Why Gen. Museveni Is By Far, The Best Asset Uganda Has Ever Had!

By Mathias Lutwama

Majority Africans, by social conjecture, are lovers of black occultism. You well know, that President Museveni was mentored by great leaders like Julius Nyerere and Sekou Toure. Within the sphere of the masses, this makes Museveni a sanctuary of Pan Africanism and statesmanship. Interesting enough, many leaders in FDC and NUP were majorly mentored by whites. This makes them look like classical aliens, who cannot configure the aspirations of Ugandans.

Part of the black man’s inheritance is always bequeathed in values and social virtuosity. Museveni has piously entered the world Guinness book of records as the statesman who viciously fought most, the evils of lesbianism and homosexuality. To Ugandans and Africans, this portrays Museveni as a guardian of African heroes .

Intriguing enough, some leaders in opposition parties, are busy moving across the world, inciting the whites, to fight Museveni, on a justification, that Uganda hates homosexuality. Of course such schemes are a waste of time. Why? The strategic architecture of the state in Uganda, can never permit the penetration of foreign demonism, at least for the next 100 years.

Macro-economics by curriculum, is designed by wall street tycoons, well mentored by geniuses in IMF and World Bank.  Musevenomics on the other hand, looks at micro economics which leverages Parish development Model at local government units. On a positive note, this PDM is devoid of monetary inflation, with 1.1 trillion shillings disbursed for 2023/24 budget year.

It’s conventional by military matrix, that the summation of war, by organized artillery, shall lead to piece. So many African countries, in the west and south, the North and East, are grateful beyond equivocation, to Uganda People’s Defence Forces, whose professional symmetry, has stabilized regions, in advancement of a new civilization. 

HOLY SPIRIT God my love and Friend, we surely love the aura of the black Vanguards, to the Glory of your righteous name, Amen.

Mathias Lutwama is an African Nationalist, also Deputy Resident District Commissioner. Contact Sms 0786672301



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