Pia Pounds, Lover Kussein In Hot Soup For Snubbing UK Gig

It is no longer rumour that merrymaking is back in London and this was manifested last weekend at the Royal Regency Hotel in London, after Ugandans flocked the venue to party the old year way as they ushered in the New Year.

All the merrymaking we are telling you about happened as Ugandan musicians dazzled revellers at the ‘New Year’s Bank Holiday’ concert, which attracted Ugandans and partiers from all corners of London.
The massive gig, which was headlined by celebrated musicians Chosen Becky, Fik Fameica , Rabadaba and Irene Namatovu, left several partiers with very joyous feelings because they had enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

However, many revelers who were eagerly waiting for former Big Talent singer Tracy Kirabo aka Pia Pounds to perform were left very disappointed after she failed to show up.
Although at first the revellers thought she had been stopped from travelling due to COVID-19 restrictions, word coming in from Snoops is that Pia pounds allegedly intentionally snubbed the concert due to influence from her manager cum boyfriend Kusasira Emmanuel Ssempijja aka Kussein Knots.

It is said that the promoter initially got in touch with the concert organisers who injected money in processing travel documents for the ‘Twende Tupaate’ singer that included securing a Visa, work permit, an air ticket, accommodation in London and deposit fee, which all totaled to Shs18m. But even after getting the dime Pia Pounds didn’t travel to the UK.
Reports indicate that on the day when she was meant to board the plane to UK , Pia Pounds’ manager cum lover Kussein Knots turned around and stopped her from traveling, without giving genuine reasons why she shouldn’t.

It is not yet clear why Kussein refused the singer to travel, well-knowing that the promoter had footed all the costs.
We have since established that the concert organisers and Pia Pounds’ camps are trading insults and counter-accusations, whereby each is vowing to teach the other a lesson that they will never forget.
We hear Pia Pounds has threatened to sue the organisers of the concert for defamation, accusing them of failing to come to terms with her management.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that the concert promoters are in the process of petitioning the UK immigrations office to ban Pia Pounds from ever stepping foot in the UK for a show after she snubbed their gig yet she had been paid for the same.
Snoops reveal that the UK promoters have since given the singer and her manager one week to refund the money before they petition the UK immigrations office to ban the singer from staging or performing at any concert in the U.K in future.

Insiders say the conduct of Pia Pounds’ manager left a lot to be desired about his management skills.
It turns out that even some of his colleagues have complained about his rudeness and unethical behaviour which he needs to check before he tarnishes the singer’s reputation and brand any further.

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