F. Portal City North Division LC1s Welcome RCC, Deputy RCC In Style

Deputy RCC Allan Bamuha talking

Angalia Godwin Kasigwa the Resident City Commissioner Fortpotal City flanked by Allan Bamuha the Deputy Resident City Commissioner Fortpotal City North Division have been welcomed by the LC1s in this division.

Led by the North Division Mayor Hon.Mashuhuko, the local leaders held a colorful ceremony at Karambi Division headquarters today to welcome the new leaders.

The Mayor highlited the key challenges the division is undergoing including infrastructure development, insecurity etc in the area and also outlined the government programs already running and those that are successful.

Angalia asked the citizens to emulate development role models in the area, citing a city model farmer Nyakana who has excelled in modern farming. He further asked the LC1s to keep security both at home and neighborhood watch.

Allan Bamuha on his part promised engagements for improved government programs, security, health and education in Fortpotal City North Division

Bamuha underscored the need for peaceful co-existance, cooperation,cohesion, commitment towards work and development.

The duo further presided over a function by the LC1s and 2 to appreciate the President for making these strategic appointments.

Fortpotal City North Division is one of the Divisions forming the greater Fortpotal Tourism City.

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