‘Vote For Leaders Who Will Empower You Not Your Clanmates’-Gen. Museveni Tells Serere County Voters

President Museveni arriving at the rally

President Museveni has warned people of Serere against voting for leaders basing on their clan or tribal ties.

“Vote for leaders not basing on clans, religion, race, or tribes. Focus on leaders who will empower your communities and lobby for different services” Museveni said.

The President also warned against electoral bribery, adding that voters have a tendency of selling their vote for only Shs2000.
Museveni made the remarks as he campaigned for the NRM flagbearer Phillip Oucur for Serere by-election due to take place tomorrow Thursday. The seat fell vacant following a motor accident that claimed the life of former area MP Patrick Okabe in December last year.

The president who addressed a mega rally full of crowds of Bazzukulu mobilized by Chief Muzzukulu Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah, further reiterated the NRM’s achievements in Eastern Uganda. He warned about illegal fishing on the lakes, and commended the UPDF for restoring orderly use of lakes across the country.

“I want to urge you leaders of Teso to mobilize and guide our people to embrace Parish Development Model for wealth creation” Museveni said and urged the voters to vote for the NRM flagbearer Phillip Oucur who face four other candidates in the race.
Meanwhile, Uzeiye who led teams of Bazzukulu ba Museveni to massively mobilize for the NRM flagbearer, said it was incumbent upon the all NRM members to rally behind and fully support the NRM flagbearer Phillip Oucur until victory.

Gen. Museveni greats Uzeiye and other party leaders at the rally

She expressed disappointment with some people trying to fight the NRM flagbearer due to his humble background.
Uzeiye said there are some people who think they own NRM and keep despising the underprivileged people.

“But even Jesus and prophet Muhammad didn’t come from posh families. They came from a humble background. Therefore, those who think they own islands in NRM (should know that) NRM is for everyone like the president has said. Whether rich or poor. That’s why he (president) never deployed us to bring the rich because he has them. He sent us to reach out to the underprivileged” she said.

Uzeiye asked leaders to respect the poor because they are the ones who keep president Museveni in power.
“It’s bad to despise the poor because these are the ones who vote for the president. They own the vote. Even if you’re a billionaire, you don’t sleep in heaven. You need the poor because even your maid at home isn’t a billionaire like you. We should learn to respect people” she counseled.
Hajat Uzeiye said that it against the party rules and regulations for a party member not to support the flagbearer even when he or she comes from a poor family.

ONC head Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah morale boosting her troops of Bazzukulu at the rally

“Let’s give an opportunity for the flagbearer to serve. You lose nothing as a minister in supporting a flagbearer no matter his background” she said.

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