TEENAGE PREGNANCIES: VP Alupo, PM Nabbanja To Lead Nation-Wide Virginity Campaign


The number of teens losing their virginity and therefore get early pregnancy has attracted the attention of government.
Last week this news site reported that cabinet chaired by Gen. Yoweri Museveni spent a whole day (Monday) debating the issue of high cases of teens engaging in sexual affairs with randy men which had left many of them dangerously pregnant.
Of particular concern was Busoga subregion where for example in Kamuli district alone, over 6000 teens lost their hymens to randy men in society and ended up being ballooned.

According to Inspectors, the Monday meeting saw ministers pouring their hearts out over the high number of teenage pregnancies in the country especially ever since the lockdown was imposed.
Now, we understood that, the cabinet resolved to have a nationwide campaign to create awareness in public on the importance of keeping gals virgins.

The nationwide campaign will be led by vice president Maj. Jessica Alupo, the first lady Mama Janet Kataha Museveni and prime minister Robinah Nabbanja.

The Vice President presented to parliament yesterday a detailed statement on the National Campaign against Defilement, Early Marriages and Failed Parenthood. The statement arose from the November 22 Cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe.

The ministers as we reported last week discussed and approved a paper presented by First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni on a national campaign against defilement, early marriages, and failed parenthood.
Janet’s paper was informed by increased cases of domestic violence, defilement and teenage pregnancy in the country since March 2020 when the first Covid19 lockdown was instituted.

According to a study by United Nations Population Fund, a total of 354,736 teenage pregnancies were registered in 2020 while 290,219 teenage pregnancies were recorded from January to September 2021, translating into an average of 32,000 teenage pregnancies per month.

The national campaign, which will be launched tomorrow Friday at Kololo, will be steered by Mrs Museveni, VP Alupo and Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.
The campaign is to last a whole year and it targets key stakeholders to create awareness about these dangers and agree on sustainable solutions.

The activities which will be carried out during the campaign include: sensitization of the public about the dangers of defilement, early marriages, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, and teenage pregnancies among others.

According to Alupo brief to parliament, there will also be media engagement campaigns in both print and electronic; conducting of research and generate reports on defilement, early marriages, teenage pregnancies, STDs, HIV/AIDS, and girls’ education; and mobilization of MDAs to support the Campaign against Defilement, Early Marriages and Failed Parenthood.
Shockingly, the even as the VP briefed parliament, some of the culprits were within the chambers. Speaker after speaker, female MPs blamed some of the male legislators for being part of the problem at hand.

It was reported that many of the male legislators were involved in tearing teen’s virginity and in the process impregnate them. Ironically, the legislators abandon those teens with their kids forcing them to report them to the office of the speaker. The deputy speaker Anita Annet Among, pledged to help the country by exposing the randy legislators it they continue failing to provide care to the young mothers and their kids outside the wedlock.

During the last week’s cabinet meeting, ministers especially those from Busoga blamed the high sexual appetite among teens in their region to untold poverty.

One of the ministers Persis Namuganza assured Museveni that because of high poverty, marrying a wife from Busoga is as easy as buying two goats and a cock!

“It’s only in Busoga where one can marry almost for free. One only pays two goats and a cock! Where can you find such happening in other regions? Even in Karamoja you can’t get a wife unless you pay so many cows. Even in Western, you can’t get a wife unless you pay over 10 cows! But really, who doesn’t know how Basoga know how to prepare delicious dishes?” She said in the meeting and Gen. Museveni nodded several times but promised to intervene.

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