Nabbanja proves Gov’t commitment to implement manifesto — Bashaasha


Manifesto Implementation Unit (MIU) Director, Willis Bashaasha, has defended the act by Premier Robinah Nabbanja to hold a crucial meeting by the roadside, saying her action is further proof of the NRM government’s commitment to implement the 2021-2026 manifesto.

Prime Minister Nabbanja drew mixed reactions after a video of her holding a virtual meeting by the roadside went viral on social media. Particularly, some opposition supporters castigated the minister for resorting to unorthodox styles of work yet she has a fully furnished office space facilitated by taxpayers’ money.

But commenting on the matter, MIU boss Bashaasha says Nabbanja’s action not only shows how government is dedicated to delivering on the promises made to Ugandans but also clearly shows the progress NRM has made in regard to easing the doing of business in the country.

Willis Bashaasha

“When you look at the previous manifesto, the president earmarked four sectors that were adopted as the drivers of Uganda’s economy. One of them is ICT which the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister used to be able to hold that meeting. Therefore, instead of castigating her I believe it is prudent for everyone to emulate her,” Bashaasha said.

Bashaasha noted that currently, government is focusing majorly on reducing the cost of doing business, having put in place the infrastructure to drive business.

“As you can see there have been great strides in building roads and telecom infrastructure. While more is being built, there’s emphasis on increasing electricity penetration through the Rural Electrification programme and also increasing access to internet because ICT has emerged as one of the biggest enablers of business while some forms of it have evolved into businesses of their own,” he said.

Bashaasha’s argument was echoed by Government chief whip Thomas Tayebwa, who lauded Nabbanja for showing those under her how to creatively conduct government business in a fast-changing technology-driven modern economy like Uganda’s.

Taking to his twitter handle, Tayebwa said: “My boss taking it a notch higher. Whether in office or in the field, on the road or in a jungle we are ready to serve. Thank you for showing us the way, Rt. Hon.”

It is worth noting that pursuant to the NRM Manifesto, Uganda has registered tremendous growth in the ICT sector.

Industry figures show that as of January 2021, internet users in Uganda stood at 26.2%, representing 12.16 million users out of the 46 million Ugandans.

This followed an increased usage of 14% between 2020 and 2021.

These stats are attributed to increase in Mobile connections which by January 2021 stood at 60.3% of the population, having increased by 4% from 2020. This means 28.01 million Ugandans have mobile connections/phones. However, it is estimated that overall mobile connections surpass 95% of the population given that most Ugandans now have more than one mobile connection.

The beauty with Uganda’s impressive ICT

Reach manifested mostly during the recent Covid-19 lockdowns, when many Ugandan businesses managed to stay afloat as many workers worked remotely online given the staggered working schedules.

The Prime Minister’s action thus further emboldens NRM’s growth of the ICT sector, buoyed by strategic planning conveyed by its manifesto.

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  1. The Prime Minister is showing that when having the people’s mandate, the NRM govt doesn’t have any hindrances in doing their responsibility.
    She was on duty moving from Tororo to address another mammoth gathering of leaders in Butalejja and because of that scheduled address she found it necessary to hit two birds because ethise talking about furnished office don’t know that today’s modern style of service delivery is being closer to the people a d that is what exactly Rt. Hon Nabbaja did. Please critics, you’ll suffocate because with technology won’t will fit into BULI WENDI ABUWEREZA MBUTUUSA KU BANTU

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