How UPPC Spent Shs7bn On KCB Account

Min. Milly Babalanda

Exclusive details of how government printer- Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC) spent Shs7bn that was on a fixed account in KCB have leaked to us.

The Inspector understands that whereas Minister for the Presidency Milly Babalanda is accused of allegedly having siphoned this money, there’s is a detailed accountability for it wherein, Uganda Revenue Authority took the largest share of it in form of taxes.

This Shs7bn had allegedly been saved on a fixed account in Kenya Commercial Bank purportedly for buying printing machines for the corporation.
In details we obtained, the Electoral Commission paid UPPC a total of Shs10bn. Of this amount, the previous managers allegedly swindled 30% of it which resulted in their sacking and are currently in court battling this case.

However, at that time, they had deposited Shs7bn on the fixed account in KCB and it is money that has now raised storm bringing in Babalanda’s name as the overseer of the corporation.
In this expose, this News site hereby reveals credible details of how the Shs7bn was spent.
For example in details before us, tax body-URA took the largest share on this money. It is indicated that on November 5/2021, URA collected Shs3,051,341,102bn, again on March 7/2022 collected Shs1bn and on April 27/2022 the same tax body took Shs500m.

This is contained in a payslip entitled “Expenditure from KCB regarding FD of Shs7bn’ that our Inspectors have landed on.
With URA having taken that huge amount, another entity which was paid was Elite Computer Services. It took Shs1.181, 415,070bn on April 24/2022 and Shs300m which was paid on March 16/2022. These payments were meant for Indigo Machine which is said to be a State-Of-The-Art digital color press suitable for security printing.

Accountability for Shs7bn being questioned

In total, out of the Shs7bn, the payments made amounted to Shs6032756173bn!
The balance of Shs1bn was according to Inspectors used for paying salaries for staff and board plus related taxes.

“Therefore, there’s no truth in those articles alleging that the 7bn was not accounted for. Money they are talking about was spent and properly accounted for. There’s evidence at UPPC and whoever needs it, it’s readily available” says an Inspector.



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