Museveni’s Continued Closure Of Schools Is In Bad Faith

Ishaa Otto Amiza

In the latest , address by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni every well meaning citizen of Uganda expected the opening of School for both learners,pupils and students in Secondary, Tertiary Institutions and Universities but there was nothing.

Museveni has used COVID-19 pandemic to suffocate economy and many strategic sectors like education, religion and political meetings to allow him remain the only dominant person.

Besides the lockdown, while President Museveni locked down the rest he has continued to do his politics through RDCs,DISOs and Operatives who are funded by monies generated from donations and allocated funds meant for fighting the scourage of COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s regrettable that the fate and future of thousands of pupils, students and private teachers caught up in this lockdown remains in a mess without any remedy to reclaim.

For Museveni to open up Markets, Public Transport and Churches ,where pupils and students go to freely and pretend to be protecting students from COVID-19 is a fallacy and self deception which is unacceptable.
UPC encourages families and teachers within their vicinity to engage in home schooling as a remedy to maintain the minds of the students towards education.

Government of Uganda should now be prepared to compensate the time lost by both students and parents due to illegal and unnecessary lockdown imposed on education in the Country.

The continued closure of schools is also an indicator that government has no capacity to handle the health needs of students, no wonder , President Museveni and the Ministry for Education failed to provide the needed and pledged sanitary pads for girl child.

It’s now on record that many Countries in the World including, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, etc have continued to maintain schools besides the scourage of COVID-19 pandemic by enforcing SOPs just like it’s being done in other institutions.

The effect of keeping pupils/ students longer at homes particularly the adolescent girl child will have a permanent scar on the physical and psychological growth and future of the girl child.

The children who got pregnant during the lockdown should be unconditionally allowed to continue with their studies.
Government should not forget that it’s the Constitutional duty of the State to educate the child and hence denial of education to children on the weakness to manage health risks related to COVID-19 pandemic is unconstitutional and can be challenged.
Schools can easily open on strict adherence to the Standard Operations Procedures( SOPs).

For God and My Country
Hon. Ishaa Otto Amiza
(The views expressed in this article aren’t those of the company-editor)

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