Minister Kassaija Visits Mbale Business Community

Matia Kassaija the Minister of Finance, Planning and economic development has visited members of Mbale Traders Association in Mbale City. 

Kassaija asked the Businessmen to support each other and also utilize available government interventions to grow their businesses. 

Kassaija visited Abrah Supermarket, Abrah Bakery and Sino Uganda Industrial Park. 

Richard Mataya the director of Abrah Supermarket and Bakery described the minister’s visit as timely. He adds that they shared their challenges with the minister especially on access to bigger loan facilities.

Meanwhile, James Netalisire the vice Chairperson of Mbale City Traders Association asked government to support local investors. 

He explains that government has concentrated much on supporting and protecting foreign investors at the expense of local entrepreneurs. Netalisire says foreigner investors shout stop at only producing products n leave selling and distributing to Ugandans for survival.

Ritah Namuwenge the National Coordinator for EMYOOGA program applauded the minister’s visit adding that most Mbale business people have moved from small and Medium businesses to now investors. 

She asked Businessmen to believe in themselves and expand their enterprises for the region to grow.



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