Nwagi leads Pallaso, Lutalo & John Blaq to ‘Fire’ hungry fans @ London’s Ekintabuli kyo Mwaka

Fire boy crooner Winnie Nwagi was the main attraction as she teamed with fellow artistes David Lutalo, Pallaso and John Blaq proved that talent is unstoppable after they pulled off performances of their lives in London last weekend.

The quartet were the headline artistes at the London Music fete dubbed “Ekintabuli Kyo Muziki 2021”. Sources say that during the bash which happened at London’s Royal Regency Hotel, the top artistes worked the crowds, leaving revelers satisfied that they had got their money’s worth.

The show was also a big breather for the Ugandan artistes who have not been able to hold any concerts or sing to audiences due to the Covid-19 lockdown which came with the ban of all music shows.

A source at the event revealed that the Ugandan music lovers in London were equally thirsty for some cool vibes; with the lockdown in Europe also having been eased just recently.

“It was therefore a case of well-rested and fresh talented musicians meeting thirsty fans; it was a massive blast and no wonder the audiences were record-breaking,” a source said.

Our Inspectors can reveal that the concert sold out to the extent that entrances were closed and those that came late advised to follow the action online. “The VIP area was crowded and the entire auditorium was filled to capacity; in fact partiers that came later were turned away and advised to enjoy the concert on Zoom, YouTube and other platforms that did live streams,” a source said.

The show kicked off during the day, with a host of London-based Ugandan upcoming singers taking to the stage. The main acts then took over at 8:00Pm beginning with Mbimala crooner John Blaq, who treated revelers to one hours of soothing music.

He was followed by Nwagi who has gained fame for her tantalizing dance moves. The self-proclaimed ‘Fire Baby’ captured the audience with her electrifying performance and body revealing costumes that left many men pocketing.

Nwagi performed her numerous hit songs starting off with her first hit singles like ‘Musawo’, ‘Matala’, and ‘Kibulamu’ from her early years in music that were followed by her recent songs such as ‘Kwata Essimu’, ‘Magic’ and so many others .

But arguably the greatest act of the night was Malawo singer Pallaso who sent babes wild that bouncers had to step on stage to haul off horny babes that were nearly tearing his ripped body into shreds. The performances were crowned by Kwasa lord David Lutalo who also left revelers nodding in approval.

The Ekintabuli Kyo Muziki fete was sponsored by WorldRemit, Mosh Entertainment UK, Steady Care and Jobs Link UK, was arguably the biggest concert of 2021 among the Ugandan UK based community.

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