State House Hunts For Shs1.5bn To Pay Sudhir For Hosting M7 Swear-In Guests

President Yoweri Museveni

State House is hunting for over Shs20bn to among other things; settle debts that were incurred for keeping around a line of presidents who attended Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s swearing in ceremony.
The president was sworn-in on May 12 this year for a 6th term but we understood that those who hosted the visiting heads of state and other visitors are demanding for their payments.

We can exclusively report that State House has already notified the ministry for finance, planning and economic development over these debts wherein, it is asking for a supplementary budget.
The finance ministry has according to details we got also forwarded the request to the Auditor General.

We understood that the hotel demanding for payment is Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo known to belong to city tycoon Sudhir Rupalleria.
Available details show the president’s office wants Shs1.57bn to settle this debt. “My ministry has received additional supplementary funding requests to finance recurrent and development activities under various institutions in FY 2021/22” a letter from finance addressed to auditor general dated September 2 reads in part.

It shows that the office of the president alone, wants Shs1.57bn for payment of Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo for hosting state visitors for swearing in.
On top of this, state house wants Shs1.2bn to cater for salaries for Senior Presidential Advisors. It should be recalled that Museveni in June named a line of new SPAs including Mary Karooro Okurut (media), Ruhakana Rugunda among others most of whom he had dropped from cabinet. All these, we understood have to be paid salaries in addition to getting office space and vehicles. And yet, many more of the existing SPAs are still transacting their business on the street according to Inspectors hence the need for this money.

On the item for vehicles for SPAs, state house through the office of the president is asking for Shs8.3bn.
The same entity wants Shs3.9bn to settle court awards to former deputy premier/former MUK Chancellor Prof. Mondo Kagonyera.

Shs3bn is also required by the office of the president to fund the operationalization of the APEX platform, in addition to demanding for a mega budget worth Shs550m to procure a monster ride for the state minister for economic monitoring.
State House also wants Shs5.6bn to fund what has been baptized as Anti-Tick Vaccine project and also Shs50.4bn to fund vaccine manufacturer.

Other ministries that want additional funding include that of defense which has a funding gap worth Shs400bn for operational activities.
The ministry for public service has also come in with a supplementary request for shs1.5bn to pay benefits to former vice president and former prime minister. This development comes days after a video went viral showing the former vice president Edward Ssekandi showering his brand new ride with booze in celebration for the new ride.

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