Unpacking President Museveni a distinguished Pan Africanist

By Allan Bamuha

President Museveni a Global Leadership icon-From the African continent, Europe to the far lands of Australia, President Museveni remains an icon when it comes to Global Leadership, Peace, Security and Development

President Museveni leads by example and actions, not words. He shares his vision with the citizenry and he remains open to suggestions of Ugandans, this has over time caused good cooperation across the entire country.

In exercising powers as president each task is shared not assigned, this quality distinguishes him as an authentic leader He is also visionary and future-oriented and likes to take risks to arrive at new ways on how to do the tasks better.

He is creative seeks mutual support, and is process-oriented. He is also adaptable to changes and seeks new ways on leading his team to travel into new and uncharted territories to cause development. He leads by example and continues to be a good role model. He is followed not because of his authority but because of his charisma and creativity above all God fearing

Our Fountain of Honor is confident enough to execute his vision and do whatever it takes to materialize them. He is able to handle setbacks and problems in completing a developed Uganda.

He can anticipate problems and changes and act on them in advance to minimize risks and future problems. He has self-initiative ability and acts first and sets an example to others in doing things right. He is the primum mobile or the first-mover, he creates the positive template on how to proceed and sets the direction of how the end result must be to develop not only Uganda but the entire world

He pursues development visions and beliefs with composure and grace is a quality embedded inside him. He knows his priorities and doesn’t succumb to temporary easiness. He can choose between what is easy and difficult and knows the hard work needed to materialize his goals. He has prudent thinking and is a good role model to the rest of the world

He can solve problems using his original approach revolutionary style and seek ways to help his subordinates. President Museveni has got an inner quality of Inventiveness and imagination which are key in stabilizing and developing Uganda. One can be able to think of original solutions to solve the challenges of every day doing a task that’s President Museveni. He is also capable of breaking new grounds by expressing his ideas to Ugandans

He is flexible to anything, he understands that life is a fluctuating ocean of ups and downs. He is able to adapt to emerging difficulties, some old ways may not be used anymore so being adaptable makes him cope with leadership setbacks and solves them easily

President Museveni can think and use his intelligence for his expertise beyond his technical skills. He can also understand the prerequisites of attaining a goal. Over time he has been able to grasp the heart of Ugandas problems and think of ways of utilizing skills to solve them.

President Museveni believes that a long-term goal is attainable but needs to develop in time by study and practice and learning from mistakes and gaining experience. He knows that personal and professional development takes a great deal of time and requires a lot of personal reinvention before one can arrive at his desired goal, by this he has remained focused from FRONASA days to today’s NRM party

He is very careful and considers every moment of doing a task as important. He has an exemplary work ethic and does not waste his time with distraction and unnecessary gossip. He arrives early and finishes early, he has a strong will and has respect for time and regulations. President Museveni is also practical, he is prudent in his thinking

He also can use his surroundings to his advantage. He is tidy and can maintain a minimalist space to create a sense of focus. His thoughts are also organized, he is not scatterbrained and can make a sound decision. He creates an organized system and will do anything to reduce chaos. He can linearly plan things and can list methods to help him tackle things carefully.

He does not allow defeat to ruin his confidence and ability to bounce back from any setbacks. He is very persistent in his goals and will do anything to carefully achieve them. Clearly what is needed is a positive attitude towards work and rely on his self for resources and strength. He is like a mountain, firm, and correct, and able to withstand the storms of life. He can recover swiftly to any setbacks and knows that they are part of growing and life.

He can master a zen-like calm amidst chaos and can create a sense of space in his mind to process problems. He can handle difficult situations and strong personalities and does not participate in arguments.

He is impartial, he can utilize his emotions not the other way around. He also does not favor anyone or be easily swayed by power, wealth, etc He has a strong virtue of justice

He is humbled by his experiences and uses these lessons to better others. His inner humility is the quality of being mature enough to know his place in the world and is not bound to the trappings of his authority.

In a nutshell President Museveni is
kind,knowledgeable, logical, loyal, mentor,
motivational, objective, open, optimistic
original, passionate, persistent, realistic
receptive, reliable, resilient,respectful
skilled, smart, steward,strategic
strong, supportive, tactful, teacher, thinker, timely, tireless, transformative, transparent, trustworthy, unique, uplifting, valuable, vigilant, visionary. Uganda is blessed to have a true Pan Africanist

The Author is a Pan Africanist and
Media Panelist Office of the National Chairman NRM in-charge of Bunyoro Subregion

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