We are proud of WENRECO, says Arua LC5 Boss

WENRECO and Airtel staff join local leaders for a group photo shortly after launching the partnership on Tuesday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI


ARUA. Alfred Okuonzi, the Arua district chairperson has come out publicly to praise West Nile Rural Electrification Company (WENRECO) for the services the company is offering to the people of West Nile region.

“As the district chairman who holds the cultural heritage of the region, I want to say we are proud of WENRECO for bringing services nearer to us,” Okuonzi said on Tuesday during the launch of the partnership between WENRECO and Airtel Uganda that will see locals purchase power on their phones using Airtel Money.

Okuonzi’s praises came at a time when some locals are conducting online mobilization to kick WENRECO and Electro Maxx out of West Nile, accusing the two companies of failing to supply stable and reliable power in the region.

At the time of filing this story, a total of 131 locals had already signed the petition filed to the Speaker of Parliament on a WhatsApp group dubbed ‘WENRECO MUST GO!’

But during the function, Okuonzi maintained that WENRECO’s partnership with Airtel Uganda will improve on the already good services the company is offering to the people of West Nile.

“We are proud of you for partnering with Airtel Uganda to make sure that the services are accessed at convenience. This is going to lead us to economic growth and save family income because the money that has been used for hiring Boda Boda and putting fuel to reach the unit centers has been sorted, so we will do it within our convenience on the phone,” Okuonzi said.

Meanwhile Sam Wadri Nyakua, the Arua City Mayor said they appreciate the fact that WENRECO is making struggles, and so far, so good! But he quickly added that the power the company is supplying will not get the people of West Nile out of poverty.

Okuonzi stresses a point during the launch of WENRECO – Airtel partnership at WENRECO head office on Tuesday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

“For our people to come out of poverty, we need that connection with the national grid. If we are connected to the national grid, big companies like Meridian Tobacco Company and others that are upcoming will provide a lot of employment,” Nyakua said.

Nyakua, however, referred to the WENRECO – Airtel partnership as a very good innovation which he said is one of the ways to show progress in the development of the region.

According to Eng. Kenneth Kigumba, the WENRECO General Manager, the partnership with Airtel Uganda is a momentous occasion for them as WENRECO.

“We want to exceptionally thank the management of Airtel Money for having such a good product and solution for us. Indeed, the solution is extremely and directly in line with our aggressive strategy to satisfy customers in this region,” Kigumba said.

“The area of customer satisfaction is key, and a prime strategy we are aggressively pursuing as a business. So, this comes inline and it is timely. We have tried to venture out using other solutions and I want to assure the customers that even the other solutions will continue to be available but I will urge all of you to have an Airtel sim card and immediately enroll for this solution from Airtel Money,” Kigumba appealed.

In his remarks, Japhet Aritho, the Airtel Money Managing Director said as Airtel Uganda, they are committed to continue to offer better services to the people of Uganda.

“When it comes to today’s event, which for me is the center of our heart, we actually want to state that we live up to our promise of ensuring we have an instant, secure and borderless network. Instantly securing – you will now be able to pay your WENRECO tokens in the comfort of your home, in the comfort of your office, sometimes when you are even travelling abroad,” Aritho said.



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