Is Rt. Hon. Kadaga Finally Quitting Top NRM CEC Post And Kamuli Woman MP Seat?

Rt.Hon. Kadaga and Alupo in Kamuli

Over the weekend, something happened in Busoga sub-region. 1st deputy prime minister also minister for East African Community Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga hosted the Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo to her Kamuli district to preside over the belated Women’s Day celebrations for Kamuli. It was a busy day in the area for the two principals as Alupo was also in Luuka district for another function of Muslims. While in Kamuli, there were two red carpets, one for the vice president and another for Kadaga although they both sat with a small distance in-between.

Issues of discussion ranged from improving social services to the district and Alupo crowned the fete by donating Shs30m to the women leaders in Kamuli to boost their income generating activities. Alupo also asked them to embrace the PDM program.
This function took place barely a week after a similar one where the speaker had allegedly been invited also in Kamuli by one of the area MPs who was a Kadaga fanatic but has since changed allegiance!

The speaker didn’t attend but someone represented her.
Inspectors revealed that something secretive is allegedly about to explode between the three principals Alupo, Among and Kadaga!
To begin with according to Inspectors, Kadaga has all along been referred to as ‘Maama Busoga’ for the 20years she has been in the speakership position. However, we’re told she recently earned herself a new political threat when rumors started doing rounds that Among wanted to scoop her ‘tittle of Maama Busoga’ now that she’s happily married to Omusoga Moses Magogo, MP Budiope East in Buyende district. Inspectors revealed that Kadaga’s camp allegedly became more suspicious when Among stormed Buyende and donated some health equipments there and this sparked rumors that she was eyeing Buyende district woman MP seat now that she’s married to a Buyende son. Among added more salt to the meal by meeting the Kyabazinga and ably knelt before him as a sign of total assimilation and acceptance of the Kisoga culture. When the rumors gained more weight, Among came out to clarify that she is woman MP for Bukedea not Buyende district!

It should be recalled that this show of influence in Busoga was first tried by state minister Persis Namuganza who wanted to dislodge Kadaga from NRM CEC as second National Vice chairperson representing Women. However, Kadaga thumped her although Inspectors now suggest that the two former foes have since normalized relations.

Rumors however, continue to make rounds claiming that Rt. Hon. Among may one day take a shot at Buyende and in effect launch a serious onslaught against Rt. Hon. Kadaga’s influence in the subregion. In fact, some anti-Kadaga MPs secretly now refer to Among as ‘Maama Busoga’ ever since she married one of their own.
At the time of electing speaker in 2021, Among supporters were also not hostile to Jacob Lokori Oulanyah who faced a stiff competition from Kadaga who wanted to retain her seat as speaker. We’re told when Oulanyah died, Kadaga consulted Gen. Museveni on her intention to return to the ring but Mzee advised her not to stand again and left Among to carry the day resoundingly!


Inspectors revealed that having gone through a rigorous political test occasioned on her by Namuganza, Rt. Hon. Kadaga is seriously being advised to change course. Not that she is leaving NRM CEC politics, but she needs to get a less competitive position and leaves that of National Vice chairperson (Women) which is said to be highly competitive yet elections are merely one and a half years away!

As such, in order to reduce on pressure given her advanced age (Maama Kadaga will be 70+years by 2025), she will now have to sit on CEC as NRM vice chairperson Eastern region representing the Elderly thereby leaving the current position to a youthful and energetic person.
Not only will she change position in CEC, but we’re also told Kadaga maybe considering quitting the Kamuli district woman MP seat and she is heading to Kamuli municipality MP seat.
In spite of her advanced age, Kadaga we’re told has already tested the political waters in the municipality and her camp is pretty sure that she will make it.

“Not only NRM people want her but also the opposition want her. If she comes, she will win resoundingly in the municipality” says an Inspector.
In the meantime, Kamuli woman MP seat won’t fall to an intruder. We’re told Kadaga’s camp is preparing minister for the presidency Milly Babalanda to contest as Kamuli woman MP with full backing of Rt. Hon. Kadaga!

Min. Milly Babalanda

We’re told Babalanda is Kadaga’s product having brought her as a mobiliser and later lobbied for her to become an RDC before she won Gen. Museveni’s heart to become head of NRM Office of the National Chairman at Kyambogo and now minister!
“Milly is being considered to replace Kadaga in Kamuli. She respects her as her mentor and Kadaga feels comfortable working with her in whatever position she will get in Kamuli” says an Inspector adding that soon, Busoga is going to see a lot of visibility by Babalanda in the sub-region.

With this calculation, Inspectors said Kadaga will now have less stress going through a national campaign and also a whole district campaign given her age.
In case Kadaga finally endorses (and most likely) the two projects (Kamuli municipality and Elderly position) this means the position she currently occupies in CEC will fall vacant. This is now where real politics is!

Inspectors said for now, two people are seen as the possible successors to Kadaga and secret lobbying for her support and networking is calendestinely taking shape.
Vice President Jessica Alupo according to Kadaga’s camp is favored to replace their person in case she chooses to quit, but at the same time, speaker Anita Among as speaker, would want to sit on NRM CEC!
It should be recalled that even fallen speaker Jacob Lokori Oulanyah struggled a lot to become NRM CEC member just as Kadaga did. He finally became the NRM vice chairperson for Northern region.

With this precedence already set, it’s only natural that speaker Among and her camp is also allegedly keeping an eye on the seat with or without Kadaga accepting to quit the post. The other likely position is that NRM vice chairperson-Eastern currently under Mike Mukula with whom they work together!
We’re told Kadaga is likely to continue moving around the country with vice president attending most of her functions and somehow, this will enable her introduce her to her network and also build confidence in the electorate that Alupo is capable and loyal; ready to be guided by elders!
As for Anita Among, she is also expected to start parliamentary outreach programs visiting constituencies of MPs and in that way, she will be reaching out to the voters ahead of the anticipated showdown in 2025!

PM Nabbanja at a function in Luweero

However, as the plans go on, even premier Robinah Nabbanja known for being a native mobilizer is allegedly watching the CEC ball although Inspectors said she might be appointed directly by the president to CEC like he did to the Huda Olerus!


She’s a distinguished lawyer and business lady. She has been woman MP for Kamuli from the time Museveni started elective politics in Uganda. She has been deputy speaker for 10 years and speaker for 10years also. She has also been NRM second national vice chairperson since 2005 having defeated Zoe Bakoko Bakoru who was being backed by Gen. Moses Ali. She’s currently a minister and has seen many top politicians in Busoga rise and fall terribly given her influence in the sub-region.

It was stated that the Ali’s put up a fight for Bakoko to be named so, but a combative Kadaga told the president that her Basoga having voted overwhelmingly for the movement and left Reform Agenda, it was only fair for Museveni to reward them with a post in NRM top leadership. “Now, what do you want me to tell the Basoga? That they voted you but you didn’t recognize their people?” Kadaga is said to have told the president. And because the north had voted Kizza Besigye, the Moses Ali’s had no more case to defend their request and that’s how Museveni settled for Kadaga as second national vice chairperson of NRM to date! She’s credited for having been the one who helped Museveni on thwarting former premier John Patrick Amama Mbabazi when he wanted to dislodge him.

VP Alupo with her Visionary Women group

She’s a retired military officer specializing in Intelligence/spying.

She has represented Katakwi district for now the third time and has raisen through the ranks from being a back bench MP, vice chairperson of defence committee, state minister for youths, minister for education and sports and now vice president or Number 2 of the country. She has a honorary doctorate and also a masters in international relations/diplomacy.

Her performance at international level where she represents H.E Gen. Yoweri Museveni is rated highly within the corridors of power.

Rt. Hon. Anita Among

She’s a distinguished lawyer and business lady. She joined NRM officially in 2021 although she had been associating with it in the last term of parliament. She was also a vice chairperson of COSASE before being elected as deputy speaker of parliament in 2021 and later full speaker in 2022 year after the demise of Jacob Lokori Oulanyah.
She has shown her ability to steer the house and emboldened it on its fight against immorality especially homosexuality and corruption.

PM Nabbanja at a function in Luweero

Her stance on homosexuality has also made her a darling to Gen. Museveni who’s vehemently opposed to this vice. She’s next to Alupo as the country’s number 3.

Speaker Among with Busoga MPs led by Solomon Silwanyi

Watch this space!!

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