Intel That Ruined Kiwanda’s Clout Before M7 And Why Nadduli Is Making A Comeback

About a month and a half ago, former tourism state minister Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi stormed the NRM headquarters.
The purpose of his going there was to launch his hitherto much publicised program called Kisoboka or It’s possible. The program’s launch was publicised on several social media platforms as the man from Mityana north readied himself for the day.
Henceforth, the day came and Kiwanda religiously rode to the NRM headquarters. However, news started spreading like wild fire that the NRM bosses had told him to launch ‘his thing’ elsewhere.

On top of this, the Rolex icon Kiwanda received another bad egg in his face after his show on a local TV station was replaced by state minister for microfinance Haruna Kasolo. Whereas his Kisoboka program might have been well intentioned, something behind his back happened according to sources that talked to this news site.


To begin with, Kiwanda a member of NRM CEC is reported to have been placed under a secret security investigation of sorts after Intel leaked that his Kisoboka program allegedly has what was termed as a hidden agenda.
Apparently, Museveni all along hadn’t paid attention to it until one of the senior members of NRM CEC; a lady in particular allegedly took a brief to Museveni.

The brief according to our Inspectors, bordered on Kiwanda being an enemy within through his Kisoboka program.
It has been alleged according to the brief to Museveni that opposition NUP is doing all avenues to see off the president and that the events going on in other African countries where long serving presidents are being removed is what is emboldening the NUP activists.

To achieve this, it requires NUP embarking on various slogans that rally mass support and are easier to grasp.
It is therefore no wonder that around the same time Kiwanda chose to launch his program, NUP legislators also had the same program. However, to them, its allegedly being done through individual legislators who are massively donating ambulances to their voters but with inscriptions reading ‘Kisoboka’

This is mainly among MPs from Luweero region considered to be NRM cradle land which it lost wholly to NUP.
We were informed that Kiwanda did another sacrilege when he allegedly started moving around media houses calling himself No.4 in the NRM party politics given that he sits in CEC. From Museveni (chairman), Kigongo (vice chairman), Rebecca Kadaga (second national vice chairperson) to Kiwanda (regional vice chairperson-Buganda).

“Ono omusajja atandise okweyita number 4 wa NRM. On the last date, he might command people in his region that if it can happen elsewhere, why not here in Uganda? Who among other vice chairpersons refers to himself as number 4? He’s building a platform we may not be able to counter easily” an inspector privy to the details to the president quoted the senior lady as telling the president.

Basing on this and coupled with intense infighting within NRM, the senior lady allegedly talked to the president and briefed him on why he needed to do more research on Kiwanda’s Kisoboka program before he could fully embrace it as an NRM program. In the said brief, the senior woman told the president that Kisoboka has been earmarked as the campaign slogan by change agents particularly NUP alongside People Power slogan.

YK Museveni

“How shall we differentiate between Kisoboka of NUP and Kisoboka of Kiwanda? Are you aware that his Kisoboka program maybe designed to fight NRM? It is going to be unveiled by the opposition. We need further study to it before it’s too late” an inspector quoted the senior female CEC member as telling the president.

Inspectors revealed to us that when this Intel was told to the president, this is how he tactfully directed the NRM headquarters bosses not to allow Kiwanda to launch it there. The aim was to enable him make further study to the said program basing on the Intel offered by the senior woman. It is also the reason his other CEC members heading other regions haven’t yet embraced it and marketed it in their area.

In fact, not only did his launch get frustrated, but also a move was coined that Kiwanda’s predecessor Hajji Abdul Nadduli be recalled from his political oblivion and gets financial rehabilitation. Nadduli all along had been badmouthing NRM especially after plans of bringing anti-Mailo land bill were hatched.

According to what we got, the senior lady suggested that Nadduli gets financial rehabilitation and a car so that he can speak for NRM better in Buganda region than his successor Kiwanda.

WIN BIG!!!!!

“Don’t be surprised when you see Nadduli begining to move around Buganda to mobilize. He will be fully facilitated yet he is a former chairman of Buganda region. The move is meant to keep Kiwanda at a distance for now” the sources added.
Kiwanda has been a state minister for tourism. During his reign, he has made three major milestones. One was to launch Rolex (chapati) as one of Uganda’s delicacies, launch and hold beauty pageants dubbed ‘miss curvy’ to show Ugandan ladies with heavy booty and his tulambule program. His Kisoboka program has however, surfaced in Baamunaanika county formerly represented by education state minister JC Muyingo.

Bobi Wine

Politically, he spent his time in cabinet thanks to the efforts of then deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah until when he lost his MP seat to Kibedi Nsegumire in January. He’s among the top NRM bosses who engage the media quite often. He recently suffered a political defeat for EALA by-election especially after he was thumped by James Kakooza who was allegedly backed by Kadaga camp. However, his reign as NRM chairperson in Buganda has seen Museveni and his party lose terribly to opposition NUP. This is why, according to his tormentors in NRM, they want Museveni to assign Nadduli a special role to help rejuvenate NRM fortunes in Buganda. Watch the space!

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