Museveni Gives PM Nabbanja Second Chance As Norbert Mao Peeps!

By Grace Lawino

President Yoweri Museveni is said to have taken a final decision to keep Robinah Nabbanja around as Prime Minister until this term ends.

Nabbanja according to the plan will then be appointed a Special Envoy and will not be in the next cabinet. According to the final draft cabinet plan, Norbert Mao, the minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs will come in as Prime Minister in 2026 in case he executes the task given to him.

We have been informed that Mao is under instructions to mobilize the whole of northern region to vote for President Museveni, a task that will be the yardstick for him to ascend to the throne of Prime Minister. The same task according to inspectors was given to Jacob Oulanyah before he dreamt of becoming the speaker of parliament. Indeed, Oulanyah did wonders for Museveni as he mobilized the entire north including West Nile to vote for Museveni and his NRM.

“That’s why Museveni couldn’t listen to Kadaga anymore for the position of speakership. The man [Oulanyah] had delivered on his task. The same now lies ahead for Mao before he’s given a big job in cabinet” explained an inspector.

It has been revealed that Nabbanja is going to retain her position given the fact that Museveni is pleased with the kind of mobilization and popularization she has rendered to the position of Prime Minister. Museveni; we are told all along had been angry that the position of Prime Minister in Uganda was not being felt on the ground because all the men he had put there were ‘office premiers’ and never used it to mobilize the masses.

“Right now, there is no popular office in government than that of Prime Minister. People now know that office. Sacking Nabbanja now would therefore be counterproductive. Instead, she’s going to be empowered to do more as 2026 nears” explained an inspector.

Inspectors said that even as Mao is being planned for PM job in 2026, Museveni [in the meantime] is planning to add him an extra ‘political rank’ as one of the deputy premiers or deputy leader of government business. This; we are told is meant to give him extra clout so that he can been easily accepted among his tribesmen in the North.

“Being a minister alone is not enough. Oulanyah was able to convince his people because he wore two hats-deputy speaker and NRM vice chairperson. This made him more appealing to his people as he was seen next to center of authority. Mao is currently a mere minister with no extra powers. He is now going to be assigned an extra position in terms of political rank” said an inspector. In the plan, Gen. Moses Ali is going to be retired but will retain his full packages.

More sackings are going to affect all aged ministers who are ex-oficios. We have been informed that those who should watch their back include Magode Ikuya, Fred Mwebesa among others. Other ministers to face the axe are ‘iron sheets’ icons who will be fired with disgrace. Museveni plans to appoint fired ex-oficios as SPAs but they will retain their full packages. The head of state wants a new group to do mobilization for 2026.

Although the plan had been to name Mao Prime Minister in the imminent cabinet reshuffle replacing Nabbanja, it has been decided that he [Mao] be given two cabinet positions for his DP group and that among the possible nominees include former Masaka woman MP Mary Babirye Kabanda. Museveni also intends to name two other nominees from opposition FDC including Lilian Aber and Ann Adeke or Herbert Ariko [new NRM recruit]. Meanwhile, health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is also peeping for the same position of Prime Minister in case Mao fails in his task. Watch this space!



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