NWSC Board Re-appoints Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha As Managing Director

Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha whose contract has been renewed

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Board chaired by Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu has re-appointed Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha as Managing Director on a five-year- term. 

Dr. Kiggundu, at a press conference, rated Dr Mugisha’s performance as very good and handed him a new contract until 2028. 

“Under the leadership of the Board and Managing Director, the NWSC has made significant performance strides during the last ten years (2013-2023),” Dr. Kiggundu said. 

“Because of the notable performance by the Managing Director and his management team, the Board of Directors of National and Sewerage Corporation, acting in full compliance with Section 16 of the NWSC Act, has re-appointed Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha as the Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation for the period 2023-2028,” Dr. Kiggundu announced. 

Under Dr. Mugisha’s  leadership, Eng. Kiggundu said the number of towns under NWSC jurisdiction have increased from 23 to 268 and are expected to increase to 350 by 2028.

Eng. Kiggundu and other board members

The number of people served by piped water in areas under NWSC have increased from 4.5million to 18million and are projected to increase to 28million by 2028.

He said the number of customer connections have increased from 296.000 to 874,000 and are expected to increase to 1,250.000 by 2028. 

“Pipe network length has increased from 5,073Kms to 22.000Kms and is planned to increase to 32,000Kms by 2028; annual turnover has increased from UGX 155Billion to UGX 519Billion and is projected to increase to UGX 700Billion by 2028,” Dr. Kiggundu said. 

Eng.. Kiggundu addressing the press

With Dr. Mugisha at the helm of the NWSC, assets under management have increased from UGX 650billion to UGX 4,100Billion and are planned to increase to UGX 6,600Billion by 2028.

Eng. Kiggundu said that Dr. Mugisha and his team’s performance had satisfied the board.

“The Board would to like congratulate Eng. Dr Silver Mugisha upon his re-appointment and wish him well during the new tenure of his service,” Dr. Kiggundu wrote on behalf of the board—requesting customers to continue supporting the corporation.

According to Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the reappointment, based on management’s performance, is a vote of confidence  in the utility’s management team.

NWSC Corporate affairs director Samuel Apedel

“I assure our esteemed customers and all Ugandans at large that the next 5 years will be anchored on service acceleration in all corners of Uganda, under our jurisdiction. We have an aggressive expansion agenda to ensure water and sanitation for all, ” he said



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