PM Nabbanja turns ‘Bad Black’ As She Pulls Off Rich Gang Antics

Nabbanja hands cash to prelates at Rubaga cathedral (photo credit: Daily Monitor)

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja is quickly turning into Uganda’s most popular premier of all time. To many observers, however, this is because of her ability to adapt to any aspect of the common man’s life, unlike her predecessors who were more of corporate or diplomatic officers.

After pulling off several antics that have seen her hop onto boda bodas and boats in remote villages like Galiraya in Kayunga district, Nabbanja last weekend shocked residents of Masaka town when she took on the hat of the famous rich gang crew led by deceased socialite Ivan Ssemwanga.

During the launch of Justine Nameere’s TMTV in Masaka town, Nabbanja shocked all and sundry when she emulated the rich gang by splashing money on singer Mesach Ssemakula.

A jovial Nabbanja took to the money chopping antic while appreciating the singer for a good job done as he sang his Kankutendereze ssebo tune. Sources say that after handing the artiste about shs500k, Nabbanja then showered him with another about sjhs200k which rained on Ssemakula in new shs10k notes.

Many revelers were heard whispering how the minister had reminded them of the popular rich gang. However, it is worth noting that the minister’s gesture can be most closely equated to that of now faded mystery tycoon Shanita Namuyimbwa aka bad black, who took money throwing to a new high during her 15 minutes of fame when she had just robbed lover David Greenhalgh’s money. But fortunately for Nabbanja, the money she chops is rightly given to her by President Museveni, whom she always never misses to mention and credit wherever she goes.

And indeed at the same function, Nabbanja urged Masaka residents to support NRM and also love president Museveni because it is very difficult for government to extend social services to people who don’t like it!

After the Masaka do, Nabbanja went to Rubaga Cathedral, where she again rained money on the Catholic Church. Here, Nabbanja delivered a Shs50m donation from government towards the purchase of TV screens for the cathedral.


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