Gen. Museveni Asks School Bosses To Integrate Career Guidance Sessions In School Curriculum To Reduce On ‘Street Graduands’

VP Alupo plants a monumental tree to mark the celebrations


President Yoweri Museveni says several graduates are still on the ‘streets’ because their academic excellences are irrelevant to the demands of the prevailing job market.

The head of state in a fatherly guidance to students and teachers says the private sector for example; is full of job opportunities but many students are not guided on subjects that answer the demands of the job market.

“It is important to note that education without skills to produce goods and services is not enough because it simply increases the number of the unemployed” Museveni said in a speech read for him by his 2iC Maj. Jessica Alupo who represented him at the Centennial Celebrations for Kigezi High School. This learning institution started in 1922.

VP Alupo in a group photo with Kigezi High School OBs and OGs

The president noted that there is a high demand for doctors, accountants, science teachers, nurses, engineers, ICT experts among others by the private sector but due to the lack of career guidance in schools, fewer students are choosing science and ICT based courses. 

The man from Rwakitura currently in high spirits to host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations championship alongside Tanzania and Kenya, said lack of career guidance in schools has birthed a mismatch between the school curriculum and the job market in the private sector.

“The outcome is the unemployment problem among the young people. I, therefore, wish to urge the administrators to integrate Career guidance sessions into the school curriculum to help students choose subjects that are relevant to the job market in the private sector for example science subjects, mathematics and ICT” he advised.

Bp. Akanjuna signals to the VP as ex-premier Dr. Rugunda looks on

Museveni said the focus of the NRM government is on the creation of jobs and wealth for the households having made what he called commendable progress in resolving the bottleneck of poor infrastructure, which rendered Uganda unattractive, for business and investment.

He said the country now boasts of enough electricity, good tarmacked roads, peace and stability among others, noting that these are important since they help to lower the costs of doing business in an economy. Museveni challenged the population to translate the prevailing favorable conditions of peace, security and good infrastructure into jobs and wealth.

“Development alone is not enough, though it must come first. Development is a collective good for everyone. It must, however, be translated into jobs and wealth for the families in order to be meaningful. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity to urge the leaders to mobilize the communities to participate in production, in the four sectors of: commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT” he said. 

VP Alupo in a group photo with leaders and students at the school

The president said the NRM government remains focused on achieving the goal of a healthy and educated human resource, by promoting mass education and the immunization campaigns. He said UPE, USE, UPPET, UPELOT programmes have promoted equitable access to education and vocational training and that as a result, government has registered an increase in enrollment and completion rates, at all levels; and a rise in the adult literacy rate from 43% in 1986 to 79% now.

He congratulated Kigezi High School upon reaching101 years in existence noting that since its founding, the school has stood proud, as a beacon of enlightenment and transformation in Kigezi and Uganda.

“I want to commend the Students of Kigezi High School for upholding the values of discipline, godliness, hard work and servanthood. It is on account of upholding the above values, that your school has produced outstanding and influential personalities who have gone ahead to make great contribution to national development and socio-economic transformation” he said through workaholic Alupo who is also the Katakwi district Woman MP.

Ex-premier Dr. Rugunda welcomes VP Alupo for the celebrations at school

In a rather fatherly tone, Gen. Museveni advised that discipline is important in life as it helps one to remain focused on his/her goals such as completing school and abstaining from destructive behaviors like smoking, booziness, sexual promiscuity which he said affect one’s mental and physical health.

He expressed gratitude towards Bp. Gaddie Akanjuna for the warm invitation extended to him to at officiate the function and also congratulated the school and its admins upon this important milestone.


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