Speaker Among Deals Serious Blow To Ugandan Diplomats Messing Up Gov’t Position On Homosexuals!

Rt. Hon. Anita Among, Speaker of Parliament

The overwhelming support among legislators chaired by speaker Anita Among in passing the Anti-gay bill yesterday has dealt a big blow to some of the Ugandan Foreign Service Officers, this News site reports!

Among yesterday led a successful campaign for MPs to pass the bill which was tabled by Bugiri municipality MP Asuman Basalirwa.
The bill criminalizes this vice with tight sentences including death penalty and or life imprisonment to the promoters, recruiters, funders among others and now awaits Gen. Museveni to ascent to become a law.

It was ably endorsed by 389 legislators a figure far above the legally required 172 members of the 536 members!
The passing of this bill comes at a time when some of the country’s foreign service officers have allegedly been going around claiming that the country’s position on homosexuality had since changed.

In some of the leaked posts intercepted by our Inspectors, one of our diplomats in one of the European countries (names withheld for now), has been assuring his colleagues that the policy had changed.

His statements however, have sparked intense debate from his colleagues who accused him of giving toxic information about governmnent.
Describing his post as ‘Very Important Message Here’, the shameless officer said the LGBT topic is of great importance to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Rt. Hon. Anita Among, Speaker of Parliament
Rt. Hon. Anita Among, Speaker of Parliament

“We’re asked about this in all our engagements in the West. Debate we have here gives FSOs a better understanding of the topic and most importantly the government position. You will notice that until the other day, some officers didn’t know that our official position on LGBT had changed” the shameless officer (names withheld) claimed.

His statements however, attracted rhetoric from his colleagues who asked him not to confuse them.
“Our official position has never changed. Don’t confuse the masses I beg” an officer warned his colleague, who shot back saying ‘confuse how? I hope you know the official position Jane (not real names).

Jane (not real names) lectured to the colleague that the country’s position had never changed saying ‘this is our official position on LGBT in Uganda. Enjoy but Don’t drag us along’
With this kind of debate, some members have now opted to have another platform to discuss serious issues after the current one had been spoilt by ‘bisiyaga’ debate.

“Alternatively, another group the MOFA E-NOTICEBOARD where only official communication will be shared can be created and managed by the Public Diplomacy Department” a member posted, but others protested the member’s insistence on debating homosexuality.
“No, this is just your backdoor way of resurrecting the discussion on this issue which clearly almost everybody is tired to engage in on this forum” a member said in response to the confusing diplomat. With a pic of a top FDC honcho, his wife and son appearing on the diplomats’ platform for discussion, the members said ‘God was with Uganda when those fellows were not elected to the Presidency’

According to the discussion, members asked Amb. Dr. Rashid Yahya Ssemuddu to continue giving guidance as his influence seems to be positive to everyone.
“Your pressure seems to be yielding” a member said.

In passing the bill, Rt. Hon. Among said that ‘This house should not shy away to rescrict any right provided; it’s done to protect the culture and morals of this country’.
The religious leaders are all smiles for Among to have guided parliament to have the bill passed. Mityana Bishop Rev. Dr. Bukomeko had now urged President Museveni to quickly ascent to the bill and police to fully enforce it so that those involved can be handled. Watch the space!

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