Uganda Has Everything We Need Only If We Desist From Stealing, Corruption-Gen. Museveni

President Museveni has said that if thugs in government desist from stealing and corruption, Ugandans need not to go outside to beg.

He says the country has everything we need but because of thefts and corruption, that’s why ‘puppets’ go and beg hence shaming the country.

The head of state was speaking to the security forces at Kololo ceremonial grounds where he thanked them for securing the recently held NAM and G-77+China Summits.

He said during the Summits, he could see the delegates were really surprised because outside Africa, the continent is not well understood.

“And you have your puppets here who go there to beg. They misrepresent us. I know Uganda has got everything, if you desist from theft and corruption and you listen to the NRM, there is nothing you cannot do, everything is here,” he noted. 

The head of state said it was good that these people came to Uganda, adding that the group of Secretary to cabinet/head of public service Lucy Nakyobe did their job well. He added that even the private sector did their work and the security forces also did work of security very well.

“This is really historic. It was very crucial that we host them well, we were exposing Uganda. People were coming here to see Uganda, the climate, the facilities, the water and the people. So, you dazzled them, thank you.” he said.

The President however noted that the security forces managed to achieve the success because of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) security doctrine which include among others patriotism and prioritisation. 

“From the beginning, our doctrine on security is that we, the freedom fighters, don’t join the army or the police for money. We are soldiers first and foremost because of Patriotism; we love Uganda. That is how many of us fought for many years with no pay. You should also be diligent in your work.” Museveni said.

Museveni said he had called the gallant men and women in uniform to thank them for their contribution to what he called the Public Relations for Africa. 

“If Uganda can’t do it, then who else can do it? It was good that you proved that Uganda can do it. It was therefore important that you did it well, so I want to thank everybody and congratulations,” he said. 

According to Museveni, it was very crucial that Uganda hosted the two summits successfully because if it had not done so, Africa would be despised.

The President also commended the UPDF Engineers Brigade for building an ultra-modern terminal building at Entebbe International Airport at a fair fee of Shs60bn. “The private companies had been quoting Shs190bn,” he said before reiterating the need to enhance the salaries of scientists, saying that sciences are very vital in the development of the country. 

He further assured the officers that the government will increase their salaries at the right time. 

Meanwhile, 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Rt.Hon. Rukia Nakadama thanked the security organs for the job well done during the NAM and G-77+China summits. 

“I want to thank you for exhibiting what you did during the time when we had the NAM and G-77+ China Summits under the wise guidance of H.E the President,” she said. 

The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Hon. Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja used the occasion to congratulate President Museveni upon his election as the chair of the NAM and G-77+China. “Allow me to also thank all those who have done a very commendable job to ensure the success of the summits.” he said.

The Minister of Security, Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi congratulated President Museveni, the Members of the National Organizing Committee and other stakeholders for the successful organisation of the summits. 

“The reports we get from visitors who were here are full of praise.” he said.

As for Lucy Nakyobe, who was also the Chairperson of the National Organizing Committee for NAM and G-77 Summits, she lauded the security organs for their contribution toward the success of the summits. 

“Let me congratulate our forces upon having had these summits successfully concluded without any event. I believe you must have been on your tenterhooks until you saw the last guest out of this country,” she said.

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