Security Advises Gen. Museveni To Dump Idea Of Naming Elected MPs To Cabinet, Opt For Non-MPs To Steer Bugisu Vote

Hajji Hassan Ggaliwango


By John Taylor Imumet

As the move to name a new cabinet takes shape within the political Intelligence of the ruling party, chairman Yoweri Museveni has been advised to consider naming non-MPs to the new cabinet especially in Bugisu sub-region.

We can reliably report that security is advising that the elected legislators including ministers in Bugisu and other regions are not marketing the president but are only concentrating on their survival in the next election.

With the current storm involving two embattled ministers from Bugisu over allegations of stealing iron sheets meant for underprivileged people of Karamoja, it has been reported that security now wants the president to try non-legislators who will personally work for the president.

“This scandal has shown that the ministers who are MPs are only minding about their survival. Can you believe that even the iron sheets which were taken to Bugisu were being marketed as individual items not those from the president? This shows something is wrong and we need to change strategy when it comes to delivery of items from government to the people” an inspector said.

We’re told whereas Museveni is bitter with the theft, matters have been worsened when Intelligence discovered that the embattled ministers didn’t even mention the name of the president in places where these sheets were ‘donated’.

“This means the president needs to have his own people to deliver his message. He needs those who aren’t MPs because they will be working for his survival not their electoral fortune” an inspector added.

For example, in the run up to the Constituency Assembly, James Wapakabulo stood for CA delegate for Mbale Municipality. However, he was thumped by Justice George Masika for the seat. Upon losing, Wapa became depressed for the loss.

Museveni learnt from Veterinary Dr. Thomas Kiryapawo of the state of affairs pertaining to Wapakabulo and out of their consultations, Museveni sent for Wapakabulo through Kiryapawo.
“Wapa is there feeling depressed having lost. I think the only person who can help us steer this CA process is him. Why don’t you bring him and make him CA speaker?” Inspectors quoted Kiryapawo (RIP) as telling Museveni then.

The president eventually asked his comrade Kiryapawo to bring Wapakabulo (RIP) and that’s how he finally became speaker of CA and served Museveni with total loyalty unlike these Mabaati ministers!

From here, Museveni never looked back on his relationship with Wapakabulo as he eventually named him to cabinet until he died.
Another member was Hajji Hassan Ggaliwango. He stood several times for Mbale Municipality but was defeated even when he was NRM flag bearer. However, Museveni got to know Ggaliwango’s potential after posting him to NRM secretariat as a Director finance and administration where he excellently worked before being posted to Nairobi as ambassador. He has since died three months ago leaving a legacy of a good performer.

Another member was James Mutende who was also NRM flag bearer Mbale Municipality but was terribly thumped by Jack Wamanga. However, Museveni went ahead and posted him as state minister for industry. It is said that his legacy in Bugisu is mainly the Mbale industrial park which has partly enabled NRM to have some votes in the city.

“As you can see, all these weren’t elected MPs but they left a mark because they didn’t have political baggage of voters but direct loyalty to the president. This is exactly CiC should try again since elected MPs have proved to be a liability and subversive as the Mabaati demonstrates” an inspector said.

Meanwhile, the vetting process for new cabinet nominees include Irene Muloni (Bulambuli woman MP), Peter Magomu Mashate (London Barrister/NRM Diaspora League SG, Sarah Netelesire (Woman MP Namisindwa) and John Musila (MP Bubulo East).

Watch this space!

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