M7 ‘Minister’ Jesca Eriyo Rots in Mulago, Cries For Help

She was one of the bootyful creatures in parliament and President Museveni’s cabinet. Not only was she in those positions, but also in the records of the East African Community, her name rings a bell among many who care to follow the affairs of the regional association having worked there as the Deputy Secretary General.

Locally, during her stay in the 7th parliament, she was among the movement MPs who worked hard to have president Museveni secure an opportunity to run for a third time after amending the constitution to lift the term limits.
This is hon. Jessica Eriyo, the former woman MP for Adjumani district. She had ruled this district for two terms before her namesake Jessica Ababiku launched a successful onslaught against her in 2011 and kicked her out of Adjumani politics.

Now, the latest our Inspectors have gathered is that the hitherto black beauty, is now fighting for her life in the Mulago cancer institute with many of her internal organs allegedly rotting. Ironically, Inspectors revealed, she’s running a dry account and for now, all things have been left on the mercy of God unless president Museveni and his government render a hand.

Jesca Eriyo before she fell sick

Inspectors suggested that, Eriyo was sometime back in India for medical attention and that she got some relief following that operation. But it seems while there, she forgot to secure a signed agreement with the disease so that it doesn’t attack her again. The disease we are told has resurfaced it’s ugly face striking her like thunder. She is now reported to be living helpless and only hopes that it is only Indian hospitals that can secure her future!

“Pointers are that some organs not previously affected are now looking suspicious and her health is not good. She could go back to the hospital she was in India but as you know, the situation we are in, we are all struggling, but when one is in bad health, it is worse” an inspector revealed.

Jacklin Kyatuhaire

According to Inspectors, Jessica and family had tried to keep it a secret trying to push on their own thinking they could manage on their own, but waapi.

“From the look of things, it is even going to be more than the period Chemo (nickname) had expected. Jessica is trying to be strong but the sooner she gets out of here to see her specialized doctors, the more chances of her pushing on as a healthy person” an inspector added.

We have established that the former minister has been a regular visitor to Mulago cancer institute where she’s been on and off. However, according to Inspectors, she’s been readmitted to Mulago cancer institute with her internal organs’ environment deeply degraded.

“Our sister Jessica Eriyo is a fighter who has gone through a lot and had gotten better following prolonged and repeated medical attention in India. As we talk, she’s not doing well and is readmitted at the cancer institute private ward 5th floor room 4” an inspector raised an alarm.

Indeed the pictures obtained by this news site indicates that the former beauty from the land of Lugbara in West Nile is doing badly with her skin complexion looking pale and eyes turning reddish.
“Jessica is a true black beauty but this time round, she is turning dark. It’s a serious situation which those in power must reflect on and come to her rescue” an inspector said.


We have learnt that former MPs under their association coded as Parliamentary Association of Uganda and led by former Kanungu woman MP Jacklin Kyatuhaire are making secret mobilization to raise some coins to help their former colleague.
However, although they are doing this, the members we are told are bitter with government for not taking care of its cadres yet they work a lot to sustain the system.

“This is betrayal of the highest order for government not to come in and assist. In 2014, even the president met former MPs at Serena and decorated them with Golden medals. He promised akasiimo (token of appreciation) to us but to date, nothing. We have realized he promised carbon dioxide” an inspector ranted.

Eriyo hails from the same area as the deputy leader of government business in parliament Gen. Moses Ali. However, it seems Ali hasn’t stepped in yet to highlight the plight of his ‘villagemate’ for government to step in. And yet, according to Inspectors, when Ali lost elections in 2006 he fell sick and had nowhere to run to. We are informed his plight was only highlighted to the president by 7th house MPs who had lost elections but formed an association called NALECO.

“The former MPs under NALECO bailed him out when he was sick. NALECO talked to the president through former PPS Amelia Kyambadde and he was flown abroad but now as PM, he should step in. It appears of late when former MPs come back to mainstream forget very fast. Let Gen. Ali also step in” an inspector said revealing the mood among former MPs mainly those of 3rd term.

We have been informed that most former legislators are actually struggling. They are bitter that government tends to neglect it’s cadres and come in hurriedly when it comes to the opposition.
“If it was the opposition, they would rush. Even in appointments, they rush to place and please them. It’s sad how the system can neglect it’s cadres” an inspector ranted.


Inspectors revealed that Eriyo in one of the cabinet meetings before 2011, she threw cabinet into rib-breaking laughter after she narrated a strange ordeal. Apparently, Eriyo every time she made trips back home, she reportedly came across huge snakes. Her car would knock them along Karuma-Pacwach road. So worried about this incident which kept reoccurring, Eriyo brought it to the attention of colleagues fearing that maybe someone was trying to bewitch her to get accident.

“Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, I really don’t know what is happening to me. I fear for my life. It seems someone doesn’t want me around. Why is it that every time I go back home my car knocks snakes. It is happening for the fourth time now and I am begining to get worried” an inspector quoted Eriyo as telling cabinet after raising on a matter of ‘personal importance’.

This statement we are told threw her colleagues into untold laughter but more ministers chipped in with other strange revelations related to juju scare among ministers.
One minister reportedly told their colleagues that among them was a female colleague who had a huge snake in her bag and she was moving with it.

“The colleague carries two bags one with her makeup and another carrying that serpent. She uses it to win elections and also keep in cabinet” and inspector added but the PM Apollo Robinson Nsibambi had to bring the debate to an end.
Some ministers however, told a scary Eriyo that the time she passes that stretch is time for animals and serpents to cross the road since the road is situate in a game park.

Back in Kampala metropolitan, Eriyo is remembered to have fought hard to save Lubigi water catchment swamp from being destroyed. She even stormed the place and evicted a popular witch doctor called Bbemba Musota who had a man-made lake around Lubigi. She led a team from NEMA and destroyed the shrine and other human activities that were taking place in the swamp.

Ironically, after her cabinet loss, her efforts were murdered by mafia who have since filled up the swamp turning it into a washing bay, taxi park and worse still, even police has established a permanent police station in the same swamp its own officers fought alongside Eriyo to save. Watch the space!!

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