REVEALED: How ISO Report On Umukhukha Earned Dr. Wambaka Sh100m From M7

Dr. Kosea Wambaka

On October 14, 2023, Bagisu cultural leader, Umukhukha Mike Jude Mudoma III was inaugurated to replace late Bob Mushikoli II. The event which took place at the Mutoto Cultural Grounds in Mbale went down Bugisu history books as one of the most successful fetes of its kind. This success, however, was never by chance; but rather a result of meticulous organisation by a strong team of Bagisu luminaries who were led by Bugisu’s distinguished functional academic, Dr. Kosea Wambaka. Guests and Bamasaba who attended the function were awed by the glamor, glitz and splendor which oozed all over the place, yet the ceremony did not lose its cultural touch at all. In this briefing, our Inspectors unveil the key highlights of this historic function as well as the behind-the-scenes happenings which even forced a satisfied President Yoweri Museveni to gift a whopping Shs100m to the Wambaka-led organizing committee.


It is worth noting that Umukhukha Mudoma’s coronation finally ended a 3-year protracted battle for this coveted seat, which pitted him against his archrival, John Amran Wagabyalire. The ensuing rivalry sucked in government, which eventually gazetted Mudoma as the duly elected Umukhukha of the Inzu ya masaba. However, this did not go well with Wagabyalire’s supporters who vowed to protest government’s decisions. The threats caused tensions, brewing fears that Mudoma’s coronation would be sabotaged. Government thus dispatched a team of intelligence officers to closely follow the proceedings, with a view to stop the function in case some violent actions are detected.

Dr. Wambaka’s Group Saves The Day

The wise have mastered the art of cutting their coat according to their cloth — and the same can be said about the new Umukhukha. Having been gazetted amid contention, Mudoma knew he had to surround himself with very intelligent people. As such, on Monday August 21, 2023, he, through the Inzu ya Bamasaaba, appointed a group of highly educated and eminent Bagisu to form his advisory council. Inzu Spokesperson Steven Masiga, revealed that this team would advise the Umukhukha on a wide range of issues with a view to “stamp out certain vices that have militated against smooth running of our cultural institution.” This vibrant ensemble included: Justice David Wangutusi (Chairperson), Dr. Isaac Shinyekwa, Hon. Dr. Irene Muloni Nafuna, Dr. Norah Madaya, Hon. Dr. John Faith Magolo, Dr. Masaba Charles, Mr. Musa Musimbi, Mr. Samuel Watulatsu, and Rev. James Kangala Khulosya, Counsel Masereje Richard, a Kenyan representative, and Dr. Dr. Kosea Wambaka, Uganda’s most educated man.

Team Goes to The trenches

As expected, the most pertinent issue at the time of this team’s appointment was the inauguration of the Umukhukha which, given the circumstances, had to be planned and organised by a very experienced team so as to thwart any imminent threats or saboteurs. Luckily for the Umukhukha, this solution was within his team of advisors, and it was none other than Dr. Wambaka, whose academic credentials and track record of work made him a one-stop-centre for all ingredients Bugisu needed to neutralize the looming threats, do resource mobilization and also organise a mother of inauguration events!

How Wambaka Ticked All Boxes

Aware of their son’s special abilities, the Inzu appointed Dr. Wambaka, the academic colossus from Bugwagi in Sironko district, as the Director Ceremonies and gave him the responsibility to deliver a peaceful, successful and befitting coronation event for the Umukhukha. For this great task, he was given team members comprising: Counsel Richard Masereje, Wilson Watiira, Amb. Wagidoso, Ritah Namuwenge (Mama Emyooga), Andrew Masaba, and Moreen Mulangira.

Inzu spokesperson Steven Masiga clearly stated that Wambaka became their natural choice for the task due to his enviable record of work under his Strategic Friends International, as well as his longstanding support to Bugisu matters. “Dr. Wambaka has been very supportive on issues of Bukuuka right from the time when we were still in the trenches. He has also worked closely with the government of Uganda on many signature projects like paying PAPs in Bunyoro under the oil pipeline and the Jinja Nile Bridge. We (therefore) find him a trusted cultural asset for the upcoming event,” Masiga stated in Inzu’s August 21, 2023 letter.

Wambaka Puts Talent & Knowledge To Work

Management scholars over the years have concluded that while knowledge and skills are vital in getting any work done, talent and experience are always the ingredients which deliver perfection and excellence. This theory played out very well at the Umukhukha coronation, where Wambaka married his mountain of academic knowledge with a sea of experience, the result of which was a memorable event which is now of legendary status. To begin with, the Inzu had to mobilize financial and other logistical resources and most importantly put them to perfect use to avoid wastage and embezzlement. Secondly, with some grumbles from the rival faction, there was a need to calm such tensions through brotherly negotiations. Lastly, it was pertinent to organise an event which was inclusive enough to make the new Umukhukha acceptable to all Bagisu. Being a practical academic who practices what he studied, Dr. Wambaka dug deep into his overflowing knowledge pot for solutions to all the above challenges.

NRM SG Todwong and VP Alupo at the function

The Contributions

For starters, Dr. Wambaka’s two Doctorates are in Economics and management from Makerere and central Nicaragua Universities respectively. So, these came in handy during resource mobilization where he reached out through proposals to individuals and companies wo contrinuted handsomely towards the event.

Notable among these generous givers were: the NRM Secretariat, Minister Monica Musenero, UWA, NWSC, Nile Breweries, NSSF, Elgon Water (owned by Eng. Werikhe), Wycliffe Mwambu (Commissioner Ministry of Finance), Mbale Court View Hotel, Viola Hotel, Nkokonjeru Primary School, BAM Shopping Centre, Bob Natif (Commissioner Ministry of Water), Justice Lawrence Gidudu, Justice Paul Gadenya, Andrew Masaba (Ass. Commissioner Ministry of Finance), Wakadaala (Mbale resort owner), Suleiman Lumolo, Dick Wadada (of generous trading), Wandui Clet Masiga, Ms. Connie Masaba Magomu, Dr. JB. Waniaye, Mzee Charles, Netalisire, and Richard Mataya of ABRA. Also 14 MPs representing Bugisu region supported the event. These were: Hon Welishe, Hon Gorreti Kitutu, Richard Wanda (Bungokho Central, Mbale), Hon Wakooli Godfrey (Butiru, Manafwa), Hon Muloni, John Faith Magolo (Bungokho north, Mbale), John Musila (Bubulo East, Namisindwa), Hon Isaac Modoi (Luteeshe, Bududa), Paul Musamali (EALA), Wamakuyu Mudimi, Florence Nambozo (woman MP Sironko), Robert Wandwasi (Bungokho South,, and Hon Katenya. Once the resources came in, he and his team embarked on the drive to rally all Bagisu to support the event. For this, he used knowledge and skills which he acquired as a Master’s student in Planning as well as his special training in Negotiation (Dealing with Difficult People and Problems) from Harvard Law School at Harvard University U.S.A. Wambaka has vast experience in this area, as he has already used this knowledge to pull off very successful resettlement projects for Project Affected Persons in the Albertine Graben to necessitate government projects like the Kabalega International Airport, the finished products oil pipeline from Hoima to Wakiso, as well as the Source of the Nile Development Project in Jinja. So, Wambaka’s team kicked off pre-coronation events across all the districts of Bugisu sub-region, where they organized team-building events which brought together the Bagisu, thereby enforcing reconciliation for the good of Bugisu. It has emerged that as the team was planning its events, the government intelligence structure was closely monitoring every step. In fact, as the event neared, the President got briefed by his men that the coronation’s organising committee had managed to calm all the tensions, so there were pockets of violence expected to dent the occasion. Sources say that this report pleased the president so much that he made a personal contribution of Shs100m towards the inauguration. Once all the above was done, the team planned for the actual coronation, and again, Wambaka displayed great skills, talent and experience which he acquired as a graduate of a Master’s in International Events Management from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK.

Some of the many dignitaries who attended the event

It is therefore unsurprising that unlike before, the Umukhukha coronation and all its re-coronation activities got massive publicity in the country’s leading media platforms like NTV, NBS, UBC, BBS Tvs etc, as well as leading radios, websites, among others. The function was also attended by hundreds of dignitaries including representatives from the Obwakyabazinga, Buganda kingdom, Teso Cultural Union, the Adhola, and Bugwere, among others. And as a mark of total unity, Bugisu’s illustrious sons and daughters attended the function, including those who come from areas where Wagabyalire hails from. Notable among the Bagisu bigwigs include: World Bank USMID Project Coordinator Paul Mutenyo, Ministers Agnes Nandutu and Gorreti Kitutu, Dominic Gidudu, among others. On the side of the government, the President was represented by his Vice President, Maj. Jessica Alupo, NRM SG Richard Todowng, Treasurer Barbra Nekesa, among others. Our Inspectors have gathered that all the splendor and glamor which characterized this event came at a cost of Shs240m— despite the earlier projects, and actually public perception that it would/cost over shs1bn.This cost cutting amidst high value for money was thanks to excellent prioritization and planning by the committee which was led by Dr. Wambaka Kosea, a functional academic indeed!



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