NRM Marks 37yrs In Power As Museveni’s Top Rebel Commander’s Family Feeds On Empty Promises

Mary Wadada and Musani's sons Mafabi and Khisa at Parliament

They have met the Vice President Jessica Alupo, they have met the speaker of parliament Anita Among, they have met the premier Robinah Nabbanja, they have met former speaker Rebecca Kadaga! And oh yes, the family has also met CiC Gen. Yoweri Museveni three times! However, nothing up to date has reportedly come out even as the president has allegedly kept promising to solve their issues!

The family met Alupo in September last year, Kadaga in October last year, Among in February last year and Nabbanja in November!
Led by an ageing widow Mary Wadada, the family to the late leader of Elgon 13 Wadada Musani is crying foul that despite the fact that their family member Musani was pivotal in bringing this governmnent to power for it to now be celebrating 37 years, their dad’s family has been ‘neglected’.

Musani led Elgon13; an auxiliary rebel force for the NRA which operated in the Elgon region but ceased to exist after Museveni captured power. A year later in 1987, Museveni who was a close pal to Wadada Musani right from the days he was District Administrator in Mbarara, posted Musani to Kumi as a DA.

While here, Musani who was married officially to Mary Wadada (now aged 77years), fell in love with an S.3 student identified as Irene Isakunye Martha who was a student of Ngora Girls SS!
While here in Kumi, the area was still facing rebellion and Musani as a government leader, worked with soldiers to kill many rebels!

We’re told after his stint in Kumi, he was transferred to Kamuli as a DA and it is here that his new catch Irene birthed a son Francis Mafabi.
In total, Musani had 12 kids eight of whom are boys and four gals but from a fleet of about four women.

Of these, five kids were with Mary and they included David Khisa Wadada (heir) whom Musani also recruited as a kadogo in Elgon13/NRA and served under the late James Kazini battalion.
Other kids Musani recruited as kadogos included Anthony Wasukira and Peter Mafabi.
Following the capture of power by NRM, Musani was posted as DA Kumi, DA Kamuli and later as an Extra Ordinary Ambassador of Uganda to Libya but also overseeing Algeria and Tunisia until December 28 1993 when he died.

“This marked the beginning of our misery. The family returned from Libya and Irene went back to Kumi. Life was really hard and she struggled to raise the kids she had” says an Inspector in the family.
We’re told the struggling family was however, helped by now Gen. Lakara Nakibus who; through his wife some of the school age-going kids got scholarships to study in Nakasongola Army school and later Air force SS in Entebbe for A’level.

After here, two of the kids Mafabi Francis was given a state house scholarship through the assistance of the Asst Presidential Advisor on RDC Mohamed Mayanja and he pursued a degree in Business Administration at Nkumba university.

Mafabi is now a marketer with one of the Kenyan companies called HACO which deals in cosmetics, Timothy Wadada a business man while Gibulo Isaac is into farming and terrazzo construction. Their mother Irene unfortunately passed on in 2004 and was burried in Kumi.


We’re told the family led by Mama Mary Wadada have met Museveni three times. The first time was in Rwakitura where he discussed with Mary, another time at Mbale state lodge and the last was last year in Maluku grounds during the Tarehe Sita celebrations. During his meeting at Mbale state lodge, one of Musani’s gals Rita was recruited into ISO, Peter Mafabi (kadogo) recruited into the UPDF although he retired in 2020 on a rank of a Major.

As for ageing widow Mary Wadada, the president allegedly promised to appoint her as Senior Presidential Advisor, a promise that has since turned into real carbon dioxide!
“He promised her this job in 2009 while at Mbale state lodge but 10 years down the road, nothing! She’s really becoming older and this promise has not happened. Why? What didn’t Musani do to Museveni during those days? Let the president remember his family” an inspector in the family told us.

We’re told the meeting in Maluku was enabled by Sironko woman MP Florence Nambozo whom the president said would deliver Wadada’s family to him.
“Muwala wange ono Nambozo agenda bubaleeta mbasisinkane. Ensonga yammwe ngenda kugikolako” Museveni is said to have told the granny woman literally saying ‘this daughter of mine (Nambozo) is going to bring you to meet me. I will sort your issue’

It is now a year since this promise for the president to meet them but waapi!
“Wadada lost all his property when his home was attacked by Obote’s soldiers. They accused him of being a Museveni collaborator. His vast farm in Kyenjojo was vandalized and his home in Sironko was also vandalized. He lost everything and now as a family, we’re crying also. Why” an inspector in the family added with tears almost rolling down the cheeks.

And as if to pile more misery on the family, their land at Bujunjo measuring 1000 acres was allegedly grabbed by one of the key ministers in Museveni’s governmnent. The vast land is now 200 acres only left but even these, the family lacks capacity to caltivate them. Musani before his farm was vandalized by Obote and his men, was a serious exporter of wheat doing mechanized Agriculture. The family now wants Museveni to come to their rescue by way of job placements and related settlements.

Wadada Musani studied in India with the likes of Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, Kintu Musoke, John Kakonge and Kirunda Kivejinja and they helped Milton Obote found UPC but later fell out! Watch this space!

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  1. 🥺🥺 rest well granny!!
    I pray Museveni remembers us after reading this article. Thanks to the writer.

  2. Have known the wadada family for 4 yrs now and it is true they are living on entry promises,as a request to the Hon president of Uganda, please follow up this matter and find out the truth

  3. It’s high time the government of Uganda eyambe nokutukiliza ebisubizo byayo,the late wadada Musani’s should be built,the wadada legacy should be remembered and so as the wife and children.We need your response madam Speaker Anita Among,Hon prime minister Robinna Nabanja, minister in charge and Mr president Hon Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

  4. I think 🤔 mulumu banafiya mu government who ate the money 🤑 which was supposed to helping the wadada family nebalimba nti bakyikola so now it’s high time they pay for it

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