SODOMY: Wife Frames Hubby To Jail Him And Grab Family Property

Fred Enanga

By Rodney Kay

An estranged woman has framed her husband for allegedly sodomising his children in a bid to get him jailed and she grabs all the couple’s matrimonial property.

This is according to a statement issued by police on investigations into a viral audio in which a woman, Sarah Nalwoga Igeme, accused her husband, Dr. Igeme Katagwa, of sexually abusing their children.

The audio has attracted heated debate, with many people initially judging the man for being a monster. However, police has come out to exonerate the man, instead revealing that investigations point to the fact woman, Nalwoga Igeme, just maliciously made up the claims with the aim to have her husband jailed so she can take control of all their property and the children. Below is the police statement (verbatim):


We would like to inform the public that the Directorate of CID, has taken interest in an audio of alleged Aggravated defilement and sodomy, that was recorded by a one Sarah Nalwoga Igeme, where she accused her husband Dr. Igeme Katagwa, for sexually molesting their two children, a boy now aged 15 and .a girl aged 13. The public should know that it is the 3rd occasion that this matter is coming up. In the two previous complaints, the complainant was found to have maliciously fabricated the allegations against her husband, after no proof of inappropriate or sexualised behavior was established between her husband and their two children.

The facts gathered indicate that around March, 2021, a one Sarah Nalwoga Igeme, a wife to Dr. Igeme Katagwa, accused her husband, whom she claims is gay, for sexually molesting both their daughter and son. As a result, the mother, father and children were interviewed by a specialist CID team trained to investigate incidents of child sexual abuse. The two children were temporarily separated from their parents and placed under a neutral home. A counselor was attached to them for psychosocial counseling services for the entire period, away from their home in Ssekiwanga village, in Bwebajja.

From the interviews and findings, the counselor did not find any signs of physical or sexual abuse, but she indicated that they had signs of psychological torture, as a result of abuse from their mother. The victims were also examined by Doctors at Mulago National Referral Hospital, and none of them found any evidence of alleged physical and sexual abuse. The posterior tissues and petulant anal sphincter, were normal with no signs of physical and sexual abuse. The girl was further examined in her private parts and her hymen was found still intact. In addition, the labora laboratory findings on HIV, Hepatitis B and the blood levels were negative. The victims also denied any allegations of sexual abuse by anybody, but acknowledged that they were closer to their father, which made their mother uncomfortable.

Again, the wife and mother, petitioned the office of the former DIGP, now deceased, the late Lt. Gen. Paul Lokech, who directed for fresh inquiries at Kajjansi Police Station. The mother, father, children and witnesses, were interviewed and the victims re-examined by another group of medical Doctors at Mulago. The findings still came out negative.

The case files were submitted to the office of the DPP, where it was established that the complainant had maliciously fabricated allegations against her husband and advised that the case file of sodomy had Aggravated defilement, be closed and put away for lack of sufficient evidence. A related case file of alleged domestic violence, that was separately opened and fully investigated, was also closed and put away by the DPP, for lack of sufficient evidence.

The allegations were therefore, established to be wrongful and maliciously sought, to throw the father of her children in prison, and thereby gain all power over their children and property. She tried to gain leverage over he family conflict, by portraying her husband as dangerous to their children and yet the findings established that their father did not pose any adverse risk of harm to their children.

However, due to the paramount significance that the UPF, gives towards the safety of children, our CID task teams have taken interest in the audio, and will establish if there are any new developments.

We also urge parents, whether separated or not, to avoid making false allegations against anyone, especially in cases involving children. It’s never worth, because it destroys families, severs children’s relationships with the labeled parent, causes harm to children if custody is granted on fabrications among others.

Right now the children are in school, the complainant continues to stay in the family home and her husband staying separately in Ntinda. The couple have a divorce case ongoing in court.

Any new developments will be communicated in due course.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson




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