Panicky Bizibu parades DAPCB land ghosts as Kasaija Appoints Kamya Son Amid patronage backlash


Departed Asian Property Custodian Board (DAPCB) Executive Secretary George William Bizibu last Wednesday saved his head by rushing to parade persons that had been termed as ghosts in the Kayunga estates land fraud.
The axe was being dangled over Bizibu’s head by the IGG Beti Olive Namisango Kamya (BONK) as well as Finance Minister Matia Kasaija. This was after the latter officials investigated Bizibu over alleged involvement in the attempted shoddy sale of over 800 acres of government land.
According to court documents tendered before the Inspector General of Government (IGG) by whistleblowers, the said land is comprised in Kayunga Estate at Ntunda area in Mukono district.
Particulars show that Bizibu and one Apio Julu signed consent agreements with two people identified as Kayongo Moses Byanguye and Sarah Nakato Kiwumulo. As per the agreement, these purported to have relinquished 300 acres near Ntunda Trading centre to government upon which they would be sold the remaining 500 acres under private treaty.
Trouble for the pair however erupted after the IGG revealed that her office has since established that there were two consent agreements signed in respect of this particular matter.
Further anomalies detected show that there were some forgeries in the agreements as well as in the identification credentials of the purported plaintiffs.
It emerged that in the first agreement, some members of the DAPCB Board including Dr. Byakatonda Abduluhu (current workers’ MP), Sabbehe Mayanja Hirome (DAPCB Divestiture Committee Member) and Counsel Wandera Ogalo for the DAPCB rejected to sign on it. Apparently, this was because Bizibu failed to physically produce the plaintiffs (Kayongo Moses Byanguye and Sarah Nakato Kiwumulo). For the second agreement, the identification credentials of Kiwumulo Sarah Nakato do not match with her signatures and details on her purported national ID. Also, there was no trace of Kayongo Moses Byanguye despite his national ID being used as the basis for signing the consent. However, despite the refusal by some board members to approve the consent agreements, Bizibu and Julu went ahead and signed the consents, an act that amounted to forgery. This led to suspicion that they could have tried to sell the land to non-existent persons; thus investigations against them.

Bizibu in plaintiffs U-Turn

However, last Wednesday, Bizibu and Apio, in a desperate save-face operation, shocked board members when they hastily presented the said Kiwumulo Sarah Nakato and Kayongo Moses Byanguye to the committee members. This was just moments after Finance Minister Matia Kasaija had appointed Arnold Spencer Turwomwe to the DAPCB Board where he will serve as Chairman Divestiture Committee. Turwowme, who happens to be IGG Beti Kamya’s son, replaced Dr. Byakatonda Abduluhul who joined parliament as workers’ MP. After parading the duo, bizibu was tasked to explain why he wrongly signed the second consent agreement without having first presented the two people. He however gave no explanation.

Kasaija, Kamya In Conflict Of Interest Saga

Meanwhile, the appointment of spencer Turwomwe to the DAPCB Board has caused queries, with many concerned people cited possible conflict of interest in the matter. This is largely based on the fact that Kamya has been at the heart of investigating the mess at DAPCB, particularly executive secretary Bizibu. Sources therefore believe Kamya could have influenced Kasaija to appoint her son given the good working relationship between the IGG and finance minister, both of whom have interest in the ongoing investigations surrounding the Kayunga Estates land.

About Turwomwe
Arnold Spencer Turwomwe is the only biological son to former lands minister and current IGG Betty Namisango Kamya.
Ever since Dr. Abduluhul Byakatonda joined parliament early this year, the position has been vacant as Finance Minister Matia Kasaija was looking for a possible replacement.
There were about 30 people who showed interest some by writing while others by using positions of their God fathers to take over the divestiture committee chairperson until Wednesday morning when the minister officially appointed young man Arnold Spencer Turwomwe as the new chairman.
Speaking to the Inspector media house Matia Kasija said that he believes that the young man can manage to run the affairs of the custodian board well.
“I finally appointed Turwomwe as my best choice among those who appeared on my list and to me he would serve them that position,” Kasaija said.
Turwomwe is also a politician, having unsuccessfully stood for the Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality MP seat in the 2021 General elections.
As Kamya campaigned to recapture the Rubaga North MP seat for herself, the young man was battling with giants like Cowboy Arinda the incumbent to carry the NRM flag.
Younger Turwomwe is named after his late father who was a founding member of the Besigye struggle.

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