60000 Barrels of Crude To Be Refined Daily, As Uganda’s Oil Production Kicks off In 2025-Min. Nankabirwa


The minister of energy and mineral development Dr. Ruth Nankabirwa says that the Ukraine- Russia war should be a case study to all African countries.
Dr Nankabirwa revealed this while addressing the ongoing 24th Annual African Forum conference in Brussels (Belgium).

The African Energy Forum which is going on in Brussels is organised under the theme: Africa for Africa: Building Energy for just Transition. The minister is a keynote speaker.
“Ukraine-Russia war is affecting people globally as far as fuel prices are concerned. However, in Uganda,we have high hopes that in 2025 we shall see our first oil which will come with opportunities to have gas where we are planning to distribute liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to Ugandans. We are also planning to build a refinery. About 60000 barrels of crude oil are going to be reffined every day” she said and challenged Africans to be firm and work together as Africa because according to her, Africa is for Africans.

The minister added that the discovery of petroleum in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya together with the exploration and production of gas in Tanzania and Mozambique and the on going efforts in the Democratic republic of Congo indeed confirm that the East African region is emerging as a new and exciting frontier for oil and gas exploration and investment within Africa.
“The entire East Africa region consumes up to 200000 barrels of oil products per day and this demand is increasing steadily at an average rate of 7% per year” she said adding that all petroleum products are currently imported into the region at over one billion US dollars annually which represents 25%of the total import bill of the region.

The minister further urged African countries to approach the debate on energy transition in the conference as a block in order to enhance chances of landing favorable outcomes that allows sustainable exploitation of Africa’s oil and gas resources.

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