Gen. Museveni Deploys Commandos To Arrest Fleeing Iron Sheets Thieving Ministers


Commander in Chief of the armed forces also president, Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa has reportedly deployed deadly commandos from the elite Special Forces to hunt down all ministers trying to flee after being implicated in stealing iron sheets. The said deployment arises from a request by State House Anti-Graft Unit boss for specialized assistance to beef up police operatives so as to speed up the process.

The sheets which have turned out to be a big thorn in the feet of the ministers were meant for the underprivileged people of Karamoja but the ministers stole the items. This has since forced the president to pen a hot letter to premier Robinah Nabbanja describing the act by his ministers as subversion and a security threat.

The arrests which started eight days ago but intensified on Friday this week, have left several ministers hiding in various places around the country with their known mobile phones switched off.

For example, our Inspectors said that on Friday, the arrest order had been issued for six ministers among whom were two full cabinet ministers (one female and another male) and four state ministers three of whom are males and a female.
However, one of the male state ministers is reported to have fled the country and hid in neighboring Nairobi city on purported medical leave. He however, according to Inspectors never notified his immediate boss the prime minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja! It’s not clear whether this embattled dark-skinned man got an earlier tip off about the impending arrest for him to claim to have gone for medical attention. In fact, we understood that out of this act, this is the reason CiC reportedly issued an order that all thugs named in the iron sheets scandal should not leave the country.

Another female state minister we’re told was in the bank when her body guard alerted her that she was a wanted criminal. Like any other thief trying to evade arrest, the state minister reportedly jumped into another private vehicle and hid in parliament.
Another male minister (full cabinet) allegedly decided to dismantle his phones the whole day to avoid GPS location.

The search team combed all possible places of his hideout including his upcountry home but the ageing man disappeared. As for Amos Lugoloobi, he was returning from office and his vehicle was intercepted leading to his arrest.

Our Inspectors suggested that the president is determined to carry on with the crackdown on thieves in cabinet and has thus deployed his commandos stationed in various strategic places having mapped out the possible hideouts for the ministers. Other commandos are reported to be at parliament where many more arrests are going to be effected now that ministers have chosen to turn parliamentary building into a safe house for them to evade arrest.
“Whether it takes a whole month, the commandos will arrest these people. They have nowhere to hide” says a top inspector.

This news site upon arrest of Karamoja affairs minister Maria Goreti Kitutu revealed that eight ministers were destined to join her in Luzira prison. Indeed on the very day she was released on bail after spending eight days in cells, the intense crackdown started for the remaining looting group.

Our Inspectors suggested that the reason ministers hid themselves was the fact that they wanted to dodge spending the weekend in police cells. Instead, their calculation is to surrender themselves tomorrow to police with a hope that they will immediately be taken to court and get bailed out. The ministers have since lined up sureties learning from Kitutu’s situation.

“They don’t know that Kitutu set the pace. This is a criminal offence for which police will need additional statements from them before taking them to court. They will spend some nights in police cells” says an Inspector, adding that the more they hide, the more they complicate the terms for their would-be bail.

What is funny enough is the fact that some of the ministers had been lined up for bigger things. For example according to Inspectors, Amos Lugoloobi, the man already in the coolers had been earmarked for the post of finance minister replacing Matia Kasaija. His only rival was Fred Omach who’s the board chairperson of UNRA and also former state minister for finance in charge of general duties.

With Lugoloobi having disgraced himself with alleged theft, the man from Kayunga is automatically out of the equation.
“Imagine all his years he was the chairperson of the budget committee of parliament, he has only served in cabinet for a short time yet his CV was rich. The devil really exists” says an Inspector. None the less, Lugoloobi is said to be a relatively rich man owning sizeable commercial buildings around Kampala one being in Kabuusu. It’s a new magnificent building having costed around Shs6bn (in case it’s really his) as inspectors suggested in a report to CiC on the financial status of his ministers.

Another minister is Matia Kasaija alias Mr. Enkonome’. From finance, he had been tipped for transfer to ministry for gender currently under Betty Amongi. He was actually going to make history since NRM party came into play (2005) to have been the first finance minister to leave that post gracefully.

All other finance ministers except Maria Kiwanuka have left without further deployment due to issues around their tenure. Ezra Suruma and Syda Bbumba have stories to tell Kasaija in case he had forgotten!
Inspectors added that even as Jjajja Museveni had planned to transfer Mr. Enkonome’ to gender, the man from Bunyoro had allegedly asked the big man to name him new governor bank of Uganda. His name until he smeared himself with mud, had remained on the vetting list for the top three people (others names withheld) rivaling for Governor’s job.

“The best thing for him is to forget all this. Let him concentrate on defending himself. It was a terrible shame. The CiC is now convinced that his long wait to name a governor wasn’t in vain” says an Inspector.

It should be recalled that Museveni and his friend Matia Kasaija have been riding an icy boat arising from the latter’s reluctance to clear outstanding bills for Uganda’s Membership to the strategic continental body of African Union. The president wrote a stinging letter two months ago to Kasaija warning him for the last time not to sabotage his work and desires by failing to pay membership for AU.

Watch out for details of what next for ministers who have been implicated the moment they appear in court!

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