RCC Ahamad Washaki: Former FDC Boss Now Helping Gen. Museveni Wipe Out Goons In Mbale City!

Ahamad Washaki RCC Mbale City

Interesting details about Mbale city RCC Ahamad Washaki are today being revealed for the first time. A former FDC activist, Washaki has now become a darling to many people in Mbale praising him for mainly giving a bloody nose to mafias and land grabbers. He is regarded as one of the few last men remaining standing when it comes to integrity by all measures. In this expose, we bring you some details about this retired UNLA soldier who was also a key mobiliser in FDC but now breathes NRM oxygen!


For 15 years, Ahmad Washaki ruled Bungokho sub-county in Mbale district now a City.
By that time, he was an FDC activist until after 2016 when he called it quits and joined the ruling party-NRM.
His tenure as LC3 chairman according to Inspectors, was punctuated with a stint in jail as he fought with powerful individuals who allegedly wanted to grab land. Upon joining NRM, he was said to be in the Bernard Mujaasi camp which had a bitter rivalry with that of former state minister Micheal Werikhe.
Prior to his defection to NRM, Washaki was said to be a close ally of Nandala Mafabi with whom they worked tirelessly to market FDC and root out NRM from Mbale politics and Bugisu in general.

“He was LC3 on FDC ticket for three terms and was such an incorruptible person. He was so close to Nandala that their combination used to give NRM a bloody competition” says an Inspector.
However, after 2016 elections, Washaki decided to call it quits from FDC and joined NRM. It is here that president Museveni was informed of his mobilization capacity and ability to fight thieves. The president decided to test his prowess by posting him to the neighbouring District of Manafwa, still in Bugisu sub-region as RDC.

While here, it is said Washaki had running battles with the former LC5 chairman John Musira who’s now MP Bubulo East. At one time, the an uncompromising Washaki even dispersed a meeting called by the chairman at the time meetings were banned due to COVID-19. Washaki accused the chairman of violating the presidential directives on COVID-19 and thus locked up the office!
His alleged fearlessness however, earned him rivals but reportedly remained steadfast. His tenure in Manafwa even saw some district officials starting to clamour for his his demotion if not total dustbining, but the appointing authority seemed to have a contrary opinion!

“Unaware to them, the president was getting all information about this man and what he was doing. The president was so impressed to hear that Washaki had become a champion against corruption in the district!” Says an Inspector.
It was reported that Museveni got a brief indicating how government was allegedly about to lose close to Shs1bn to some thugs in Manafwa on the account of payment of teachers and other civil servants.
“This was a mega theft. They wanted to pay Shs950m but he stopped it. It was going to ghost teachers and civil servants. Washaki ordered for a head count and realized that the figure had been inflated thrice. The money required was about Shs200m. He stopped it” says an Inspector.

When he stopped the dimes, Inspectors said the schemers allegedly started proposing a deal of at least Shs400m to be given to him and they also wet their beaks with the balance but the retired UNLA soldier allegedly rejected it.
“That’s how we saved that money. Washaki is fearless and incorruptible” says an Inspector.
We are told, out of this zeal to fight with thugs, this is the reason Gen. Museveni posted the former FDC man to Mbale city as it’s RCC.

It is here that Washaki is said to be giving thugs sleepless nights especially land grabbers.
One such land he saved from being grabbed is that at Mutoto cultural site, land belonging to schools, Namabasa land and the Nakaloke land which belongs to the district headquarters.
“Mbale had been a hot bed of land grabbing. It is Washaki who has brought dignity to the office of the president. He’s a blue eyed boy in that office. He has cleaned and given an image of decency to the office of the president. He’s endlessly fighting mafia and land grabbers in Mbale” says an Inspector.
In fact, the people of Mbale now see Washaki as a role model and compare him to the speaker of parliament Anita Among and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa. These two, were also members of FDC before they defected to NRM where they are serving in bigger positions deligently.

Others are comparing him with the late ASP Muhammad Kirumira who had running battles with thieves he claimed were in police. Kirumira’s troubles started when he started exposing the alleged racket. Somehow, he was cornered after an individual (a suspect) allegedly deposited Shs200k on his mobile phone as a ‘balance’ to a bribe. He would later be summoned for grilling before the Police Disciplinary Committee at Naguru. He was gunned down by unknown assailants riding on a motor bike a few weeks later before his case could be disposed of and was buried at Mpambire.
Now, a similar situation is reported to have occurred on the percieved incorruptible RCC after he recieved some ‘bread’ on his phone.

In a message that run on social media and is now the talk of Bugisu sub-region, Washaki we’re told also received some ‘kawogo’ worth Shs500k on his mobile money but he took it to police. The sender according to the message was in Kibuye.
“I got 500k on my mobile money account and I didn’t work for it, I reported to police and handed over the money for investigation. Anyone trying to frame me should try any other means but not corruption” he says in a message trending on social media.
Watch the space!

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