Shock As Labour Companies Subject Pregnant Maids To Brutal Abortions Before Boarding Plane

With a broker in between, Hajara (not real names) is forced to go to a health center as directed by the labor company. 

It is here that she pays between 200k and 300k for her foetus to be removed hours before boarding the plane to go and work in the Arab countries.

“If you’re pregnant, they give you some tablets and you’re asked to drink 2litres of water non-stop. Immediately, you start vomiting and bleeding constantly. After, they check you again through the scan and if you’re okay, you board immediately. There’s no time to rest” says our Inspector!

This and more shocking stories will be running on this platform to expose the extent at which Ugandan gals who choose to go for Kyeeyo are suffering at the hands of the labour agencies. In the first expose, we reveal the level of pain gals who are found to be pregnant go through before boarding. The story comes as many Ugandan gals continue to rot in jail in the Arab countries after their labour agencies duped them. Some have returned without some of their internal body organs while others are weak.


Hajara (not real names) was a teacher by profession but after COVID-19, she decided to look for alternative sources of income. This is how her friend introduced her to the Kyeeyo idea. Unlike other gals, she already had her passport. She went to one of the labour agencies and was subjected to medical tests for HIV, Pregnancy, Hepatitis B and Syphilis. When she passed, she was taken for another check called Medical Visa whose results according to Inspectors takes between 1-2weeks. The reason for the delay is because of the massive number of gals there.

“After this, you’re given a grace period of 2-3months to wait before travelling” explained our Inspector.

In this period, the labour agency will allegedly be processing clearance, conducting training, visa and securing a ‘contract’ for the gal. 

“Before getting a Visa, the gal first sign a contract. You leave after signing” says an Inspector.

However, we’re told the 2 months of waiting is a ‘danger zone’ for the gals as many of them get pregnant according to Inspectors.

As the time for traveling nears, the gal is subjected to medical tests for pregnancy.

“Those found pregnant, you can’t travel. They tell you the decision is yours either to go, abort or give birth. If you insist, they take you for scan in health centers they direct you to” our Inspectors explained. This is done two days to traveling and it is during this period that the gals undergo the nastiest abortion situation.

With a broker around to guide you to the medical facility the company trusts, the gal pays Shs200000-300000 for the service.

“They give you tabs and two litres of water. You drink it as the nurse is watching you. If you hesitate, they back at you until you yield. They can even slap you. Immediately, you start vomiting and bleeding constantly. They give you two more litres to drink. Then, you’re taken through the scan again. If you’re ok, you board. There’s no resting time” our Inspector explained.

We’re told many gals actually, reach their destination when they are extremely weak and they end up collapsing. 


We’re told when one gets a passport, in the 2-3months of waiting, the gals are cautioned against revealing to anyone about their intended travels. This is meant to avoid being ‘bewitched’ by ill minds.

“You’re encouraged not to tell anyone that you’re going abroad. However, some gals out of excitement, talk and they end up being bewitched. The spell usually begins at the time of departure from the company” explained an inspector.

We’re told many gals have had their journeys cancelled at the airport as some of them get possessed even Infront of their parents as they bid farewell to them.

Watch this space!

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  1. I don’t think you have anything new to tell us… women in Uganda abort everyday even without need to go abroad .The ” girls,” you talk about are women above 21 who are not impregnated by these companies and who have the option of keeping their babies .
    Stop making them look like victims…. where are their partners in all this?

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