Gen. Museveni Bangs Tables In Cabinet Meeting At State House!


All was not well in the cabinet meeting that was chaired by President Museveni.
The meeting took place on Monday and all ministers whose names have been cited in the heartbreaking scandal of stealing from the underprivileged people of Karamoja, nearly fled the meeting.

Inspectors said the head of state was so bitter and was only likened to a bee whose hive had been attacked!
We’re told the president mainly put emphasis on the (now) ‘Iron Sheets queen’ Dr. Maria Goreti Kitutu who is the Minister for Karamoja affairs.

“Kitutu, I don’t understand what I am hearing. These things, no no no. I can’t accept this. Someone to steal from the poor? It’s like a father who steals his own meat he has brought for the family!” Inspectors quoted the head of state as telling off the ministers.

And yet, Museveni in appointing Kitutu to cabinet, he had allegedly warned her against letting him down like other Bugisu politicians had done.
Apparently, when he posted Kitutu to the Ministry for Energy and Minerals towards the end of the last term, Museveni summoned a meeting of elders from Bugisu. The meeting took place at State House.

In that meeting, the president expressed bitterness on the way his appointees from Masaabaland mainly ladies were conducting state affairs.
“You people of Bugisu I don’t know what to do. Those I give responsibility, you let me down. I appointed…..(names withheld), she let me down. Now, let me watch this one (Kitutu)” Museveni said in the Bugisu meeting then according to Inspectors.

In the Monday cabinet sitting, Sevo went ahead at assured the troubled ministers that before he takes a decision, he has instructed his men to carry out thorough investigation on the scandal and promised his ministers that whoever was involved and found culpable, will face the music.

“I have already instructed my people to investigate. Let them do the work and bring me a report. I will see what to do. If it’s true, action is going to be taken”Museveni is reported to have said.
Our Inspectors said when Museveni mentioned the issue, most ministers started quaking fearing that he was going to order them to step aside like he did to fired minister Kabafunzaki who was nabbed at Serena hotel trying to solicit a Shs5m bribe from AYA hotel investor.

“It was tense in the meeting room. People looked as if they had been attacked by nodding disease. They started shaking the moment Museveni tackled the matter” an inspector explained. We’re told some circles through Karamoja MPs are pushing that those involved should be asked to step aside. They also want Museveni to ask all ministers who shared the loot to be blocked from presiding over public functions until they are cleared.

This News site already informed you of how the president had tasked a multiagency investigation including the UPDF 3rd Division which controls the Karamoja region where the sheets were supposed to go. The same division controls Bugisu sub-region where serious exhibits and two relatives to minister Kitutu were harvested last week by State House Anti Corruption unit.

We’re told besides security investigation, even the IGG is itching to land her hands on the ministers who shared the sheets.
However, premier Robinah Nabbanja has since asked minister Kitutu to explain the mess. Some ministers are now accusing her of having landed them in trouble especially after she allegedly went headhunting them to go and collect sheets. The hon. Kitutu has however, continued to play it cool making no statement on the matter. The speaker of parliament Anita Among has on the other hand mounted pressure with a view of having proper accountability for the Karamoja sheets. Watch this space!

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  1. The real absurdity of the matter.
    HIE kindly help the poor, God will reward you.
    And for the ones involved, sorry for you that the greedy devil took over your shameless desires.
    Now believe there’s time for everything.
    The current issue simply means that diverting disaster relied items for private business was a normal phenomenon in OPM.
    Kitittu should make a statement ASAP.

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