Negative Mindset Keeping Busoga In Poverty-SPA Florence Mutyabule

Senior Presidential Advisor on Busoga in charge of poverty alleviation Florence Mutyabule has diagnosed Busoga’s poverty question, linking it to negative mindset.

According to hon. Mutyabule, many Basoga continue to live in poor living conditions attaching their situation to tradition.
“You find someone with jiggers and he or she claims they can’t do anything with them because this is a clan issue. But this is a sanitation issue. Someone says he can’t fight poverty because poverty has been with them since the days of their great grand parents. So they think they can’t change because poverty is inherited. This negative mindset is what is making most of our people poor” she said at Jinja.

The SPA had summoned the media to address them on her findings from all districts of Busoga following her on-spot engagements she made to assess the ground.
She said the main issue affecting Busoga is enterprise selection. She noted that many Basoga have resorted to Sugarcane growing which in turn has made them poor due to lack of market and low prices. As a result, many cane growers are stuck with their canes. She said there’s need for sensitization and and training of Basoga farmers in enterprise selection to avoid unnecessary competition and losses.

Mutyabule added that poor road network is also affecting the productivity of people as roads are bad in the villages to enable easy transport of produce.
Other findings included lack of capital, failure to embrace government demonstration farms, lack of farm inputs and lack of supervision and monitoring of government programs.

“The presidential Demonstration Farm at Kityerera is there but statistics on the farm indicate that a those from Busoga have not utilized it maximally compared to those from other sorrounding districts. This is bad because we must be the ones to use this farm more than any other person. We can’t talk of poverty alleviation when we don’t do benchmarking. Let’s go and get training from these demonstration farms” she said.

She challenged Basoga to also produce maize, soya, sunflower and cotton seeds because these have ready market at government stock farm at Kasolwe to make feeds.
She also rallied the people to embrace the government programs of Emyooga and Parish Development Model which she said are meant to empower them economically.

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