Video: Final moments Of Mak Fresh Graduate Walking To His Tragic Death Emerges

A video showing Makerere University fresh graduate Ramathan Wambuzi, 26, walking to his tragic death has emerged, evoking fresh pain among his loved ones.

A 2021 Graduate of Social Works and Social Administration (SWASA), hunky Wambuzi perished in a fatal motor accident that claimed his life and that of a supposed lover on Independence Day.

But in the video that leaked on video sharing social media app Tik Tok, a bubbly Wambuzi is seen slaying and beaming with happiness as he captures what later becomes his final selfie.

Seconds later, Wambuzi captures a sleek Toyota Mark X car in the background. Unfortunately, this is the ride that he boards minutes later with intent to return to Kampala from Jinja where he and friends had gone to attend a fun-filled independence party.

Sources say that Wambuzi and his close classmates had decided to go and celebrate their education milestone since this year’s national independence coincided with their own independence from grueling studies.

The fatal crash

According to eyewitness accounts, Wambuzi’s tragic demise is a true mirror of the very thin line between ecstasy and pain. Sources close to the departed young man narrated that following weeks of planning, Wambuzi agreed with friends to meet at Khan Hostel in Makerere Kikoni, where he was resident throughout his time at MUK.

As such on independence eve, Wambuzi travelled and lodged at Khan Hostel, where he slept in the warm bosom of his obscenely sexy girlfriend only identified as Olga. “That night was full of fun and the gang drank, ate and danced before those that were prepared retired to bed with their horizontal partners,” a source said.

During the burial, an inconsolable Olga narrated that Wambuzi had asked her to travel with him but she opted out because she had coursework to urgently do; nevertheless Wambuzi kissed her what would soon become their final and eternal goodbye and off he went to Jinja.

Sources say that the group travelled in two cars; a Mark X and a Subaru. They practically went racing and it was just by luck that we reached safely while going,” a source said.

However, the group would be twice as lucky because after the party because while racing back, the mark x in which Wambuzi was being driven hit a hump and rolled several times, killing him and the girl with whom he was seated in the back seat. Fortunately, the driver survived with minor scratches, most probably because he had fastened his seat belt unlike his colleagues who were having fun at the back.

Wambuzi was buried at the Muslim cemetery in Bugembe, Jinja amidst untold pain to his parents and other loved ones.

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