feed into all the other ministries; most especially the deputy prime minister’s office headed by Dr. Clet Wadui, which is in charge of Research, Innovation and Technological Development.

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Repealing Article 32(3) Will Cure Duplication Of Roles Assigned To UHRC Under Article 52 (g, h and i)

By Peter Magomu Mashate

On December 4, 2022, I wrote an opinion on this very online media platform-The Inspector, contending that merging the Uganda Human Rights Commission with the Ministry for Justice and Constitutional Affairs was in breach of article 54 of the constitution. This article talks about the independence of UHRC wherein, it states that the Commission shall be independent and shall not in performance of its duties, be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority.penn state jersey vanhunks kayak black stetson hat oregon football jerseys durex intense vibrations ring dallas cowboys slippers mens air jordan 1 low flyease custom youth nfl jersey College Football Jerseys bauchtasche eastpak yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace oregon football jerseys black stetson hat nike air max 90 futura blow up two person kayak

At the time I wrote this article, government had mooted a proposal to merge various agencies including UHRC with mother ministries and for that matter, UHRC was heading to Justice Ministry!

Two years down the road, I am happy to note that there was a change of heart to preserve the constitutional independence of UHRC.

However, a new suggestion is on the table in which government now wants to merge the UHRC with the Equal Opportunities Commission.

The legal fact is that the two commissions are established by different articles of the constitution with UHRC being established under article 51 while EOC comes into play under article 32(3). 

The new proposal now poses a challenge of how the roles of the two commissions can be merged without infringing on the constitution.

When you give anxious scrutiny of the nature of the work of the two commissions, its clear that UHRC is basically to do with the upholding of articles 1, 2 and 3 of the European and Universal Declaration on Human Rights to which Uganda is a signatory. In other words, UHRC largely deals with the right to life and how you uphold it.

The EOC on the other hand, is basically to do with the right to access work, services and employment putting into consideration issues of gender and related aspects.

The question now, is how do we merge these two to compliment each other? Who will take the lead role? Is it UHRC or EOC? 

Looking at the constitution, its clear that UHRC came into force at the time of enactment of the 1995 constitution with its roles, functions, powers and composition well spelt out without the need for further enabling regulation or Act of Parliament unlike the EOC which came into force after 10 years when the constitution was amended. This historical fact therefore, takes us back to the old adage of the chicken and egg, who came first and why?

Further to that, article 32(3) which establishes EOC says parliament shall prescribe its roles, composition and implementation.

Therefore, the remedy is in article 52(g,h and i) of UHRC if we want to provide the basis for co-existence between both commissions.

This specific article/clauses give general functions of the UHRC which (to me) are consistent or same powers as those of EOC.

On that basis, there’s already harmonization of the two roles and therefore, that co-existence with UHRC retaining it’s name as the lead agency is what ought to be done by parliament. 

UHRC chairperson Mariam Fauzat Wangadya handing over a report into the welfare of police to Deputy Speaker recently

In light of this, what’s important is for the Artonney General or Justice minister to write to Uganda Law Reform Commission to bring a bill seeking to repeal article 32(3) to pave way for UHRC to absorb the activities and (any remaining) roles of EOC. Otherwise, there’s a duplication of roles and therefore, the merger is necessary in those circumstances.

Already, UHRC is more pronounced both at national and international levels and it’s work seems to be more closer to the wanainchi than that of EOC which is seen as an elitist rights agency.

The UHRC currently under Hajat Fauzat Mariam Wangadya and her team has practically established itself as a classless service provider no matter one’s level of education, status, religion, political inclination or tribe unlike the EOC which is seemingly a watchdog for the rights of (a few) elites. Therefore, EOC has no capacity to swallow an agency (UHRC) with a broader demand and mandate. Let’s repeal article 32(3) and only widen on the activities of UHRC to factor in any remaining (specific) roles of EOC which can’t be addressed under 52(g,h and i).

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GEN. MUSEVENI TO ITESOTS: “Cross Breed Your Local Cows With Jersey Cattle To Become Dairy Farming Millionaires!

President Museveni has received a report on Teso subregion in which a detailed analysis of the economic situation in the subregion was given.jock strap air jordan 1 element best human hair wigs for black females nike air max 90 futura oregon football jerseys blundstone uomo stetson casquettes fsu football jersey blundstone uomo LSU Football Jersey borsa prima classe blundstone uomo kansas city chiefs crocs LSU Football Jersey College Rugby Jersey

The Head of State is particularly happy to note that a secret team he recently deployed to probe into the socioeconomic affairs of this subregion also recommended that the people of Teso need to go into dairy farming, which he said is profitable. 

Museveni advised that these Emorimori subjects need to start cross breeding their local cows with jersey cattle since the Friesian cows cannot stand the weather in the sub-region. 

He also guided that for household income to increase, the people of Teso need to diversify their farming activities and also start rearing poultry as this can favour those with small land holding. 

“The President also advised on fish farming as a good example of an enterprising project. He noted that digging fishponds may be expensive for farmers, but the government can help dig the ponds for them” says Faruk Kirunda, the deputy president’s press secretary.

He said the General from Rwakitura, was also happy with the report finding that fruits used in Teju Fruit Factory are the right ones, contrary to earlier allegations that the fruits supplied to the factory were being imported. 

This was during a follow up meeting yesterday at State House-Entebbe between Gen. Museveni and a team of leaders from Teso subregion led by Calvin Echodu, the NRM flag bearer for Soroti West.

The first meeting according to Kirunda was held on December 22 2023 wherein, Jjajja Museveni tasked the leaders to brief him on how much income each household earns in Teso; The average land holding in the sub-region; What enterprise can be done on the available land and how the government can help the area locals.

“He also asked the leaders to address his three additional questions which included; What is the problem with the Fruit Factory in Soroti? How can these problems be solved? and then the amount of grazing land in the subregion” Kirunda explained adding that during the meeting, the President received a report from Echodu about the challenges faced by Teso.

Echodu commended Museveni for giving them an opportunity to once again interact with him, following their first interaction in December when he gave them some assignments to carry out and then report back to him after conducting some research in Teso.

“Your Excellency, when we left here, we constituted a committee to do research in all the districts of Teso and came up with this report.” says Augustine Otuko, the Private Secretary to H.E the President in charge of Political Affairs, adding that the objective of the report was to establish the possible solutions for the questions that he raised. He told the president that the approach and methodology they used involved consultations.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of State for Energy, Hon. Sidronius Okaasai Opolot among others.

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Dire Cup: Uganda Hippos to be in the mix as new stadium is launched in Ethiopia

Local football governing body, FUFA has confirmed that the Uganda U20 men’s national team will take part in an Invitational football tournament organised for the inauguration of the new Dire Dawa International Stadium in Ethiopia from 24th-28th February 2024.jock strap air jordan 1 element best human hair wigs for black females nike air max 90 futura oregon football jerseys blundstone uomo stetson casquettes fsu football jersey blundstone uomo LSU Football Jersey borsa prima classe blundstone uomo kansas city chiefs crocs LSU Football Jersey College Rugby Jersey

The four-team tournament dubbed the ‘Dire Cup’ will be played in Dire Dawa City and will have hosts Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Djibouti.

The FUFA Communications Director Ahmed Hussein confirms that the team will travel this Wednesday 21st February 2024 while the opening fixture for Uganda is on Friday.

Hussein also revealed that the team will wear Gofere-branded kits during the tournament which will also be used by both the Uganda men’s and women’s U20 teams in the forthcoming All Africa Games in Ghana.

The Gofere branded kits will be used between now and until the end of the All Africa Games period only. The Hippos team has already started using the kits in the training sessions. We are glad that the tournament will help to fine-tune the men’s team before flying out to Accra

Uganda will send two football teams to Ghana for the All Africa Games.

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Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda goes the extra mile for road safety

February 19, Kampala – SOFT DRINKS powerhouse Coca Cola Beverages Uganda (CCBU) has joined a Road safety awareness campaign in a bid to curb motor accidents and encourage responsible behavior on Ugandan road.durex intense vibrations ring borsa prima classe College Football Jerseys casquette femme von dutch air jordan 1 low flyease smith and soul uberlube luxury lubricant penn state jersey nike air jordan 1 elevate low johnny manziel jersey durex intense vibrations ring College Football Jerseys black friday wig sale NFL College Jerseys custom sublimated hockey jerseys

According to Pearl Nimusiima, the CCBU Public Affairs and Communications Manager, the campaign dubbed “Get Home Safe” will be kick-started Monday with the launch of the Joe Walker Kampala to Fort Portal Walk which has been organized in partnership with the Joe Walker Road Safety Campaign.

Nimusiima revealed that the Joe Walker Kampala to Fort Portal Walk is a 12-day trek which aims to shine a light on the crucial issue of road accidents which have become a ferocious killer of very many Ugandans.

As part of this partnership, CCBU, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, has donated water and soft drinks to keep participants hydrated and amplify the campaign’s reach.

“At CCBU, we prioritise responsible behaviour and fostering a safe environment for everyone. Road accidents are a serious concern in Uganda, and we stand firmly behind initiatives like the Joe Walker Road Safety Campaign that raise awareness and advocate for responsible road use. We hope this partnership will not only support the physical journey but also encourage the ongoing dialogue on road safety with various stakeholders,” Nimusiima said. She added that the Joe Walker road safety campaign will raise awareness about road accidents on the Kampala-Fort Portal route and highlight responsible road use by emphasising the importance of safe driving practices, pedestrian awareness and respectful coexistence of various transportation modes.

Pearl Nimusiima (R) hands over the refereshments to Beyanga at the CCBU offices

Along the way, the campaign will also create opportunities for community involvement by engaging and educating various schools, taxi drivers, boda-boda riders, and community leaders on road safety usage.

Joseph Beyanga, Founder of the Joe Walker road safety campaign, lauded Coca Cola for joining them in an endeavor geared towards preserving the lives of Ugandans.

“We are incredibly grateful for Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda’s partnership and support. Their contribution of water and soft drinks goes beyond mere refreshment; it fuels our walkers’ journey and symbolises their shared commitment to creating safer roads for all,” Beyanga said.

Through the partnership with CCBU and other stakeholders including Tooro Kingdom, Jubilee Allianz, National Drug Authority and Nation Media Group, the Joe Walker Walk will make stops at Mityana, Kyakatebe, Kyenda, Lusalira, Kyegegwa, Matiri, and Mahangwe; where they will engage with the community.

In 2022, The Coca-Cola Company launched a Zero-is-Possible campaign to encourage and educate employees and the public on how to avoid road accident fatalities and create an environment of safety.

The campaign encourages employees to put safety at the forefront of all they do. With a fleet of 255 vehicles, CCBU motivates drivers to maintain road safety through a reward programme. In October last year the company was reocgnised at the Coca-Cola East African Franchise awards for having had 730 days without fatalities since the inception of the programme at its Rwenzori and Namanve plants, a great milestone for which the company received the prestigious safety award.

Uganda experiences a harrowing average of over 12 road fatalities daily, translating to 4,000 lives lost annually. The partnership between CCBU and Joe Walker aims to combat this reality, shaping responsible road behaviour.

With every mile walked and every voice raised, a target to reduce road traffic deaths by 50% by 2030, as declared by the UN General Assembly in September 2020, inches closer.

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Here Is Why VP Alupo, African Presidents Honored Mwalimu Nyerere With A Special Statue At AU Headquarters

Yesterday, African Heads of State alongside Uganda’s No.2 Maj. Jessica Alupo unveiled a special monument of former Tanzanian president Mwalimu Julius Nyerere at the African Union headquarters in Ethiopian capital-Addis Ababa.johnny manziel jersey blundstone uomo black stetson hat eastpak padded rucksack air jordan 1 element castelli gabba nike air jordan 1 elevate low erlich bademode casquette femme von dutch OSU Jerseys oregon football jerseys deuce vaughn jersey custom sublimated hockey jerseys College Football Jerseys custom youth hockey jerseys

The statue was specifically erected at the Julius Nyerere Peace and Security building.

According to Elias Magosi, the Executive Secretary of an economic bloc-SADC, the monument was done in honor of Nyerere who was one of the icons and founder of SADC and the continental module of African Union.

Magosi told Heads of State who turned up for the unveiling of the monument that Nyerere stood for peace, security and stability for development.

“Nyerere fought for freedom, unity and development. He was indeed a freedom fighter, peace builder, tireless mediator and beacon of leadership. This monument is therefore a notable and commendable gesture to keep alive the work of a (true) statesman” he told the presidents including Tanzanian president Samia Suluhu who stood alongside Uganda’s Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo. 

Workholic Alupo who is also Katakwi district woman MP, on Friday arrived in Addis Ababa to represent her boss Gen. Yoweri Museveni and she led Uganda’s delegation which included minister for foreign affairs Gen. Jeje Odongo and Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the AU also ambassador to Addis Ababa Rebecca Amuge Otengo.

Magosi said that Nyerere committed much of his country’s modest resources to support African freedom fighters to fight tyranny of dictators like Iddi Amin and also those who wanted to attain independence.

The African Heads of State have; since last week from February 14-18, been in Addis Ababa for the 37th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union.

The Summit was held under the  theme: ‘Educate an African fit for the 21st Century: Building resilient education systems for increased access to inclusive, lifelong, quality, and relevant learning in Africa’.

Several meetings including the 44th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council (Ministerial Session), 37th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly (Heads of State and Government Session) were held. Prior to the official opening of the 37th Heads of State Summit, H.E Alupo together with African heads of state also held a Mini-Summit on the peace and security situation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo with a view of finding a lasting solution so as to bring about stability in the region.

This region is home to various groups of negative forces fighting both DR Congo and Ugandan government and have caused a lot of havoc including killing of civilians, displacement of wanainchi and plunder of resources.

Meanwhile, VP Alupo in her closing remarks at the AU Summit, welcomed an offer by Algeria to host the next Ministerial meeting of the Committee of Ten (C10).

The C10 Africa Ministers of Finance and Central Bank governors was created during a meeting of ministers of finance and governors in Tunis in November 2008. This meeting which was sponsored by AfDB, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the AU Commission, was convened to assess the potential impacts of the then looming global financial and economic crisis on Africa and also to deliberate on the effective responses. The C10 comprises eight countries and two institutions including Algeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and Egypt. The two institutions include the Central Bank of West African States and the Central Bank of Central African States.

“I welcome Algeria’s offer to host the next Ministerial meeting of the C10” H.E Alupo told the AU Summit.

Hereto attached are the videos!

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PICTORIAL: VP Alupo, African Heads Of State Honor Dr. Nyerere With A Special Statue At AU Headquarters!

This morning, something momentous occured in the Ethiopian capital-Addis Ababa at the African Union headquarters!

The African Heads of State alongside our dear Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo, converged at Julius Nyerere Peace and Security building at the African Union headquarters and unveiled a special monument in honor of Dr. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

Nyerere is the pioneer president of Tanzania and is one of the strong icons of Africa.

At the unveiling function, several Heads of State attended among whom included William Ruto of Kenya, Mauel Goncalves Lorenco of Angola also Chairperson of SADC, Samia Suluhu of Tanzania and Hakainde Hichillema of Zambia.

We have got the pictures for you and here we go!

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African Heads Of State Discuss Situation In DR Congo Ahead Of Official Opening Of The 37th AU Ordinary Session 

Africa’s Heads of State have engaged in a closed-door sideline meeting in which they discussed the peace and security situation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Mini-Summit precedes the official opening of the 37th Ordinary Session of Assembly of the African Union, with the objective of Silencing the Guns in Africa by 2030. 

The meeting took place at the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Peace and Security auditorium at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.

The closed-door Mini Summit, was convened by Angolan president also AU Champion of Peace and Reconciliation in Africa João Manuel Goncalves Lorenco.

The mini summit on DR Congo aimed to finding lasting solutions to the peace, security and stability in the region. 

Uganda is being represented at the meeting by H.E the Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo, who is representing President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni also the AU Champion of Integration. 

Alupo is leading a delegation comprising the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gen. Odongo Jeje Abubakhar, and Uganda’s Ambassador to the African Union H.E Amb. Rebecca Amuge Otengo. Some of the president attending this important summit include South African President Cyril Rwamaphosa, Kenyan president William Ruto and Rwandese president Paul Kagame among others.

This Mini-Summit on DR Congo comes at a time when the mineral- rich country is involved in a intense fighting between national forces and M23 rebels operating in Eastern DR Congo. The same country is being used by negative forces such as ADF who are causing mayhem on Ugandans at the border districts of Kamwenge, Kasese and Bundibugyo. The fighting in that country has since displaced many people and left scores dead.

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