Gen. Museveni Alters New Cabinet Lineup Over OPM Theft Scandal As Opposition Giants Set To Eat Big!

Gen. Museveni to fire all thieving ministers
Gen. Museveni to fire all thieving ministers

The ongoing mess at the Office of Prime Minister is said to have done a big blow to the appointing authority who has now decided to redesign his cabinet lineup. Museveni, we’re told had safely done much of the work on the lineup during his stay in Rwakitura recently wherein, he had decided to give the current cabinet more one and a half years of service and planned to make changes in late 2024! However, with several ministers said to have soiled themselves in the nasty saga of Karamoja iron sheets orchestrated by the ministry for Karamoja affairs, the CiC is said to be making fresh changes. In the planned changes, many heads are going to fall and prosecution done on individuals. He is now said to be on a hunting spree for figures among opposition and some trusted Senior Presidential Advisors to be appointed.

Yesterday, this news site broke news that CiC had ordered a multiagency investigation into the saga and a report is badly needed. The questions for investigation we also published them! We promise to deliver on this report as soon as our Inspectors land on it! What is at stake now?


In 2010, President Museveni chaired a NEC meeting at State House-Entebbe. In that meeting according to Inspectors who attended it, the head of state was crestfallen. Apparently, the man from Rwakitura was not happy with the way his ministers were managing state affairs. The ministers were corrupt!

We’re told Museveni made the statement in relation to the OPM scandal in which barren seeds and plastic pangas were allegedly supplied by his ministers in OPM to the people of northern and eastern Uganda.
These regions had been hit by drought causing people like in Teso to resort to eating insects and wild leaves. At the center of this saga was then minister for disaster preparedness Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere who accused Itesots of being lazy and drunkards, a lifestyle that he said had caused famine in the region.

PM Robinah Nabbanja who confirmed investigations while at a recent marathon
PM Robinah Nabbanja who confirmed investigations while at a recent marathon

His statement attracted rhetoric from area MPs led by Amuriat Oboi and some of them like Jaff Egunyu Akiror (woman Kumi) cried in that meeting while cursing Kabwegyere.
In the subsequent cabinet lineup, Kabwegyere lost his cabinet seat and MP seat while Egunyu was appointed as state minister for Teso affairs. The issue of famine never resurfaced!
Around the same kisanja (8th parliament), Museveni faced hard times managing scandals by his top ministers who handled Chogm and also the Temangalo gate scandal which nearly took his then powerful minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi!

Therefore, while in NEC meeting at Entebbe, Inspectors said Gen. Museveni expressed bitterness about his own people letting him down in relation to service delivery.
“I have been let down by all generations. I have tried all the old people, they have let me down. I turned to the youth, who have also let me down” Museveni was quoted as confiding in his group.
Inspectors said following this situation, Museveni decided to headhunt women who were balokole and posted them to key areas he thought he badly needed reforms! Among them were Jenifer Semakula Musisi (posted to KCCA) and Allen Kagina (URA/UNRA).

Karamoja minister Goreti Maria Kitutu
Karamoja minister Goreti Maria Kitutu

However, five years down the road, Museveni was back to square one as he accused Musisi of having messed up his vote in Kampala leading to his poll loss in Kampala in 2016!
None the less, he kept her for a few years ahead hoping to get miracles in service delivery but waapi!

Musisi was eventually ditched and to prove how she was dreaded, all her legacy was destroyed!
The City Carnival queen has had all her structures (buildings) razed down by the new KCCA administration led by E.D Ms Dorothy Kisaka and not even the green belt she left behind has been spared!
In what seemed to be a total de-Musisization of Kampala, even the KCCA law enforcement uniform was changed from Yellow to now Blue.

“Intelligence told Mzee that the Yellow uniform was associated with cruelty, ruthlessness and crime. People hated KCCA. That’s why the uniform was changed” says an Inspector.
When she was sacked, Musisi allegedly left the banana republic!


Having been let down by the other generations, Museveni went on a gender drive this time prioritizing women in leadership policy!
In Office of the Prime Minister in particular, Gen. Museveni brought nearly only women in this office representing 98.8%. He even for the first time in history of Uganda, named a female Prime Minister by the names of Robinah Nabbanja!

So determined he was to see changes and also test the women’s resolve to serve, that he backed Nabbanja up with two powerful female deputy prime ministers Rebecca Kadaga (1st deputy premier) and Rukia Nakadama (2nd deputy premier)!
Not only did Gen. Museveni appoint the trio as premiers, but also backed up the same team with only women to be in charge of all special regions dockets under OPM.
These were Jenifer Namuyangu (Bunyoro), Grace Freedom Kwiyikwinyi (northern), Alice Kaboyo (Luweero) and Grace (Teso affairs).

Eng. Hillary Obalker Onek is mute on the saga
Eng. Hillary Obalker Onek is mute on the saga

He only maintained Eng. Hillary Obalker Onek as disaster preparedness minister and transfered Musa Francis Ecweru to transport docket so as to create way for another woman (Anyakun Christine) to take charge as state minister for disaster!
It should be recalled that all these dockets had mainly been run by men including the position of Prime Minister and several others before the drastic changes in 2021.

“He has no choice but to look for another way of doing his appointments. The new cabinet lineup has been badly affected and CiC is definitely making changes. He now has no choice but to balance all generations and gender. Where possible, in every docket he’s going to put a man and a woman but considering generation, patriotism and cadreship” explained a top inspector, adding that in the new lineup, many troubled ministers are going to be replaced by new recruits from opposition parties whom fresh recruit and now minister Nobert Mao is allegedly silently identifying.

On top of this, we’re told Museveni is considering appointing some of his trusted presidential advisors to run some of the dockets.
Meanwhile, Karamoja MPs have called on the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among to cause an investigation into the hair raising saga in which the OPM under minister for Karamoja affairs Maria Goreti Kitutu allegedly swindled their iron sheets, goats and other related relief items. Premier Nabbanja has since issued a statement confirming ongoing investigations into the scandal although her letter has also attracted questions from our Inspectors closely following the matter. The workholic premier said some ministers who got the iron sheets got them through their line special region dockets to respond to vulnerable groups’ needs in their constituencies. This has since attracted questions as hereunder stated!

  1. Who alerted these ministers about the availability of the sheets?
  2. Why not that, all ministers got?
  3. How come that the disaster which occured in the north, is the same that occured in Bunyoro, Buganda, Busoga etc at the same period and they all required iron sheets not any other item?
  4. What was the criteria for determining quantity for each minister?
  5. What guidelines were given to ministers who got these sheets? Were the sheets for immediate disbursement or at one’s will/pleasure?
  6. Why is the minister for disaster Onek quiet on this matter?
    Watch this space!
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