Gen. Museveni’s Blue-eyed Boy Kefa Mafumo Asks Bamasaaba to Invest in Education

By Emmah Bwayo

Parents in Bugisu have been asked to prioritize education if the sub-region is to achieve the highly anticipated regional balance and development.

The call was made by Kefa Mafumo the Assistant Private Secretary to Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.
“There must be a deliberate move by all parents to sacrifice the little they have and invest in the education of their children. This is the only way we can think of securing their future. They will be able to favorably compete with others from other regions for any top job openings” a vertically challenged Mafumo told this news site.

The former Manafwa District Youth Chair explains that Bugisu has historically been pivotal in Uganda’s development with many of its sons and daughters having contributed to the nation simply because the great grand parents educated many of their children.
“It is only these days when you find school age going children seated at home during school time. We cannot have any other explanation because there is free education at all levels” he said.

Magumo cited UPE which came to answer challenges at primary school level, USE for secondary education and the Students Loan Scheme which helps students without tuition to pursue their higher education at university level.

“Don’t forget, there’s also the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl child. These are all deliberate efforts to improve on literacy levels in the country. We must therefore have no excuse as parents in Bugisu not to educate our children” he said.

Mafumo also asked school going children to concentrate and understand the value of education emphasizing that they should not be swept by luxurious life and unnecessary competitions from peers.

Schools in Uganda were officially opened on Monday 05th September for third term amidst cries from parents over economic hardships.
Bugisu has had many of its sons and daughters serving in various capacities. Some of them include Prof. Dan Nabudere, Maumbe Mukhwana, Eng. Irene Muloni, Kafabusa Werikhe, Magode Ikuya, Simon Mulongo, Kamana Wesonge, Nandala Mafabi among others.

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