Umeme To Charge Shs820.9 Per Unit As Uganda Shilling Loses Value Against US Dollar!

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has been forced to increase power tariffs for both domestic and commercial use.
This News site mid this week reported that there was a likelihood for power prices to go up in the last quarter (4th) of the year 2022 as the United States Dollar continued to gain weight against the Uganda shilling.

ERA determines tariff rates according to how the dollar is performing against the Uganda shilling.
And whereas the dollar has in the part two quarters (January to June) been trading at a lower rate of Shs3539, the last three months or 3rd quarter (July, August and September), have seen the dollar gaining more strength against the shilling hitting a record 3810.74!

Besides, even the consumer price index also went up from 115.35 to 122.87 while the international fuel prices have also gone up from 80.37 per barrel to 117.72 dollars per barrel pushing almost every commodity in Uganda double in price!

According to ERA acting CEO Geoffrey Okoboi (PhD), the new tariffs have been determined in consideration of the changes in the aforementioned macro-economic factors which include inflation, consumer price index and fuel prices at international market.
He added that the tariffs also took into account the Energy Generation Mix and costs approved by the authority.

ERA according to section 10 and 75 of the Electricity Act 1999 is mandated to approve electricity tariffs for end-users.
“ERA has approved the 4th Quarter Schedule of electricity end-user tariffs to be charged by Umeme Limited for supply of electrical energy in the billing period October-December” says Okoboi.

In the new tariffs schedule accessed by our News site, domestic consumers will pay Shs250 per unit for the first 15 units. However, anything above 15 units (16-80 units), the domestic consumer will pay Shs820.9 per unit while the one who buys between 81-150 will pay Shs412 per unit. The one who uses above 150 units will also be charged Shs820.9 per unit!
As for commercial consumers, during peak hours, a unit will be charged at Shs825.1, Average Shs637.7, Shoulder Shs641.7 and off-peak at Shs414 per unit.

The Medium Industrial consumers a unit will go for Shs652.9 during peak hours, Shs482.4 Average, Shs 486.8 Shoulder and Shs274.5 off-peak.
Large Industrial consumers have also not been forgotten. ERA has approved Shs506 payable per unit during peak hours, Shs388.5 Average, Shs389.1 Shoulder and Shs264.6 off-peak.

The Extra large Industrial consumers will pay Shs424 during peak hours for a unit, Shoulder 329.4, Average 328.5 and off-peak 243 shillings per unit. As for street lighting, the approved figure is Shs370 per unit.
For details, refer to attached tariff schedule.

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