NRM Bazzukulu Hold Special Prayer For 2023, Ask God To Save Gen. Museveni From Traitors, Thieves

Hajat Uzeiye leading ONC staff in prayer

As the rest of Ugandans were wrestling with traffic jam, it was a busy day at the NRM Office of the National Chairman (ONC) at Kyambogo when Ugandans were readying themselves to welcome 2023!
The Bazzukulu led by Chief Muzzukulu also head of ONC Hajat. Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah converged at the office where they were joined by a group of top clergies from various denominations to thank God almighty for the life and work of Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

At about 1pm, Bp Ian Gumisiriza of Kanungu-based Glory Ministries International took to the podium and set the ball rolling. With Lwengo district chairman Ibrahim Kitatta Almalik also the ONC publist behind the microphone as the day’s master of ceremony, Bp Gumisiriza thanked God for keeping the congregation alive inspite of the fact that year 2022 had challenges like COVID-19 and Ebola.

Basing his sermon on Deuteronomy 8:9-10, Gumisiriza challenged the new ONC leadership led by Uzeiye to work hard for better results. He also asked God to bring down all those who attack Museveni.
“I pray for good health upon president Museveni and his advisors so that they advise him well. I pray for NRM and unity among it’s members. As we head towards 2026, we have had a lot but pray that this storm settles and unity returns in the party” he prayed.

Uganda’s deputy ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Gugwa had no kind words for those who claim that President Museveni is against Muslims.
“There’s talk that Museveni is against Muslims. That’s a lie. He loves Muslims. Who told you hopeless people? A person who made a whole Sheikh a deputy ambassador and he appointed a Hajat to head ONC. God bless Museveni . Bless him in the government he leads, open for him the gates and bless him to lead Uganda until God decides otherwise. God, you’re the one who annoints. You annointed Museveni, you annointed Uzeiye, bless them” he prayed.

The man of Allah however, expressed fear that the internal squabbles in NRM are dividing the party.
In what seemed to be a reference to Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s push for presidency, Sheikh Gugwa said this issue has divided the party.

“That issue has divided us. You need to handle it carefully. If we’re on Main, people should be told that we’re on Main. For us, we’re still with Museveni. Otherwise, we’re facing questions in the public on which way people should go. We need to hear a voice from up. If we’re on Main, people should be told so” he said amid rib breaking laughter by the congregation.
Rev. Capt. Olegu Jasper of Kyambogo Chaplaincy was there and prayed for peace and good health for the president and Uzeiye and her team.

Meanwhile, the lady of the day Uzeiye went on her knees to seek divine intervention in her work and that of her boss Museveni.
She started by informing people that Jjajja Museveni is also wondering why his Bazzukulu continue to languish in poverty when he has sent billions of money under PDM to help them. She said in the new year 2023, the Bazzukulu’s main focus will be on monitoring government funds at constituency level in addition to job recruitments both in government and private sector.

Uzeiye also prayed to God to save President Museveni from thugs, hypocrites and traitors.
“Dear God, you’re the one who annoints leaders. As you annointed Museveni to lead us, please protect him. Open a new chapter for him to see the thugs, those bad-hearted people who block others from seeing him. Please help us, those fighting; block their ears as they plan to tarnish others. Those trying to succeed him even when he’s still alive. Even those who want to kill us because of our views, please God watch over us” she prayed.

Uzeiye also asked God to save the country from land grabbers and those stealing money for the needy.
“Museveni Bazzukulu have cried a lot dear God. Hear us and answer our prayers” she summed up.
The function was attended by Kampala minister Hajat Minsa Kabanda, RDCs, Deputy RDCs, NRM mobilization groups from various districts among others. It was crowned with the cutting of a cake and award of accolades to the best performing employees of ONC.



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