TABLES TURN! Police close in on Bebe Cool over Gun brawl

He might have sounded the first and louder alarm but singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool could soon find himself turning into the hunted following the nasty altercation between him and a city security officer.

Earlier this week, Bebe Cool alias Munene Munene/Big Size/Silent Majority drew public sympathy from his fans as well as ridicule and taunts from his haters and detractors when he took to social media to announce a close shave with death, which was occasioned upon him by a UPDF officer last Sunday night.

In a Facebook post, Bebe Cool narrated that the soldier who has since been identified as Capt. Namara nearly shot him after he (Bebe) complained when the soldier scratched his car Akena-Kanyamunyu style at a city bar parking.

But the real hook was when he narrated the impunity which ensued after the soldier employed ‘gamba n’ogu’ tactics to escape justice.

Bebe posted thus: “This man wanted to shoot me after knocking my car, as a lot is still unveiling, but we managed to disarm him and he was arrested by a police officer. Later taken to Ntinda Police Station. I was immediately asked by the police officer to go make a statement at the station. On arrival at the station, his colleagues had arrived at the station there by rounding it off and had put the police officers at gun point .They commanded me to vacate the premises and nearly shot at me. I had to run to my car and the driver took off. I have been told that the culprit was taken away from the police station by his mates. I have made calls to the responsible persons who are the bosses of this guy and they are in the know. Watch the space as a lot more is to be unveiled here.”


But while Bebe shouted louder, his fortunes began to change the moment an anonymous eyewitness took to social media to narrate an ordeal rebutting Bebe Cool’s own version of the same events. According to the anonymous eyewitness, Bebe cool has everything to answer in the fracas as he allegedly inflicted more pain and violence onto his claimed aggressor.

Accusing Bebe Cool of setting his hangers-on to assault the soldier, the eyewitness narrated thus:

“As I retired from the bar, time was about 2am, I found over 5 hugely built men surrounding a saloon car and one of the men was shouting at his loudest. I realized it is one of my favourite singers, Bebe Cool who was shouting. I tried to ask some of the people who were also watching the fracas from a distance on what was going on. “I was informed that a drunkard had knocked Bebe Cool’s V8 as he attempted reverse in the parking. Of course, there is no way many of us would pick our cars to go home until the matter was settled. The crowds kept growing, and I had to move near to watch what was happening.”

The person who was inside the small car whom Bebe Cool called a drunkard had lowered the windscreen to talk to the kanyamas, that is how one of the Kanyama managed to pull out the car key, and in a blink of an eye, they pulled out the man as they beat him.

“In the process of roughing him up on handcuffs, I realized he had a gun which had fallen and Bebe Cool and his Kanyama whom I learnt is called Cobra had got the gun. Bebe Cool started shouting as they slapped the man already on handcuffs that he was armed. It is from there that they all understood that the man was a security officer otherwise how could he be armed.

“I also realized that he was not as drunk as Bebe Cool kept referring to him because he kept very calm and engaging Bebe Cool that this was not a matter that should be escalated.”

“Because had he been that drunk and armed, I don’t think he would allow to lower his windscreen to talk to ‘Kanyamas’ who dragged him out of the car.”

“One of the men who I think works at the bar and was talking to Bebe Cool all the time, had been with the car key of the man and entered his car to give way for Bebe Cool and all followed the police truck.

“So, I wondered why you would drive a car of a man who could have been a security officer. Even not being a security officer why would u drive someone’s car who he is not around and has not authorized you to?”

I have also watched TV and he IS still saying the same things. I have also seen on TV that indeed the man was a soldier.

“I saw a police officer who speaks for police saying this man was admitted, I want to believe so, because the way the ‘kanyamas’ beat him anyone would be admitted. One Kanyama punched him on the jaw and he fell down.

“At that time, if it were me and I had a gun I can surely spray bullets.

“As I conclude I want to caution fellow Ugandans, let’s be civil. Several times I have seen people involved in a fracas because of an accident.

“Why would you beat someone that has knocked you? Is there any person who wakes up and goes on the road to knock the other? A car is not God. A car irrespective of the model, whether range rover or V8 or Benz, can be repaired.


Following the above narration, Police got interested in the matter and commenced investigations.

But according to a statement released Wednesday by Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire, so much of the eyewitness’s narrative has been corroborated. For instance, police have confirmed that the soldier was badly beaten as claimed by the eyewitness and is receiving treatment in a city medical facility.

Revealing that investigations are still ongoing, Oweyesigire said:

“Kira road continue to investigate an alleged altercation between a popular artist Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and Captain Namara which occurred on the 19th of June in the parking yard of Peer lounge bar in Ntinda.

The conflict arose after a minor accident. Preliminary information gathered indicates that while trying to get parking at the bar, the officer brushed Bebe Cool’s vehicle which forced the latter to come out of the vehicle and a disagreement ensued.

We have retrieved the CCTV footage and are reviewing the contents to establish whether a gun was drawn as alleged by Bebe Cool. We are also looking into the allegation of the physical exchange between the two parties which could have attracted other friends.

We have reached out to the singer and obtained his account of events. We also managed to trace Captain Namara whom we found at Gemini Medical Centre and as soon as he stabilizes, we shall be able to record his statement.

We advise drivers to always be extra careful while reacting to traffic incidents as emotions can put one’s life in danger. We have since taken action against 6 officers who responded and further escalated the situation at Ntinda Police station. They are currently detained at Railway Police. More updates will be availed in due course.


The trajectory the investigations have taken so far prove that Bebe Cool could be in deeper is worth noting that the singer is not new to altercations with security personnel. Several years ago, he had to receive specialized treatment abroad after a security officer he provoked at Entebbe airport shot him in the legs.

Watch this space!!

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