Shock as K’la University medic impregnates 4 women in single week

Agut with his four women at the joint baby shower

A top doctor has booked his place among East & Central Africa’s ‘certified bazzinyi’ by fertilizing four women in a single week.

According to our Field Inspectors, the overly virile medic’s horizontal exploits came to light after he paraded all his four heavily pregnant women for a joint baby shower recently.

Agut in a medical shop

Sources have identified the randy muzinyi as Prince Diamond Athooch alias Agut Rou. According to his Facebook profile, Rou claims to be an alumnus of Kampala University and also worked in the production department of Terab Media.

However, sources close to him intimated to us that Rou is into medical practice but also plays soccer on the sidelines. This latter passions possibly explains how he managed to borrow soccer skills to juggle the beans of four different women while scoring tots in to each of them at the same time.

Agut praising his women

And indeed, after confirming his remarkable goal, Rou took to Facebook to celebrate his virility and crowned the whole matter by holding a joint baby shower for all his women. He then went on to show his excitement, calling the day of the unprecedented baby shower one “I will never forget in my life”.

“The day I will never forget in my life to reunion again with my lovely families and may God always lead us in the right path to be the best parents in the world.” Turning to his women in particular, he added; “#my women I welcome you to Juetmathodit for the rest of your life. #Ayol Yuot kingdom queens ever. #I love you my loves. Thanks goes to my in-laws First class and sugar Jalle families.”

We would narrate more but since pictures speak a thousand words, take a look at these joyous moments:



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