NRM Chairman Gen. Museveni To Meet Bazzukulu After Ebola Epidemic-ONC Boss Namyalo

NRM chairman Gen. Yoweri Museveni has asked his Bazzukulu to be patient untill Ebola epidemic settles down so that he can meet them.
According to head of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) at Kyambogo, Hajat Namyalo Hadijah Uzeiye, the president is aware of the demands by his Bazzukulu to have an interaction with him but they need to wait until the health situation in the country normalizes.

Namyalo who’s also the National Coordinator of the Bazzukulu movement and an SPA in charge of political affairs made the revelation as she launched the NRM National Mobile Taskforce at Nakivubo Blue Primary School in Kampala Central Division.

The taskforce brings together all mobilization groups and associations including Veterans (Jenga Taifa), Elderly, Ghetto, Nsenene dealers, Bus guides, Vendors, Saloon operators, Taxi drivers, Boda boda, Hawkers, Boxers among others.

At a pompous yet down-to-earth ceremony, Namyalo cautioned the ghetto youth against being used by anti-Museveni groups.
In what seemed to be an indirect verbal artillery targeting NUP principal Bobi Wine, Namyalo told the ghetto youths not to engage in illegal demonstrations but instead form groups to access government funding.

“Jjajja (Museveni) appreciates your work. He wants to work with you and he’s ready to support you. I appeal to you not to be used by opportunists who want to use you as stepping stones for them to go and collect funds abroad. Don’t you also want to drive V8? Why do you allow others to make you stepping stones? Museveni wants you to use structures to get money to develop. Let’s be patient and disciplined. Let’s avoid protests and teargas” she cautioned amid cheers from ghetto youths who kept shouting ‘Jjajja Tova Ku Main ‘slogan.

The groups reported to Namyalo various issues affecting them. Those working as Namayiba bus guides, hawkers and vendors complained of rampant arrests by KCCA and asked the chairman’s office to intervene. They said many of their colleagues are languishing in prison yet they have families to look after.
The drivers at Usafi also complained that whereas there’s a gazetted park, many taxis keep prying their work on the streets hence making those operating in Usafi idle as there are no customers.

The saloon operators asked for assistance like machines. Namyalo promised to meet leaders of all groups and urged them to make formal petitions to ONC so that guidance on their issues can be sought.
“Jjajja sends you greetings. He has told me to inform you that he will meet his Bazzukulu after Ebola. On the issue of pending pledges, he says he’s aware but says after attending to the wider national issues, he will come down and meet you” she said.

She also commended the groups for airing out their issues adding that most of these issues had been hidden away from the president by his people he entrusted with positions authority.
“We have a problem of people who keep diverting the president. The president is alive but they talk about transition. Can you succeed someone who’s alive? These people are the ones who make the common man hate him. We’re going to handle the issues you’ve raised in phases” she said adding that the salon women can be helped with machines and other necessary assortments to enable them begin.

Namyalo who was flanked by ONC publist also chairman Lwengo district Ibrahim Kitatta Almalik, commended the groups for teaming up to form a unified taskforce which she said will make mobilization easier.
The event was crowned with several leaders appending their signatures on the ‘Jjajja Tova Ku Main ‘ board as a sign of allegiance to the president to lead for more years after 2026.

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