Queen Masolo Bad Black shocks fans with Strange Desire Luzinda Proposal

Bad Black

Proud man-eater Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias Masolo Queen has made a divine proposal to god to grant her favour and mercy He bestowed upon former Kitone queen desire Luzinda.


In a fervent plea on her Facebook wall, Victoria University Brand Ambassador Bad Black marveled at the amazing transformation singer and former city ‘Chewee’ Desire has undergone ever since she quit the Kampala social scene a few years ago.

According to Bad Black, Desire’s fortunes can only be attributed to divine favor — a thing that has eluded her (Black) to date; despite trying hard for a transformation.

Black admits that just like Desire then, she has swallowed several men, conned many souls and done all sorts of dirty deals but the vices have stuck with her despite repeatedly praying for a spiritual renewal every single day.

Black says that the same vices even took her to prison, which would have been the ultimate motivation for her to discard them once and for all. She adds that she even tried to build a church and get saved but she seems to backslide every single day. She thus pleads with God to strengthen her in a renewal and transformation just like He has done to Desire who is completely a reborn person.

It should be noted that at the height of her singing powers, former WBS TV presenter Desire Luzinda gained notoriety as one of the sweetest ‘fast snacks’ for a host of loaded city tycoons including microscopic whopper king Lwasa, a one Uncle Ben among others. Incidentally, all those that dipped into Desire’s nether waters praised her for having ‘paid her water bills at birth’, as well as owning an extremely ‘sugary Thighland plot’. However, all this kiss-and-tell crap seems to be behind Mama Michelle, who has since undergone complete metamorphosis from Kampala’s sugar candy to a respectable medic, gospel artiste and devoted mother to her now adult daughter.

Luckily, Desire will now be happy to know that her evolution is a powerful inspirational story to many slay queens. It even gets better if among those inspired is the original Masolo queen herself, as evidenced in this groveling wish: “Katonda eyalokola Desire Luzinda kyalako ewange mberra ki eyamufula omubulizi we njiri nga nange mboonye boonye nyo ne mukomera natukaa, omwenge nywera ndala, obufere mbukoze buli kimu naye ndokoka buli lunaku oba naguuba nyo ebizibu si kyabiwulira nyamba ate bible gimanyi naye sitani oba asula mitwetwe

Imagine desire with all that naye nze i also want to settle nsilike.”

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