Hunger and Food Crisis in Karamoja Is A Govt Deliberate Plan

Ishaa Otto Amiza

By Ishaa Otto Amiza

It’s now reported that well over 1000 people have succumbed to deaths due to hunger and looming famine in Karamoja region.
The same episode of famine is being experienced in the neighbouring regions of Lango, Acholi ,Teso and West Nile .

Besides the Karamojong people dieing from hunger, the UPDF has also reported killing 413 Karamojong warriors and from an independent source well over 1000 warriors have also been killed . On Kampala streets dozens of Karamojong children are beggers , who are subjected to the worst form of humiliation and inhuman conditions.

Renniassance Uganda believes that something strange and deliberate is being imposed on the Karamojong people who unfortunately have chosen to remain silent about their own plight besides giving Museveni and his NRM 100% support and votes amidst thier dire situation.
There is no doubt, Karamoja region is a hub of huge deposits of minerals, gold, tungsten, etc ,which has been heavily exploited without any royalty enjoyed by Karamoja region.

Rennisaance Uganda, therefore views the situation in Karamoja as a deliberate strategy by Government of Uganda to ensure that Karamoja region remains in chaos to allow them exploit the minerals without any questioning by the people of Karamoja.

Against this background, Rennisaance Uganda calls for the following actions from government

  1. Unconditional delivery of emergency food supplies for three months in Karamoja region .
  2. Independent investigation of the deaths of warriors and other subsequent deaths of the people of Karamoja.
  3. An affirmative action to address the Food Security situation and farming in Karamoja and considering deliberate funding introduction and funding of simple Irrigation Technology in Karamoja region.
    4 .Provide the 50% Royalty on all minerals to Local Governments of Karamoja to support livelihoods and development of the region.
  4. Introduction of a Policy agenda on Food Security and Sustainability of Normadic Lifestyles of the Karamojong.

Meanwhile Renaissance Uganda shall extend civic education to the Karamojong people and providing free capacity building to the community on the adoption of irrigation technology .
Rennisaance will continue to mobilize local and international NGOs and Development partners to support the livelihoods of people and development of the people of Karamoja.

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