Nandala Brings Smiles On Faces Of Farmers As He Announces New Coffee Prices

By Emma Bwayo

Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the Chairperson of Bugisu Cooperative Union, made a significant announcement regarding coffee prices on Saturday evening. 

During his appearance on the popular radio talk show on Elgon FM 101.4, Nandala revealed that the price for a kilo of parchment coffee will now be set at 9000 Ugandan shillings.

In an effort to support local farmers, Nandala emphasized the importance of maintaining high-quality standards throughout the entire coffee handling process, from the garden to the union. By doing so, he said farmers can expect to receive better prices on the global market.

Furthermore, he assured farmers that the previous coffee stored in the union remains intact and that he is actively seeking funds to settle outstanding balances owed to selected farmers.

It is worth noting that other multinational companies are currently purchasing coffee at lower prices, ranging between 6000 to 7000 Ugandan shillings.

Nandala highlighted the significance of Bugisu Cooperative Union, as it sets the price for other buyers, ultimately protecting farmers from exploitation.

Nandala also encouraged farmers to trust the union, as it offers additional benefits such as a second payment, bonuses, and profits that are utilized to support various projects under the union’s umbrella.



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