REVEALED: Why Tycoon Was Buried In Cemetery & Not Masaka Ancestral Home

RIP_ Tycoon BMK

Hotel Africana tycoon Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige aka BMK life’s journey permanently ended Sunday when he was laid to rest at the Muslim cemetery in Nkoowe, Wakiso district.

Leaving behind a legacy of hard work, selflessness and inspirational entrepreneurship, BMK was mourned by multitudes that included the high and mighty of this country. President Museveni, deputy speaker Betty Among, among others, eulogized the fallen tycoon and like everyone else, bemoaned the loss his demise has permanently bestowed upon this developing nation that still badly needed him.

Born at Matanga, Kaddugala in Masaka district, BMK would ideally have been buried at his ancestral home as per Kiganda custom.

However, he chose to be buried at the Nkoowe Muslim Cemetery, joining his mother and daughter Sarah Muwanga whom he had already buried there.

Addressing mourners at Nkoowe, Sheikh Umaru Yusuf, the deputy imam of Masjid Musa Mosque at Hotel Africana, told mourners that BMK would ideally have been buried at his ancestral grounds but his generosity made him get buried in a cemetery.

Yusuf narrated that BMK’s change of burial site began in 2005 when the tycoon lost his son named Musa in an accident in Canada.

The son burnt to ashes in the car and BMK was compensated heavily by the Canadian government. 

In so much grief, BMK consulted with Muslim Sheikhs and imams who then advised him to invest the money in Dawa (a muslim act that results into eternal blessing to the doer; usually aimed at strengthening Islam).

It is upon this that BMK decided to use the money to build a mosque at Hotel Africana.

The mosque was named Masjid Musa, in memory of his son. He then used the balance to buy 17 acres of land in Nkoowe. Of this land, he dedicated 16.5 acres to the Muslim community to act as a burial ground.

Meanwhile, the 0.5 acres were reserved as burial ground for him and his relatives who would choose not to be buried at the family’s ancestral home in Matanga, Masaka, where his father Ali Kibirige was buried.

Sources say that on top of choosing the burial ground in memory of his son, BMK also wanted to enjoy the benefits of Muslims being buried amongst fellow Muslims. A source told us that such burial has an Islamic reward that will be earned on judgment day.

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