New Dirty Secrets emerge as police nets Teenage Maneater Nicole’s Best Pal

Nicole, the battered man snatcher

More baffling secrets have continued to emerge regarding teenage man-eating sensation, Pretty Nicole.

The young slay queen drew national sympathy and infamy fused together after a video of her being thumped by her friends went viral on social media.

According to the contents of the videos, Nicole fell into her pals’ anger den for allegedly mudslinging one of her friends only identified as Kafta Queen to snatch her man.

Apparently, the enraged Kafta introduced her boyfriend to Nicole and since then Nicole fell for the man.

The assaulters claim that from the day Nicole fell for her pal’s ‘black sausage’, she began an illicit grand scheme to snatch it for keeps. To pull her wish through, she began badmouthing her friend by telling her boyfriend how she was cheating on her with several other men.

Unfortunately, the man forwarded every back-stabbing message from Nicole to his girlfriend, thereby building evidence against the young slay queen.

It is therefore not shocking that before long, the man and his girlfriend laid a trap for Nicole. As per the video narration, Nicole travelled to her pal’s boyfriend’s home to nibble at his ‘sausage’ for a week. This was after she was trapped with a claim that the friend was to be away for that entire period.

However, the young gal soon learnt of the trap when her pal budged into the house shortly after she had arrived and was making herself comfortable with a glass of water.

On entering, she made her betrayal by Nicole known and then took her through a mother of assaults which included battering her with mingling sticks and canes, pouring sewage on her and dragging her by the hair across the floor!

The scary scenes attracted wild uproar from the general public, who called police to action to arrest Nicole’s batterers and jail them for Nicole’s justice.

Kafta who assaulted Nicole over a boyfriend, after he arrest

Secrets Emerge At Police

However, Nicole has left Ugandans who self-conscripted themselves into her pity-party after she refused to divulge details of her assaulters.

In a classic tale of near ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, Nicole chose to carry her own cross, justifying her punishment for snatching someone’s man. The shocking update was relayed by Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire.

Nicole is said to have refused to give in her assaulters even after she was sweet-talked and beseeched by her family members led by her mum, who escorted her to Kawempe Police station where she was taken to file a case relating to her assault.

It has since emerged that Nicole’s family decided to seek police redress after their daughter attempted to run away from home as soon as the videos of her predicament went viral.

While at police however, more info emerged pointing to Nicole being a spoilt gal who even ran away from home to plunge into hedonistic pursuits.

Her sister explained that after it became apparent that she could no longer push through with school, Nicole was enrolled for a hair-dressing vocational course by her parents. However, she soon abandoned the same course after teaming up with her friends who then led her into a new life of slaying, partying and man-eating. And in fact, such narrative is proved by more videos which show Nicole pulling off raunchy dance moves at various city hangouts.

By press time, however, police had arrested Kafta, who reports had alleged was a top general’s daughter.

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