Opposition Youth University Leaders Defect To NRM

By Juma Nsubuga 

Over (20) young opposition leaders from various universities have today defected to NRM party.

These young opposition leaders from NUP, FDC and UYD have joined NRM  saying that NRM is the only reliable and accommodative political party with a  clear vision of transforming communities.

The team led by a one Roy Rugumayo was received by NRM secretary general Rt Hon Richard Todwong at the party (NRM) headquarters at plot 10  Kyadondo.

Todwong applauded young leaders for making a firm decision.

“These young people have made the best choice because NRM is the only reliable and accommodative political party in Uganda with a clear vision of transforming Ugandans” Rt Hon Todwong said adding that unlike in the opposition where members are in constant fights without a clear agenda, NRM under thet leadership of President Meseveni welcomes everyone willing to offer leadership skills in the fight against problems affecting the population (Ugandans).

He also pledged to mentor and advise young people to become strong cadres of the revolution.

He further tasked the converts to help  in the fight against poverty in rural areas since its a mandate of every person who needs this country.

” The population has a lot of confidence in you the young leaders because you are more educated and informed than them. I request you to go and provide them (population) with relevant knowledge to enable them fight poverty and support all government programs” He urged.

Todwong noted that the main challenge of NRM today is limited employment opportunities among the youth and poverty due to subsistence production and therefore urged the youth leaders to take up the responsibilities of sensitizing the population into joining wealth creation ventures like commercial agriculture and value addition among others.

He however, discouraged the youth living in Kampala and surrounding areas from endless search for the limited jobs but instead to use the growing population into the market to sell their ideas.

Todwong expressed concern over the rampant hate speech from the opposition with intent to inciting the population to sabotage government.

“This kind of politics is chaotic, distorts peace and may lead to instability within the communities” Rt Hon Todwong stressed

Meanwhile, Rugumayo the team leader reiterated that young people are so much ready to execute any assignment given to them by NRM party top leaders.

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Gen. Museveni Meets UPDF High Command, Discuss Security Situation In The Country Amid Storm In Parliament!

His Excellency, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has chaired a high level security meeting of the army’s top leadership-High Command.

The High Command, an equivalent of the Cabinet decides on key security matters and also makes the policy and operational decisions for the army.

This is the platform which the CiC Gen. Yoweri Museveni yesterday presided over at State House Entebbe. 

The purpose of the meeting was to review the security situation in the country and the operations of the UPDF in the region.

The meeting was attended by top UPDF leadership, including the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Deputy CDF Lt. Gen. Sam Okiding, Commander Land Forces Lt. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga, Reserve Force Commander Lt. Gen. Otema Awany, Commander Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles Okidi, and SFC Commander Maj. Gen. David Mugisha, Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso, among other service commanders and chiefs.

It was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, including Minister Jacob Oboth Oboth, State Ministers, Huda Oleru and Sarah Nyirabashitsi Mateke, and Permanent Secretary Rosette Byengoma. 

The meeting comes at a time when security is hunting down key parliamentarians, staff and officials from finance Ministry accused of orchestrating corruption in the country in which trillions of shillings might have been lost.

So far, three legislators including Cissy Namujju, Akamba Paul and Yusuf Mutembuli have been arrested and charged over corruption. They were taken to Luzira yesterday as more arrests are looming. The trio was netted on allegations of soliciting for a 20% budget cut from the chairperson Uganda Human Rights Commission Mariam Fauzat Wangadya whose entity is struggling due to insufficient funding. The legislators who sit on the budget committee therefore, found this as a great opportunity to allegedly ask for a 20% cut from the budget of the human rights watchdog in the event that it’s budget is enhanced by government through their influence. The charge sheet suggests that they brokered the deal at Hotel Africana unknowing that they were being recorded. The Head of State would later access those recordings and several other evidence pinning MPs and Staff. 

Meanwhile, watch this space for details of how one of the Parliament staff recently lost posh buildings allegedly to a side dish! The side dish is alleged to have changed the property into the names of the children leaving the horny Staff in tears! Jjajja Museveni and his men are said to be following up on this clue with a view establishing the source of the kawogo used to buy these multi-billion properties.

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Museveni Calls For Proper Land Documentation To Facilitate Investment, Wealth Creation 

President Museveni has observed the need for special attention given towards proper Land registration and land use planning.

He says this would facilitate investment and productivity as a basis for achieving industrialization and urbanization.

The Head of State noted that the current urbanisation and land use practices in Sub-Saharan Africa, with less than 10% of its land registered, indicates a process that needs considerable attention in terms of proper land registration and land use planning.

The president made the remarks in his speech read for him by H.E the Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo who represented him at a conference on promotion of successful governments and civil society organization partnerships in land governance at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Museveni said the developed countries in America, Europe and Asia have more than 80% of their lands registered and with less than 5% of their total populations living on agriculture and in rural areas. 

VP Alupo with participants at the conference

Museveni told participants that in Uganda, land is owned under the four tenure systems including Mailo, leasehold, freehold and customary systems with an estimated 30% of the land registered.

He said the country’s population has increased from a mere 6 million in 1962 to an estimated 45 million. Museveni noted that of the 45million Ugandans, 17% are in urban areas while 83% are on the rural land and not effectively utilizing it for production.

“The labour force in Uganda’s agricultural sector constitutes 73.3%; only 4.2% is in the Industrial sector and 22.5% in the Services sector compared to Industrialized countries like the United Kingdom where 1.4% of the labour force is in the agricultural sector; 18.2% in the industrial sector and 80.4% in the services sector. In the United States of America, 0.7% of the labour force is in the agricultural sector; 22.9% are in the industrial sector; and 76.4% of the labour force constitutes the services sector” he explained.

Museveni warned that Uganda’s land size shall not be enough for all people unless the country invests in industrialization and urbanization. 

He however, noted that our land governance interventions need to emulate the developed countries which moved from agrarian societies to industrious societies. The president said this would enable the country to also optimally utilize it’s land, while at the same time, protect the critical ecological systems from destruction and degradation. 

VP Alupo giving Museveni’s speech

“Primitive practices like land fragmentation must also be discouraged in favour of other alternatives of land consolidation. 

The NRM Government has long recognized the need for such land governance interventions in order to protect the land rights of Ugandans” Museveni explained adding that the NRM 10-Point Programme identified some of the problems arising out of the numerous land conflicts, injustices and tenure insecurity. 

He said since Uganda and other Sub Saharan countries have market driven economies, it is now important for land governance matters to guide all the stakeholders on ensuring that there is certainty of land ownership. Museveni said with this, citizens will be able to correctly and openly identify and recognize land owners and any other user rights that exist on the land at any one time and this would result in greater social cohesion.

“Our land governance interventions ought to ensure security of tenure through building and maintaining an open and transparent adjudication and mediation processes to reduce on the problem of overwhelming land cases which lock up land for investment” he said.

Lands PS Dorcus Okalany welcomes VP Alupo

The president said greater land security should in turn lead to greater productivity on the land and reduce on the land disputes and conflicts which give rise to expensive litigation. 

He also called for handling of land conflicts through mediation processes as opposed to litigation which he said many find to be expensive.

Museveni urged governments to be mindful of protecting their citizens from land evictions, which adversely affect the majority and most vulnerable categories of owners and users.

“These evictions cause untold socio-political instability, tenure insecurity and landlessness. Our Countries must work towards having vibrant land markets, which call for cheap, secure and effective systems for recording and transferring land under various tenure systems worldwide” he said.

The president said that Uganda’s policy to fight poverty through wealth creation is anchored on land, noting that other government initiatives can only succeed if the people’s land rights are assured and guaranteed.

He noted the vitality of the Land sector administrators to take a proactive and innovative approach in ensuring the optimal use of land.

Minister Judith Nabakooba interacts with VP Alupo as Okalany looks on

“Land and land use in the world is central to the actualization of the core values of human dignity, equality, equity and the advancement of human rights and fundamental freedoms” he said.

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Wanted Busoga MP ‘Flees’ As Security Hunt For Traitors In Parliament Intensifies, Borders On High Alert!

For now, Members of Parliament and Staff of Parliament on the security most-wanted list over fraud in this institution are said to have employed a tactic of going underground to evade arrest.

Their calculation according to Inspectors is to see what President Museveni and his investigators are going to do with the already caged legislators. Their alleged most interest in this is to see whether the caged legislators are going to be given bail and at what stage. This is when some of them are reportedly going to surrender themselves to the authorities.

One such a legislator alleged to be under security hunt is from Busoga and the legislator has allegedly switched off all contacts.

The legislator is said to have been among the top beneficiaries of Shs1.7trillion which investigators think was stolen from national coffers in the last two years alone.

The legislator is said to be part of the list of 12 legislators whom General Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni handed to CID director Maj. Tom Magambo as a starting point for the investigations. On the same list were a list of eight top staff of Parliament and seven unpatriotic officials in the Ministry for Finance, Planning and Economic Development. 

The list according to Inspectors was handed to Entebbe airport security to ensure no MP or staff on the secret red list leaves the country.

However, what wasn’t envisaged according to Inspectors is the fact that some members could use our porous borders to flee the country.

Inspectors now reveal that one of the legislators from Busoga who is on wanted list could have managed to vanish using the eastern front although the search continues within the country where the member is believed to be in hiding.

“All phones are off but the hunt is on for the member. What is clear is that none of the wanted members has managed to use Entebbe. Security is determined to help the President on this because this group seems to be sophisticated” explained an inspector.

We have been told that the wanted MPs and Parliament staff have allegedly employed a tactic of vanishing with a view of gauging President Museveni’s resolve on fighting corruption.

In their calculation the suspects want to see whether their colleagues already in police custody will be given bail.

Col. Stephen Basaliza

“How many days will they be in custody before getting this bail? Once they get to know this, then many of them will likely surface” explained an inspector.

It is stated that the reason Gen. Museveni wants action on these MPs and their partners in crime is because he wants to teach them a lesson but also to recover close to two trillion shillings that is said to have been stolen in the past two years.

“Some of the MPs and Staff are going to be used as state witnesses. The reason more are being arrested is to ensure that detectives get more statements so that all those involved are apprehended” explained an inspector.

President Museveni last week promised the nation that he was tired of thieves and he was going to prove his wrath to the gang terrorizing the national coffers.

We also reported yesterday that the head of State had allegedly okayed a plan to charge some of the MPs and Staff for treason especially those who participated in obtaining bribes from foreign countries to shoot down government’s interests in the Petroleum resources legislations. Museveni’s latest actions have earned him more support among wanainchi and his former UPM founders including Col. Stephen Basaliza alias Omuduumizi.

Omuduumizi who currently serves as a commissioner in Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) told this News site that the current wave of fighting corruption is a step in the right direction.

“Our people want services and these services can only reach them if we have all leaders playing their role. The funds that are allocated to deliver those services must therefore be properly accounted for. Otherwise, when we formed UPM under our leader YK Museveni, fighting corruption was top on our agenda. Therefore, no one should interfere with the process already set in motion” the bush war comrade who was also head of Anti-smuggling unit of URA told this News site when contacted.

Watch this space!

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State House Investors Protection Unit Hosts Delegation From United Kingdom

The State House Investors Protection Unit (SHIPU) Head Col. Edith Nakalema has hosted a delegation from the United Kingdom. The delegation was  led by Jaffer Kapasi OBE, the Consul General of Uganda to the Midlands.

The meeting took place at the unit’s offices in Kampala. 

The delegation included several investors who have made a mark in various sectors like construction. 

During the meeting, Col. Nakalema highlighted Uganda’s growing potential as an investment hub, driven by initiatives spearheaded by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Head of the SHIPU meeting the Uganda – UK Investment Delegation

Col. Nakalema said President Museveni’s visionary leadership and efforts have provided a conducive environment to attract both local and foreign investors in the country. 

Meanwhile, the investors who are already established in Uganda, expressed their enthusiasm about SHIPU’s new electronic investors protection portal, saying it will safeguard and promote investments in Uganda.

Kapasi said they are committed to enhancing their investments and he promised to invite more substantial investors to explore the vast opportunities in Uganda.

Head of the SHIPU meeting the Uganda – UK Investment Delegation
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“Shun Whoever Politicizes Gen. Museveni’s Youth Skilling Project”-Says State House Comptroller Jane Barekye

The State House Comptroller, Jane Barekye has clarified that the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl and Boy Child (PISGBC) project is non-partisan and it’s meant to benefit all needy Ugandans in Kampala city. 

“I really don’t think that any Ugandan should put politics in the skilling project because skilling is not sectarian. It is not based on any political affiliation or any religion. We skill every Ugandan, so whoever wants to put politics of sectarianism in skilling is a person who hates all the people of Uganda, and no one should follow them,” she cautioned.

Barekye made the remarks yesterday as students of Mutundwe Skilling Centre in Rubaga Division showcased their products ahead of their final exams at the centre. 

Similar functions have been taking place at the 8 skilling centres around Kampala, namely; Luzira, Wabigalo, Kigoowa, Kikoni, Wandegeya, Nakulabye, Mulago and the Subway skilling centre.

Barekye also hailed all parents and students of PISGBC for always loving and trusting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has provided an everlasting solution for the bright future of Ugandans. 

“I understand that difficult situations can sometimes lead young people to misbehave but we thank God that the President thought of a solution. This skilling initiative is transforming the lives of those who had lost hope,” she remarked.

The State House moneybags however, reminded the beneficiaries to be Ambassadors of the President’s project by working hard and maintaining discipline. 

“To all students who have completed their courses, remember that you are the President’s children wherever you go because he has provided you with these skills. Your good conduct will promote the skilling project of the President,” she pointed out.

Barekye requested parents to support, if possible, their children with some capital to start some enterprises in line with the skills they have acquired. 

She also thanked the Church leaders particularly Rev. Stephen Lumu for hosting the skilling project and pledged to increase the number of courses for boys since there is ample space at the facility.

(Left – right) Assistant Residence City Commissioner (RCC) Rubaga Division Kiyimba Vincent, The State House Comptroller Jane Barekye and the NRM Chairperson Rubaga Abdallah Kitatta filling the comfort of the Knitting outdoor Shade made by the Knitting class during the showcasing ceremony at the Presidential Initiative for Skilling the Girl/Boy Child Mutundwe centre in Kampala on the 10th June 2024. Photo by PPU/Tony Rujuta.

Meanwhile, Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Ms. Aminah Lukanga expressed gratitude for the impressive work done by the students at the centre. 

She encouraged everyone to be part of the project by purchasing products made by students of the nine skilling centres.

“I am very impressed by the work done by the girls and boys at all the nine skilling centres. As you can see, I am wearing a dress made by our students at the Subway Skilling Centre. This shows how much we are impressed, and I am already part of them, they have shoes, decorations, furniture and everything. Oh my God we have reached our top,” she said.

Special Presidential Assistant on Skilling and Education and Head of PISGBC project, Dr. Faith Mirembe Katana commended President Museveni for the initiative that has transformed the lives of the youth. 

“God should bless the President because he has truly done his best for these children whose lives have now improved,” she pointed out.

The State House Comptroller Jane Barekye in the presence of and the NRM Chairperson Rubaga Abdallah Kitatta admiring the Bakery class works during the showcasing ceremony at the Presidential Initiative for Skilling the Girl/Boy Child Mutundwe centre in Kampala on the 10th June 2024. Photo by PPU/Tony Rujuta.

According to the Administrator of Mutundwe Skilling Centre, Jane Nakitto, the centre offers courses in tailoring, knitting, embroidery, shoe making, hair dressing, bakery as well as catering. 

She added that 331 girls and 73 boys are ready to sit for their exams.

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Huge Panic In Parliament As Furious Gen. Museveni ‘Okays’ Treason Charges Against Treacherous MPs, Staff!

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, also President Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni is said to be in high spirits to see all those involved in the mind-boggling heist in Parliament face heaviest charges including treason where possible.

According to our Inspectors, the Head of State says the evidence of the alleged traitors is too much that, some of the traitors bordered on actions that are close to injuring the status quo in the State of Uganda.

“The evidence is too much. Ooooooh, these traitors, these traitors! They should be detained and prosecuted for grave cases. They conspired against the people of Uganda ” explained an inspector quoting Gen. Museveni as he gave instructions to his blue-eyed boy and CID boss Maj. Magambo to leave no stone unturned in this investigation.

The battle-hardened General from Rwakitura is said to have compared some of the actions by these MPs and Staff to LRA who wanted to overthrow a democratically elected government.

It should be recalled that during his state of the Nation address at Kololo, Museveni put Ugandans on notice that he was preparing a master piece detailing traitors whom he said he would crush mercilessly. He said he had a lot of evidence on corruption between Parliament and officials in the finance Ministry.

Now, as detectives under Maj. Tom Magambo (CID director) move on with their investigations against several MPs, staff of Parliament and officials in the Ministry of Finance, inspectors said security is studying the hair-raising evidence with a view of having the traitors face big charges with some going for trial on treason charges.

Already, the media is awash with stories of how three legislators have been caged by detectives. Although their cases aren’t yet express, media reports suggested that some of the suspects were involved in collecting bribes from foreign countries to shoot down government’s interests in the Petroleum resources legislations. It’s is therefore not surprising that the Head of State last Thursday refered to these amateurish politicians to traitors as they tried to help foreigners meddle into the Internal Affairs of Uganda. The current action by H.E the President has brought smiles on faces of Ugandans who have been crying for his action against alleged Parliament extravagance, insensitivity and high-handedness without any regard to transparency and accountability.

“In essence, President Museveni is now playing the role of oversight which Parliament is supposed to do. Instead of Parliament exposing government excesses, it is now vice versa. It’s a big score for him because people had lost hope” explained former Ambassador Maurice Peter Kagimu Kiwanuka. 

Museveni’s London-based private barrister Peter Magomu Mashate, also concurred with Ambassador Kagimu.

He told this News site that as NRM leader, Museveni had now proved that he was still stuck to the principles of Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) whose main aim was to fight corruption which even led to the end of UNLF Parliament-National Consultative Council (NCC).

“At the time, there was a lot of corruption in State House and by extension, NCC. That’s why Binaisa was over thrown because state House had turned into a clearing house. Patriots like YK Museveni said no, enough is enough, let’s form our own party UPM to rid this country of corruption” he explained adding that even when Milton Obote and Paulo Muwanga rigged the 1980 elections, UPM pursued it’s objective and went to the bush under NRA.

“It’s therefore, a big score for us as NRM and UPM founders to see that we’re still holding onto our initial principles of zero tolerance to corruption. This is the time all us must support H.E the President to clean the government so that people can get services! If we don’t do, even his flagship program of PDM is going to fail. These MPs will steal that money through fake Saccos and groups back in their constituencies” he said.

The current investigation comes following exposure of scandals of Parliament on social media in what was dubbed as “Parliament Corruption Exhibition”

So far according to media reports, three legislators including Cissy Namujju (Lwengo woman), Yusuf Mutembuli (Bunyole East) and Paul Akamba (Busiki) were grilled and detained by detectives. Some face charges of demanding for heavy bribes from accounting officers to budget budgets, others soliciting bribes from foreigners and others soliciting bribes to block merger of government agencies.


President Museveni on Thursday last week put his citizens on a classical moment associated with war (Standby Class One), informing the countrymen and women that they should watch out for his ‘master piece’ soon; detailing why a sinister agenda on the State of Uganda by some Foreigners is a ‘Dead on Arrival’ mission!

Ironically, according to the Head of State, these (unnamed) Foreigners are working with some individuals here whom he described as traitors. Museveni says these traitors are minting heavy bribes from these Foreigners trying to meddle into the Internal Affairs of Uganda.

The General from Rwakitura however, is confident that the foreigners and their traitors are simply flogging a dead horse as their actions are not a threat at all by all standards.

“The foreigners interfering in our internal affairs, are not a threat at all. I have written a piece, I will share with the Ugandans on that” Museveni promised, adding that there are some actors, that get bribes from foreigners to work for foreign interests. 

The president who was giving the State of the Nation address at Kololo ceremonial grounds, described those working with foreigners as being corrupt and traitors the reason the State is monitoring their activities.

“If they do not stop; and with evidence, we shall deal with them. As part of fighting corruption, it is crucial to save the amateurish political actors who come into politics without knowing that leading people does not mean carrying them on your head. It means that you show them the way” he angrily guided.

According to him, even as Foreigners try to sabotage, the real threats to Africa’s progress have been internal weaknesses such as undermining the Private sector citing Amin’s decision to expel Asians in 1972 as one of them, wrong concept of Army building, sectarianism, corruption among others. Watch this space!!

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Parliament Boss Ranny Ismail Speaks Out On Alleged Arrest At Mutukula Border With Shs1.85Bn By CID Operatives


Ranny Ismail, the a Director in the Office of Government Chief Whip has refuted social media claims that she has been arrested by CID operatives as she allegedly tried to flee the country.

According to her, reports that she was arrested as she tried to flee the country are false and only aimed at shooting down a government-funded regional workshop going on in Mbale.

In one of the social media posts, it is alleged that Ranny was netted by CID operatives at Mutukula border as she allegedly tried to flee the country with a sack of cash totaling to USD500,000 or about 1.85bn shillings.

We have also learnt this allegation of her alleged arrest has already unsettled Langis where Ranny Ismail is married to one of their cultural leaders and ambassador Dickson Ogwang Awitong.

“How true is this report? We’re not happy seeing Imat Min Odi (Ranny Ismail) being arrested like this. We are not happy as Lango about Mama’s arrest if its true” one of the concerned Langis posted after rumors of Ranny’s alleged arrest.

However, Ranny informed our inspectors that the post was fake as hasn’t been arrested by anyone, neither has she tried to flee the country.

Ranny emphasized that she was a very free person and was on her way to Mbale to attend a regional government-funded workshop for NRM leaders in Mbale.

The workshop has been organized under the Eastern region NRM regional Whip. The workshop according to details we ably obtained is being attended by a list of CAOs, DISOs, RDCs, RISOs and legislators. The list of participants totals to 300 in number.

Now, with Ranny being the one in charge of organizing these meetings, it is claimed the post was simply meant to shoot down the regional meeting.

“The office of the Government Chief Whip is handling a four day workshop in Mbale. This workshop is under the office of the Leader of Government Business. 

The workshop, has more than 300 participants” Ranny said when contacted for a comment.

Ranny Ismail at a cultural function in

Asked whether she had indeed been summoned by CID operatives, she said nothing of such an act had happened to her. She also denied any alleged attempts by her to allegedly flee the country.

“Not at all. I am not in that category. 

This post is false. They are shooting down the workshop in Mbale” she said.

This comes at a time when reports have emerged that President Museveni has directed the Director Criminal Investigations Department Maj. Tom Magambo to commence an intense investigation into allegations of corruption involving some MPs and staff.

Maj. Magambo is an Israeli trained intelligence operative; one of whom Gen. Museveni greatly relies on especially on investigating corruption involving senior government bosses. He’s the man behind the recent arrest and prosecution of Ministers involved in Mabaati theft which has since forced UK and US to sanction some of those named.

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VP Alupo Cautions Assistant RDCs Against Involving Themselves In Corruption, Petty Politics


Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo has cautioned newly passed out Assistant RDCs/RCCs against involving themselves in muddy waters of corruption and local politics in their areas of posting.

“As you go out watch out and steer clear of the cancer of corruption; parochial politics; do not involve yourself in unnecessary controversies” she counseled adding that the assistant RDCs must aim at serving the common good and also keep themselves updated on current affairs at National, Regional and Global level.

Alupo made the remarks as she closed the two-week induction training for the newly appointed Assistant Resident District Commissioners (ARDCs) and Assistant Resident City Commissioners at the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi.

VP Alupo, PM Nabbanja, Min. Babalanda in a group photo with the assistant RDCs

She lectured to them that cadreship is about deep understanding of issues; being able to articulate them and most importantly being able to walk the talk.

“You must now be able to discern the enemy forces and the rightly allies of Uganda’s Revolution but above all, you are now armed with the true knowledge of the correct answers to our problems,” she said.

She told the newly appointed NRM cadres that they have now become part of the problem solvers and not problem causers.


The lady from Katakwi reminded them of their duty to fully understand Uganda’s journey to the level it is now.
Alupo noted that since 1986; when the NRM took power, the country has experienced momentous strides.

She emphasized that commencing with the early 1990’s, Uganda entered the phase of expansion and rapid growth, including the consolidation of the Democratic and Constitutional order.

Alupo told the NRM cadres that economic sectors have since multiplied from the Colonial 3Cs and 3Ts that’s: Coffee, Cotton and Copper; Tobacco, Tea and Tourism now to more areas of production such as Sugar, Palm Oil, Livestock – mainly Milk Production among others not forgetting a vibrant service sector and a robust Industrial sector.

VP Alupo dissecting NRM issues to the assistant RDCs

She noted that the social services and
Human Development sectors have expanded in leaps and bounds courtesy of embracing of Universal Health Care, Universal Primary and Secondary Education and unprecedented expansion of University Education.
Wearing a smiling face, gorgeous Alupo tipped them that other areas that have experienced remarkable expansion include; physical infrastructure in terms of Roads Network, Electricity and Safe water coverage.

The VP reminded the Assistant RDCs and RCCs, that Uganda is now entering a phase of real economic take off, with very Revolutionary Programs such as the
Parish Development Model that strives to emancipate all households from low income bracket.

The assistant RDCs listening to Alupo’s words of wisdom

The function was attended by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Presidency Minister Milly Babalanda, Brig. Kisembo Charles (NALI director).

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What Museveni, Ukrainian Ambassador Discussed In A Meeting At State House!

President Museveni and Ukrainian Ambassador to Uganda Andrii Pravednyk, held a meeting at State House yesterday.
The Embassy of Ukraine stationed in Kenya, is also responsible for areas of including Burundi, Malawi, Union of Comoros Islands, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.
State House says, during the meeting, Museveni and his visitor Amb. Pravednyk engaged in fruitful discussions, addressing various areas of mutual interest such as economic cooperation, trade relations, and security.
The courtesy call underscored the commitment of both Uganda and Ukraine to strengthening their diplomatic ties and exploring new avenues for collaboration.

Ukrainian ambassador to Kenya H.E Andrii Pravednyk together with his delegation in a meeting with President Museveni at State house in Entebbe on 7th June 2024.
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