VP Alupo’s Hubby Abaine Asked To Pay 10 Cows To Keep Her Forever

Peter Abaine greets Emorimor as an excited VP Alupo looks on with roving eyes

Peter Abaine, the man in charge of keeping our dear vice president Maj. Jessica Alupo a happy lady in every aspect of life, must prove his biological and technical prowess soonest and meet the demands of Teso elders; The Inspector exclusively reveals!

The man from Bushenyi region we can authoritatively report will have to dig deep into his pockets and pull out 10 healthy cows as dowry for his sweetheart Alupo.

Our Inspectors have it on proper grounds that Abaine was put to notice by the Emorimor during his celebrations to mark a full year on the throne as Iteso cultural union chief.

The celebrations took place on Sunday with VP Alupo sitting in the biggest chair as she represented Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

On this same occasion, a smartly dressed VP who’s also the Katakwi district woman MP, whispered to the Emorimor about her loving hubby Peter Abaine. 

So happy, the Emorimor (Teso Cultural Leader), welcomed Abaine who was clad in a blue suit and shook hands with him.

However, although he had covered his mouth with a face mask, this didn’t stop the joyful cultural leader from presenting the norms of Iteso culture to him in respect of marriage.

He thus told an attentive and oh yes, smiling Abaine that for him to enjoy the Iteso fruits uninterrupted, he should think of bringing dowry in form of 10 Cows.

“As you can see, our daughter is very loving. She cute and brilliant. Start thinking of giving us 10 Cows” said an inspector quoting the Emorimor. We’re told Abaine gently accepted and thanked the king for having a well nurtured and tendered fruit (read Alupo) among his subjects.

“I welcome your suggestion your Royal Highness. I am a man and I can’t be with someone on credit. I hate debts especially of this nature. I am going to take the message back to my relatives and we shall definitely respond” an inspector quoted Abaine as saying as he was being introduced by his bootilicious wife Alupo.

Indeed, Alupo was seen smiling with roving eyes in total approval of what her ‘jacket’ was telling the Emorimor.

“I swear, Alupo looked so young. The smile she spotted can only be rivaled by a virgin going to see Archbishop Kazimba for her promised Virginity award. She liked the words both gentlemen shared” explained our Inspector.


Jemima Hankie, our resident expert on Love Affairs, says Abaine is indeed a lucky man to have landed an Iteso babe.

She says Iteso gals are first of all hardworking, faithful and very loving. She adds that the babes here have got circullent boobs which remain strong, something every man craves for in his marriage.

“Some tribes have shapeless oranges. Some are too long that a baby can suckle them while on the mother’s back. But Iteso gals are gifted with medium sized oranges” she explained.

She added that Iteso gals appear in good shape physically and above all, they drink a lot of water, milk, eat mushrooms and honey. This, according to her, makes them soft, caring, smooth and bright.

“That’s why most men are running to marry Iteso gals. They are naturally pure and organic” she added.

She said with Abaine also being a man from Ankole known as a land of milk, the duo easily connected as they both enjoy Bongo. Bongo is said to be a nice drink when accompanied with karo which we hear Alupo is an expert in mingling it. Bongo can be taken any time and anywhere especially when one feels thirsty during work.

Well, we shall keep you posted.



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