You’re Not Informed: MP Katuntu Stings Embattled COSASE Boss Ssenyonyi In Fresh Battle On BoU Probe!

Bugweri county MP Abdu Katuntu has stung embattled Nakawa MP Joel Ssenyonyi, saying the COSASE chairperson needs to learn to read before commenting on intellectual matters.
Katuntu who also chaired the same committee in the last parliament alongside now speaker Anita Annet Among and investigated the hitherto rot in Bank of Uganda, advised Ssenyonyi to find time and read the Cosase on Bank of Uganda, how the probe was conducted and it’s impact on the current BoU after parliament passed it’s resolutions.

“It would be advisable to read the Committee report” Katuntu freely advised Ssenyonyi.
Apparently, Ssenyonyi took to his Twitter account and made funny comments about the speaker after she chose to dustbin the Cosase probe report into Uganda Airlines on grounds of it having been leaked by the committee. The speaker said parliament would not waste it’s time debating a report which was already in the public domain but instead said the house would adopt the recommendations of the Auditor General. A furious Anita Among also directed an investigation into the conduct of Cosase and why it is too lazy to handle it’s tasks.

In what seemed to be a reaction, Ssenyonyi took to Twitter and claimed ‘unfairness’ on side of the speaker (then deputy chairperson Cosase) yet for five months, her committee only handled one report of BoU.
“Madam Speaker, when you led COSASE, for 5 months you handled one BoU report & Speaker Kadaga extended your term to finish it. Atleast for us we’ve done 5 entities in one year. I’m not sure what became of that BoU report!

Mpozi nekilala, why don’t you want us to table the Airlines report?” Ssenyonyi posted.
His message rubbed Katuntu the wrong since he was Cosase chairperson at the time alongside Among. He thus, after asking Ssenyonyi to read the BoU committee report, also advised him to ask any current senior staff at BoU whether there have been reforms at the Bank arising from the resolutions of parliament when it adopted the committee recommendations.

“Please also, have a conversation with any CEO of any commercial bank about the workings of BoU Bank Supervision Directorate and relate it to the (our) committee report” he assured him.
To prove how his BoU report was full of substance, the Bugweri county MP also asked Ssenyonyi to know it that due to his good work, he was later appointed to head an important committee that advised the president on key reforms in the Central Bank.

“You may wish to know that arising from that process, I, as chair was appointed to chair the Presidential Tripartite committee involving the IGG and Ministry of Finance to advise him on necessary reforms at BOU. That report has informed many decisions taken” he said adding that Ssenyonyi needs to understand that the Central Bank requires sober minds to be handled not populism.

“A central Bank is a delicate institution and cannot be run on a populist basis on social media.
I have taken the liberty to answer you because I was in charge of that process.
And I’m extremely proud of the work my colleagues and I did” he told him off.

Ssenyonyi is currently swimming in troubled waters after the speaker decided to even adopt all uninvestigated AG reports handed to Cosase citing incompetence and laziness yet the committee is heavily funded. She has since instituted a probe against Cosase. Ssenyonyi has now taken his battle to social media posting every like a wounded buffalo.
Watch the space!



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